23 November 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Graduation: 5th Semester: 12th July 2011 to 22nd Novemver 2011 !!!

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        So after writing all those stupid things in my answer papers, I am back to blog. It has been a long time since anything of ARB's kind has been written here. My 5th Semester's exam ended today and I am finding myself so relieved and relaxed that I want to go on the terrace of Mumbai's tallest building and have a sleep(No, not with Sunny Leone :-)). Yes, on the tallest building so that I can feel that the whole Mumbai is working below me while I'm sleeping above all. Sorry :-) Someone said that Light has the fastest speed but I believe that nothing can be faster than TIME. Time travels so fast that once you leave the track of it, you can never trace it again. It seems that 3rd August, 2009 was just yesterday when I sat in my Graduation classroom for the first time and I can't believe that I have completed my 5th Semester's examination today. The pupil in the class who were strangers are close friends now. The boys and girls whom I was judging on the first day of the college are so close that I don't understand how did I judged them on the first day. College life is amazing and I am happy that I am one of the blessed child who has this privilege of studying in college as we know that there are so many who wants to study but they can't. :(

              This Semester has been the toughest of all the 5 Semesters I have passed till now. Everything was normal until we were asked to make a project which will be served as 100 marks Subject. Everyone of us turned into stones for few minutes until we were asked to give the name of the projects. This bought us again in the real world and we started thinking about what project can we make with no practical knowledge and no seriousness for this damn stupid thing. Seniors say that they got job when they told their recruiters about the project they did in their college but who cares. In the last 2 months of this semester, I and my group members sat in college canteen from 5 PM to 9 PM (after the college hours) to work on the project and get it successfully executed on the day of submission. Our project guide was not so sweet and this frustrated my group members so much that almost both of them have cried while working on the project. I am not very strong but still I managed to keep my eyes dry because I know that this 100 marks project cannot decide my life and future. Everyone has over-rated studies but if you have guts to chose something different in life, you stop fearing from all this over-rated quotients. 

              However, we completed our project and the day our Project guide signed it, I promised God that I'll never doubt him again until and unless the final result will be out. God has supported me blindly from last 3 years but still I doubted him for the first time when my project was struggling between the phases of being rejected and being selected. But that Signature of my personal guide gave me a very big lesson that even if God is not giving you what you need, he will give you someday. You just have to hold the patience and wait for the best fruit to ripe. This semester also gave me chance of giving presentations. I have never given so many presentations in any of the previous semesters but this semester has been awesome. I have always loved to stand on the stage and speak even when my legs dither and ask me to get down and be at the audience side. But as I believe that it's better to make people clap for you rather than being in people and clapping for someone else. So, I always show guts and I say YES very pragmatically whenever a teacher asks me to deliver a speech or a presentation to be given in the class. 

              I am happy about myself too. I have controlled my anger and patience in this semester too. Rather than out-bursting like other classmates on each other, I have calmed myself. I kept quiet even when my respect was on bet. I kept quiet when something which I would have never done happened in front of my eyes. I kept quiet even when I was personally targeted. And this is making me a good human being and I'm loving to be a good human being. When I asked my mother that what you wanted me to be when I was born, I was expecting her to say Doctor, Engineer or something like this but she said- A Good Human-Being. This was a very big surprise to me. After that day, I decided that I'll try to be a very good human being first and then I'll chase my ambitions and dreams. But, with it, I thought of something else too. That, I will never be fake in regard of showing others that I am a very good person. Whenever I feel naughty and idiotic, I post my thoughts on Twitter even when I get so many complains. What is veracious is veracious, I am no one to hide it. So, I am happy with myself that I have finally achieved the phase of life where I can keep quiet even when something unacceptable is happening in front of my eyes. This will help me in keeping myself away from fights and arguments. The less argument you have in life, the more friends you retain in life. And today, I don't think anyone has such good friends as I have in life. Either Real friends in life or Virtual Friend on Internet. 

               Today, while giving my last exam, I had a gut feeling that I'll fail in this paper if I'll not write lengthy and sensible answers. So, rather than writing the same-kind-of-paper, I thought of trying something else. I thought of explaining everything in a casual way as I write my blogs. I don't have a fear here that someone is sitting to rate my work, so I thought that I'll write today's paper with the same approach. In this quest of writing, I took 5 supplements which has never been taken by anyone in my college. And personally, even I haven't seen anyone asking for 5 supplements in a Graduation exam. I don't know how did I write so much but now I can feel that there is a writer in me. Hahaha. Even madam asked me that are you so happy because it's your last exam that you are taking so many supplements. But fortunately, I don't think that this Semester's examination went very bad. I am still unconfirmed about my result but I hope that I'll pass with same kind of marks with which I pass every time. And Yes, I don't get very good marks "every time". :-) 

              This semester was a big struggle but with it, it was a glorious moment too. As the 3rd year began and my classmates noticed that our seniors are no more in the college and we are seniors ourselves, we started loving each other more than enough because we understood that we will have to apart from each other after a year, so everyone started bonding together. This made all of us to go to Water Kingdom together, SINGHAM together and a trip to Pandavkada together. Before this semester, my class had several groups without any universal leader. Every group had its own approach of living life in their own way but this time, all the groupism evaporated and only the bonding and sharing was visible in the class. With this, I can smilingly say that Sixth Semester will be very beautiful with these friends. I am happy that I'll leave college with no foes as everyone who were not in talking terms with me also bonded with me. With this, I'll end this post. And Yes, My vacations starts from tomorrow. College is re-opening on 9th January 2012. Wow. :-)



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hamaarethoughts.com said...

enjoy the vacations we wud love to hear frm you ..more casual conversations ...other then Exams.. and studies!

Anonymous said...

hii...i am anamika..reading your blog from oct wen abhishek bachchan tweeted abt it in oct...for the first time i read your bday post and wished u...since then i'm a silent reader for your blog..by the way i've finished reading almost 300 of your previos blogposts till today..and i've commeted on your 477th post just to wish u for the exams..u rpld back nd wanted to know my name..came to know from one of your posts that u dont like people wo dont reveal their identity so today i've introduced myself..i thing more as i'm reading your blog almost everyday i must say you suprising me...its jst hard to imagine and even believe that its the same person (CONTRARY TO YOUR IMAGE ON TWIITER)writing a BLOG..you are different as a blogger...and i'm confused that how cum an individual can have two entirely opposite thought processes?? appreciate you only as a blogger and now you'll frequently blog so next month on 25th u'll have 500 posts..its an absolute achievement..keep up the good work..all the best...

Writing Buddha said...

Hahaha. Ok harman mam.. Next time Ill come up with casual conversation. :-)

Writing Buddha said...

Miss Anamika, you don't know what this comment of yours has done to me. I am happy that you took time from your busy schedule and gave it to my blog just to see what I blog. And Im happy that you are liking my blog. its hard to believe that u have read almost 300 posts of mine in such a short time. Amazing. Even I dont like reading my posts. hahaha

And, yes, many people have this issue that how can he be the same person who is on Twitter with such kind of personality. The only difference is that- I tweet with a different perspective there. I speak truth in raw manner while here I do it in the way people want to hear. If u'll tell people that all the heroines are kissed by their actors infront of us then imagine what they do offscreen, people will kill u but if ull say it in another manner, people will start calling you youth icon. So here, I talk in the manner which people like and hence I have achived so much. :-)

And Im happy that you gave your identity, I just know your name now. Can I know your username on Twitter.. Lets know you too. :-)

And thanks for being a silent reader. but I wud prefer you to speak on every post and give your view. It helps to improve. Thanks.

And ur a very good person.

hens night said...

I am graduating from highschool so i will be having friends over and my parents and siblings will be home too.

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