8 May 2018 | By: Writing Buddha

What is Fear of DEATH?

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When we talk about life, there are certain impossibilities or unknown that we want to touch in our lives. The easiest ones are at once, done by us but the ones which we find very difficult are left us an impossible task forever. In spite of wanting to do it, having thing things in our hand, we just leave it like that never to consider a thought upon it again. Why? Because of this emotion called “Fear” which traps us in a limitation of perception that closeness with certain things might destroy us as it involves risk. What is the biggest Fear that a human being feels in his life? Or say, most human beings feel in their life? The Fear of Death! The Fear of Death is such a big block in human’s mind that it stops them from achieving so many things in their life that they waste most part of their life in just feeling insecure about whatsoever they are. They think something and then immediately strikes off the thought knowing that it might lead to accident which will have its consequential result as death.

Why is Death so threatening for us? What is it that we fear about Death? Isn’t Death something for which we live throughout our life? Isn’t it the ultimate result of whatever you do in your life? Can you avoid it? You can definitely postpone it but you cannot avoid it. Right? Then what is it that makes you stop from doing something because it involves the question or answer of Death? Okay. Let’s take it this way. If you don’t chance upon doing anything that might lead you to Death as per your understanding, are you fully safe from Death? Is it so? If you believe so, then it shows how much unaware and dull you are that you are unable to focus on the vulnerability of something which you fear so much.

Right now, I am sitting under a fan and writing this blog. Am I not vulnerable to death? Can’t this fan fall upon my head and kill me? 100 times in a day you switch on and off the lights. Are you not touching electricity each time and can’t you get shock at any point of time if a little thing goes wrong? Every day you travel either by bus, train or personal vehicle on road, are you not close to death? A single accident takes away lives of 100s. Can’t you be easily one of them? Most of the times you eat outside on the name of celebration or hanging out, can’t a certain type of poison be there in your food as you are being served by a stranger person? You live in multi-storey buildings these days. Can’t a little push or drowsiness make you fall all the way to the earth and take away your life? Each moment, each millisecond, that you are living, you are close to death. It is only that your chance is not coming otherwise you can always die in any possible moment.

Rather than stopping yourself from doing things that are really important, you should just go ahead and start accomplishing them. If there is something to fear from, it’s life, not death certainly. You can always have an imperfect life but you will never have an imperfect death. Death, in any form, is always seen as something that came as a powerful stuff and took a piece of life away. If Death is caused to you in a second or if it makes you suffer for months and then finally take your breathe away, in both the cases, still Death is seen as something which is unbeatable and bigger than every piece of life. So, stop worrying about Death. I am not saying that start doing things which will make you die asap but I am just asking not to stop yourself from doing things that are important. There are many people not driving car even at important times because they fear it may cause death. There are people who do not want to take flights even in emergency because they think its risky and they might die even if there’s a small issue in the plane.

Stop being so serious about your life. It has already been gifted to you. Now start living it fully rather than wasting it in thinking how not to end it and saving yourself each moment from Death. You just can’t. Death never lets you know when its coming. It comes at the time when it is least expected. So stop worrying now and start living joyfully.



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