29 May 2018 | By: Writing Buddha

The Importance of your Marks in your Life!

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Recently, the first of the many important results for few students have been announced and reading about their worries and anxiety many people have spoken about how important or unimportant the marks that they have secured are. Whenever we speak about something as sensitive as this, we should be very clear and responsible about what are we about to preach to the students who are already very confused about their future. Confusing them more is only going to add problems to their already chaotic mind. I read so many people writing to the students that whatever you have scored is of no prominence as life is all about how much talented or skilful you are. People have ended up giving examples of Sachin Tendulkar etc. trying to justify how even if you are not good at studies is not worrisome. This is a completely irresponsible message that you have received, my dear little friends.

Let me be very clear with you, whatever marks you have scored are going to stay with you forever in life. This cannot be changed now. There was a whole year when your parents wanted you to struggle day and night so that on the day of result, you do not have to worry about the percentage marks printed on your result. You were expected to think above that about your future and further education. But because you didn’t understand the important of this percentage, rather than thinking about further educational prospective you have, you are stuck in blaming yourself for scoring very low percentage. The first step is to ACCEPT THE REALITY. Accept whatever marks you have got and just believe that it is only going to add up in the total marks you score in your life.

If one series goes bad for the Cricketer, it does not mean that he cannot score again in the next one. Now, accept the marks that you have in your hands and try to understand which subject interests you the most. Also tally your interest with the marks you have scored in that particular subject. Sometimes, we have wrong assumption that we are interested in something while the result keeps displaying our mediocrity in the same. So, the result has to be given some weightage while thinking about which subject you need to continue in the future with. Get yourself admitted in whatever- good or bad college, as per the opportunity you are getting, and start learning more and more and try to secure a better percentage this time. What has gone is something which can never be changed. What is about to happen is totally in your hands. GRAB THE OPPORTUNITY.

Whatever opportunity you have now, just get it and keep reminding yourself that you do not want to be disappointed with yourself ever again on the day of the result. Do not think about what others think about your result. Only think about your dreams and what kind of efforts and marks you need to achieve the same. TALK WITH THE PEOPLE who are already doing what you are dreaming to do in life. Take their advice and learn how they used to study. Incorporate those ideas and structure your daily routine accordingly. The process of improvement is the only process that will take you ahead. If you have secured bad marks this time, it is no confirmation that you are not going to score big the next time. Similarly, for the students who have scored very well, do not think that this will continue forever. Little break of concentration and ego can bring you down like anything. At any time remember that someone somewhere else is preparing to overtake you. Any minute that you waste by not studying, someone else is gaining immensely out of this opportunity.

I am giving my example to you where I scored 61% in 10th, 55% in 12th, 58% in Graduation, 68% in Post-graduation and 78% in my last post-graduation that I did. It was something after 12th that I had determined to achieve because it was enough embarrassment twice by scoring below average marks. I had taken an oath of not scoring less percentage than what I had scored in my previous examination. And this is how I started becoming better in studies and today I have confidence that I can study anything and pass with good marks because that becomes my only target when I study. But do those percentages scored in 10th and 12th std not haunt my career today?  It does. But it gets covered by the good marks I have scored in my Graduation and two Post-graduations that I have done.

So yes, the journey is not over. It is just one series that has gone bad but to ensure that you still lead a great lifestyle and life ahead, you will need to set your routine and make study a prime focus for yourself till the time your educational phase does not end. Give importance to education now as you have whole life to follow your passion and interests. Do not ignore studies for any other interests by reading about foolish examples of how people did well in their life by not studying. These people were excellent in their talent/skills since their childhood itself and got right direction to move towards. If you are on the same journey, I take you as an exception but if it is not, then damn, STUDY for your next exam and prove yourself that you can achieve any marks that you write on your wall and make it a target. BEST OF LUCK for your future from another mediocre student. 😊




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