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Love in the Reality Is not always that easy! by Hardik Dhamija !!!

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       In a sitting, "Love in the Reality Is not always that easy" by Hardik Dhamija has been finished by me. The author is a second year student at UIET in Punjab, Chandigarh. He is not a regular blogger but he writes whenever he feels to do it. He is also a RJ at P.U. Community Radio and runs the show named "The Road Less Taken". I have personally talked with him and let me tell you all, this boy is too innocent and too pure by heart. Now don't contradict my words by saying that he described Sex for lots of time in the book. :-) The cover page of the book is too attractive and it made me to pick it up as soon as I felt like reading something easy and beautiful. I didn't had much faith in the book when I picked it up but as soon as I started reading it, I got a very new feeling and the book quested me to read it more and finally I completed it in one go. 

          Coming to the story, read the synopsis of it as it is perfectly written (not fooled the reader like the synopsis of some books do): "The word drishya in the name Drishya Roy means 'the sight to see a relationship develop' and as per the meaning, he did try to strike a friendship with each and every girl he came in contact but could not build a lasting bond with any of them as he could not forget his past, when he had been sexually abused.
So what did he do to get rid of his past and free himself from the guilt of having harmed his loved ones? Did he have the right to fall in love and if yes, would the world allow him to continue? Did he deserve to lead a happy life? What provoked him to build a Business Empire?
This is a story which shows how Drishya Roy's story affects Aditya's life and makes him realize that love actually means rejection of the word 'practical' and adoption of the reality. Will Aditya be able to recover from his screwed life? Despite losing his best friend in an accident and his girlfriend subsequently, with whom he had been in a relationship for at least five years, was he able to find the way to happiness? read on to find more...... "

           Coming to the review of the book, let me tell you that this is the book which starts magnetizing you right from its first page. Author hasn't taken time to describe how he fell in love with his love Aprajita but directly started with a conversation with her. This interests the reader. The book is full of decent sense of humour and you smile reading the funny statements written by the author. The mischief of the Monster Group- the name given to his school friends by him are very naughty and exciting. The friendship part with those friends and Shahid is described very beautifully. You feel like having such friends after reading few chapters. The birthday part of his girlfriend is described so romantically that you start imagining the whole scenario in front of your eyes. The Chapter' An Unusual Call is very disturbing and depressing. When the author gets confused whether he should continue with his love Aprajita or leave the relationship, he goes to his favorite uncle- Uncle D i.e. Mr. Drishya Roy. And the whole story of Drishya Roy which works as a flashback in the midst of the book is the USP of "Love In The Reality". It teaches you so much. The part when a speech on Parent's importance in life comes, you feel like going to your parents and ask them to forgive you for all the sins you have committed in your life. 

            Now coming to some drawbacks of the book(there are not much but still the errors should be pointed out too): The incessant deaths of characters make you feel depressed throughout the book. The first half makes you laugh while the second half makes you cry. But still, author has chosen a topic like Child Abuse and he has narrated it very distinctly which helps you understand how this incidents takes place in life and depresses you and ruins your life. So, the depression part is justified but still the deaths of certain characters were not required. Mr. Hardik Dhamija could have made this book much better by eliminating those plots. Else, the book is different from other love stories. It is indeed a love story but it captures other surprises of life too. It makes you think about your life if those conditions would have happened with you. The book is something which you can keep with you for the whole lifetime and gift it to the special people in your life. I rate this book- 3.8 on 5. That means, you can purchase it without giving a thought. Well done Mr. Hardik Dhamija.



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