25 May 2018 | By: Writing Buddha

How it CAN happen vs How it CANNOT

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I often find people claiming themselves to be a positive person every now and then. I have never understood one thing, first of all, that why do people want to define themselves who they are. Isn’t this out of insecurity that they will be perceived as something else and no one wants to dissolve their image just like that. They want the lie or half-truth to become truth by repeating it again and again so that everyone around them also start chanting the same about them. This is such a funny scenario. An employee in your organization who you know doesn’t work and just passes time throughout will keep on saying that they work so much but still do not get credit. A friend of yours who has a bloody short-temper issue will keep on saying to everyone how genuine he/she is and how people provoke him/her to say stuff even he/she doesn’t like to.

The world has become such now that there is so much negativity about every thing around you. There are so many parameters of life with which a human being has to adjust with- Office work, colleagues, friends, relatives, relationship, society issues, material quests, basic needs etc. Not every parameter will ever be perfectly aligned with each other and work for you. And this is what is making people extremely negative these days. If any of the one parameter does not work as specified, the person will keep on poking it day and night and will remain stressed out and ends up ruining even the other parameters of life. These days you tell anyone about anything, they will first concentrate on how that thing will not be possible rather than thinking about how it can be made possible.

When I joined meditation classes last month and they told that we will need to reach before 6 AM in the hall otherwise we will not be taken in, there were many who were only thinking about how it cannot happen and kept questioning the teacher about why such stringent rules in place. I only believed at that time about the possibilities of doing this and this made it possible for me to get up every day at 4.30 AM and reaching the hall by 5.45 AM. I was also on time at my office on almost all the days. This is the power of thinking about how things can happen.

Similarly, when I had read that the dinner needs to be skipped to control weight gain as feeding the body every time with 4-5 chapatis is not a good idea, I was very positive about it against my friends who after 2 years still think that it’s not possible to control ourselves from having a heavy dinner. Since then, it has been 1.5 years and I am not taking any dinner at all. I had never imagined myself waking between 4.30 AM to 5 AM but I am able to do so every day now in spite of how much stressful my work day has been. This is all because every time I am asked to do something I have concentrated more on how it can happen rather than how it cannot.

Why have I told about these two approaches of taking things from the external world? Because as I started this post with every person wanting to be considered as a positive person, this is the basic of being positive. Rather than trying to find out loopholes in the system or what the end result or outcome would be, if you actually think about the gains and profits the activity will bring to your personal or professional or spiritual life, you can outgrow the success of any person whom you idolize. I am going to Bangalore in the month of June 2018 and as we have to travel multiple places placed at different points of the city, we thought of taking a car on rent. As I have never handled any other car than my own, I was very doubtful if I would be able to drive any other car of different model altogether. But rather than keep thinking about how it could not happen, I only thought of the possibility that I would be able to drive and explore a new challenge of driving another car and raise the confidence bar about my driving skills. I am only thinking about how it will happen rather than how it will not happen considering the reviews of people around me that Bangalore has the worst traffic and I would not be able to handle the same.

There is always that one guy in any meeting room who thinks of making the project happen in any kind of challenging situation against everyone who only keeps bulleting the challenges and limitations. And any project that goes live is only because of this one person who has actually been positive throughout the journey rather than everyone else who tried proving themselves as intellectual trying to think about the possibilities how the project will get stuck in an obstacle never to come out of it the way everyone has projected. So rather than trying to convince people that you are a very positive person, become one by concentrating on the factors that will lead to possibility of any challenging task. You automatically get known as a positive person. You will not have to prove it repeatedly to people. Got it? I hope you have because I believe while reading this post, you have only thought about how what I have said can happen rather than how it cannot. 😊



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