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The Dev-D Syndrome... Bringing emotional attyachaar to a halt by Chandraprakash Mohata !!!

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             In Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, I didn't found anything special while watching the movie but as soon as the movie ended, it did something to me. I was lost in the movie for a month and some scenes and the message delivered by the movie still knocks me. There are some works which doesn't seem wonderful when you actually experience them, but when they are gone, you begin thinking about the effect that the work has left on you. Last night, I completed Chandraprakash Mohata's "The Dev-D Syndrome... Bringing emotional attyachaar to a halt". It is the second book of the author after his bestselling debut novel- Patyala Down De Throat. Chandraprakash Mohata is a young author and entrepreneur based at Ahmedabad, India. Having graduated from EDI (Entrepreneurship development institute of India) Chandraprakash Mohata works as an entrepreneur with Mohata Textile Mills. A diehard romantic poet and a prolific blogger his interests are as multifarious as the author himself. A successful business did not stop him from running an editorial group, MATESZ, to support his flair for writing. So, coming back to his book, while reading The Dev-D Syndrome, I felt it nice but I wasn't finding anything special in it until the climax came and as soon as I finished the book, my mind started brainstorming about the end of the story. It made me learn so much. Everything was said in climax. The whole book had a meaning which is defined very intellectually in the climax. I applaud Chandraprakash Mohata for this. 

           Let's talk about the story first, Dev has found a very good friend in Sid. He has finally realized that he can do anything for Sid and he can go till any level for the friendship he had with him. Sid opined his affection towards Tehzeeb to Dev. Now, Dev starts trying to make Tehzeeb attract towards Sid too. He wants Sid to be happy all his life and he knows that without Tehzeeb in his life, Sid can never be happy at all. But, the life plays according to it and not according to the protagonist Dev. Tehzeeb said to Dev that I know what are you trying to do and let me tell you I have no feeling for Sid. Dev and Tehzeeb starts bonding nicely. The developing stage of the feeling of love between both of them was visible to everyone around them. Seeing this, Sid gets addicted to smoking. And this is just the first half of the book, for the second-half which delivers an effective and inspiring message, go get the book and read it in a go. :-)

           Coming to the review, as I have said in starting, the book effects you once you finish it and not while you are reading it. TDDS is an easy book to read with nice narration and you'll experience an unique style of writing by Mr. Mohata. The craze of the story begins from the Prologue section itself. You want to know about how a cool boy like Sid gets laid into hospital. You want to know what went wrong between friends like Sid and Dev. You start loving Tehzeeb as she is defined so real in the book. The first half of the book is very entertaining while the second half has many twists in the tale so I may not call it entertaining but it is confusing on your part as you can't think about what will be the next. But in the end, when the book finishes, you will close the book, keep it aside and you will sit still for next 15 minutes thinking about what can happen if there's a feeling of possession for anything in life. Mr. Mohata has delivered a very strong message through this book that obsession and possessiveness for anything in this world may lead you to a place where you will cry your heart out for committing those crimes in your past. The obsession of a girl, a friend, drugs or SMSing or anything can be dangerous for you. It can change your life because you start behaving carelessly towards other aspects of life. 

            Book is wonderful as I have said above but there are some drawbacks too(not much). The characters haven't got a proper description in the book except Dev, Sid and Tehzeeb. The characters of Sheena and Riteish has nothing to do with the progress of the story. Then why did the author included them in the story? And, once the story used to take turn, author used to concentrate only on the one character of the book and others were ignored. For Tehzeeb, Sheena was ignored. For Sid, Tehzeeb was ignored. For Tehzeeb, again Sid was ignored till many pages. Author should have taken story forward with all the characters all-together. Else, I didn't find any such drawback in the book. Book is powerful and everyone should read it once. Its a One-time read. I would have rated this book 3 for its story and narration but for the strong message delivered through the book, I give it .5 more and hence, 3.5 out of 5. Go for it. And yes, the cover page of the book is 5 on 5. It's attractive and beautiful.



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