25 November 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Ab Har Koi Apne Twitter Handle Se Pehchana Jayega !!!

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      I remember the advertisement of Idea network where Abhishek Bachchan tells to everyone in the village that now everyone will be identified by his mobile number. And they start calling and denoting each other by their mobile numbers. "Sahaab, ye 9821227865 hai" "Sahaab, 9822678545 ne chori ki hai". And in the end, they show a man  appreciating Abhishek Bachchan by saying,"What an Idea, Sirjii!!!". This was the first ad in the series of all the advertisement of What an Idea Sirjii. I hope everyone of you remember this advertisement. The advertisement showed that the revolution is being made and now, mobile is coming in the scene even in the villages. In few years, everyone in India had a mobile phone and a technological revolution happened. People started flaunting their handsets. People started sharing their phone numbers; text messages and calling became economical. In few months, companies like Airtel and Reliance announced SMS Packs and people were no more interested in meeting each other. Instead, they loved taking whereabouts in SMS itself. And this is the scenario even today. Now, people have Blackberry Messenger, Whatsapp and GPRS with them which helps them to connect with everyone in their contact list. 

           A little more revolution took place and the Social Networking Site- Orkut came into the scene. All the youngsters started joining the site, filling up their profile, uploading their favorite celebrity's pic, started adding random people in their contact list and joined all the communities which they had interest in. This social networking site gained popularity because boys and girls were never so frank in communicating with each other but here, they got a chance to talk to each other for hours and know what the opposite gender quests for. People loved seeing the increasing number of their Scraps and friends. They boasted about their number of friends. People started adding their classmates and proposed their crush on Orkut. In few years, Orkut became boring as people understood that there's a default confinement till where you can explore the website and socialism. Then came Facebook and it bought a revolution in the Social Networking environment. People started updating their status, commented on friend's status and played different games and quiz. But, the people who had something more to speak started migrating towards Twitter.

           Twitter didn't restricted you to add someone and read his/her tweet. You just click on a FOLLOW button and you have the access to his/her tweets. You can reply to them and you can state your point of view in regard to the point of view stated by the person whom you are following. The biggest flaunting element on Twitter became the Number of "Followers" one has. It is still the element of flaunting. Almost all the big celebrities are on Twitter and they thank their Followers for making them reach a certain number of followers. Shahrukh Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Hrithik Roshan and Amitabh Bachchan- all have thanked their followers for making them cross the mark of 10,00,000 Followers. This shows that number of followers is the only thing which keeps Twitter alive and active. Any news in the world, people on Twitter start talking about it. Yesterday, I stated my point against Salman Khan and I had all his fans in my Replies section, either abusing me or telling me the ingredients which Salman Khan is made up of. :-) So, this is why Twitter is the GenX website which is not going to cease very soon. We have several applications based on Twitter just that You and Me can be on the website 24*7 and read what our favorite people on the website are speaking. 

             Recently, my friend Rohit came to meet me in my college. My classmates followed him on Twitter and even he followed them. When he came, everyone asked me who is he. Rather than introducing him as my childhood's best friend, I introduced him as "The_WickedSoul" and the friends were like "Oh. So it is you" and they welcomed him with respect because they liked his witty tweets. I introduced my classmates too in the same manner to him and he identified everyone very easily. An another incident where one of my friend of Twitter called me on the day of Diwali to wish me. He said,"I am Adnan". I identified him but immediately, he said,"Oongalbaaz" and we started laughing. Then he handed the phone to his wife and while telling her who I am, he said," Blogger. Bol Blogger" and she identified immediately. This is how mobile phones, social networking sites and other technologies are influencing us. One day, we will not be interested in knowing anyone's name. Everyone will be called as "IPhone waala" "Blackberry waala" "Samsung Galaxy waala" etc. Just as Shahrukh Khan is Good One and Ajum Rampal is Ra.One. With 36500 Tweets on Twitter and 480 Blogs, you decide what should be my name- "Blog.One" or "Tweet.One" or "No.One"?? :-)



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Kul Bhushan Garg said...

Thank u for narrating the progress made by information technology in the recent past .I still remember my childhood days when communication was so difficult ....Congrats for being very active as a blogger ..My best wishes ..!!

Anonymous said...

Thanku for your reply...i didnt knew u'll be so overwhelmed...by the way i don't have a twiiter account...actually i was thinking before commenting on your post today..bcoz i prefer to be silent reader..but today your twiiter addiction as became the content of your blog so im jst giving my view on your post which is showing how much you like tweeting..you are the one who is addicted to twiiter..i dont read your tweets par wo kya hai na apke blog posts padhte padhte usi page par aapke recent tweets par nazar padh hi jati hai..such an abusive language,so so raw and i've noticed that you are so use to it..bol blogger naam hai par aap kuch bhi bol dete ho...you just rply react tweet and abuse..zaruri nai hai har bat mein abusive language use ki jaye ..har cheej ki ati buri hoti hai..you can even tweet without abusing..aapka kal aapke aaj se bahut better hoga..you'll improve as a good human being..aap soch rahe honge ye silent reader thi bahut tha par aaj bht free advice mil rahi hai..but seriously believe me this kind of abusing doesn't suit you..your life is much more than this..Aap apne readers k liye likhiye...Blogs,reviews,columns,books and novels...GOD has bleesed you with so much creativity and amazing writing skills..your blogs are worth reading..you just keep up the good work..i wish and pray ki log aapko apke twiiter handle se nahi aapki writings ki wajah se pechchane...all the best..

Priyanka said...

Oh man! I still fail to understand Twitter!

Nice blog!

Dolly said...

no comment today:)..because I totally Agree with Anamika...And What she Said is What I want to say..

Writing Buddha said...

Kul sir, I always kept it in my mind that if Im blogging, I will ber egular and I am happy that my readers have insisted and made me regular by pushing me everytime I wasted time on FB. :-)

Writing Buddha said...

Anamika and Dolly, I do agree with what both of u want to say to me. Actually, even I feel the same but I am uncontrollable and I m quite addictive to it. But I know it doesn't look good. I hope I'll be able to control myself and I'll tweet as respectfully as I write my blogs. And I hope one day, both of u will smile and comment on my tweets that I did a good work. :-)

Writing Buddha said...

Priyanka, be active on it and you will understand it very soon. It's the easiest social networking site.

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