7 November 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Mission Impossible !!!

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             So finally I can delete all those stupid files I have in my laptop. Finally, I can keep all those synopsis in my cupboard and not look back at it. Now, I can sleep nicely without wondering what my project guide will allot me and my group members the next day. Now, I can return home at 6.30 PM at normal timing without staying in college canteen with group members and adding new things in that sucking thing called Visual Basic project. Now, I can blog more, tweet more, read more and talk more because I don't have a silly thing to do for the most hours in a day than anything else. Now, I don't need to feel that I don't know anything in Computer as I am weak in programming and the project allotted to us consisted only about it. Finally, I have given my project presentation in college on Saturday. I got my project book signed by my Guide, Head of Department and External examiner. Now, I don't have to slog more to prove that we can do a project if allotted. Actually, I still can't. How this one got completed is still a mystery. :-) Sometimes, God chooses to play games with human beings and surprise them.

Yusuf-The Programmer
            When we were asked to name a Project which we will accomplish in the duration of 3 months and hand over to the college for securing some good marks out of 100, we got an intimation that a very bad and evil thing is following us and will land us into trouble for the next 3 months. It happened exactly how we thought about it. We were asked to name a topic in which we will create a project using Visual Basic 6.0 (which is outdated and no one uses it) and MS Access(it is been replaced by SQL and ORACLE). Now, my class was to be divided into groups of 3 children each who will together make a project. Everyone was feeling it awkward to ask one friend to adjust with others as he is taking other 2 and hence no place is left for him. I understood this and I took an initiative. I took a paper and divided everyone in groups. Everyone agreed to me and finally group were formed. One day, our class teacher came in class and told it is the last day to submit the topic name and hence we got confused and everyone named anything which came in their mind for projects. I and my group members- Yusuf and Prema selected Cyber Cafe Management System which was later changed and our new topic became- Human Resource Management System.

Prema- Concept Developer
             For the first time when we went to meet our project guide, she asked us to change the topic and gave us 45 mins to come back and report to her. We came and gave her the name of the topic. After that, I prepared Synopsis 1 within 1 day as per her deadline. We submitted her 2nd Synopsis in the next week itself and she accepted it. Now she wanted designing phase to be shown in the very next week. We failed in meeting the deadline. Next time we went to her she kicked us away from the frame and said she won't sign our project. I made up my mind to submit the project in next semester as I didn't wanted unwanted threats and deadlines. Yes, I have that stupid attitude. :-) Then, finally, I prepared DFD and ERD diagram and we went to mam and she accepted it. Next step was to create forms in VB and show it to her. Prema tried in the evening one day and sent it to Yusuf. Yusuf made some more forms and finally we went to our madam and she supported us and said I'm not torturing you but I am talking in this way because you all won't do the things if talked in sweet manner. She knew us properly. :-) 

Gaurav- External Help we took from.
              After this, I knew that I know nothing about VB and I surrendered in front of Yusuf and Prema and teased them almost 75% times when we sat together that we aren't submitting our project this semester and Yusuf used to give me that blasting look. At last Yusuf stood up and said one day that I am going to do this project. Even if it will not complete, I'll at least try. He asked for laptop and Prema agreed to bring her sister's fiance's laptop. Everyday she carried that heavy instrument with her and Yusuf started working on project. They asked me to come every weekend to give an accelerating speed to the project but I asked them to squeeze me as much as they can during weekdays but not to trouble me during weekends. See, I told you all, I have that stupid attitude with me. They agreed and we started sitting in our college canteen from 5 PM to 8 PM daily. Sometimes we went to Center One to accomplish our so-called-ambitious-project. Making a Human Resource Management was Prema's idea. The inclusion of Salary calculation, attendance and training module was a birth from Prema in the project. After she gave the concept, I collected all the analysis parts from here and there and submitted Synopsis 1 and 2 with ERD and DFD diagram. After this, Prema designed one form and with that motivation, Yusuf did lots of hard-work and completed this project. In the end, I started working on Project book and completed it in a day itself. Our guide liked it and said its better than other project books. We were happy about this. Finally, our project was signed and all three of us congratulated each other.

Saquib- external help we took from.
              This Saturday we had our Project VIVA. On Friday night, I worked on the presentation till 3 in the morning and the next day, external said that she don't want to have a look at our presentation and we should directly start our project software. It was me who started presentation and madam stopped after few seconds and I felt humiliated. Yes, I can be that sensitive sometimes. :-) Yusuf started explaining the software which was wholly and solely made by him. He tried to overact at a point where he felt that his feature will be appreciated by her. But there an error occurred and Yusuf almost came out from the condition of no-less-than-coma. After that, madam asked me to give next part's presentation. I stood there and started operating the most controversial part of our project- Attendance and Salary records which had lots of calculation involved in it. As soon as I realized that I can be fucked at any moment, I called Yusuf and asked him to operate the software again. He did it and then mam asked Prema to begin with. She did the same kind of activity as Yusuf did when he was given the chance. She tried to show something which wasn't there in our project and got stuck there. After madam made a face that said "You have made a fucking project", Prema uttered in Yusuf's ear that should I tell her about our Casual Leave feature. She did this because Yusuf and She used lots of brain in it to make it run successfully and our project guide scolded us a lot for it. She started telling madam about it and after she ended, madam gave her a solid review,"Have you ever seen such a rule in any HRM policy?". Prema and Yusuf both hanged their faces down while I kept seeing madam's face and both of them to enjoy the moment so that I can write it properly right now. Haha. A writer always enjoy the failure too to make it successful when he writes it. :-)

Its me- Good for nothing !!!
             At last our project VIVA ended and we laughed at our fate a lot. How Yusuf and Prema got themselves sued by external even when she didn't asked about those things which they tried to put emphasis at. Our project was the only one which gave Run-time error while VIVA. And that too for 3-4 times. We also laughed that we wasted 1.5 months in making our Salary and attendance form perfect but madam didn't asked much about it. And let me tell you all, it was only our project which was developed without any external support outside classroom. The two people who helped us a lot during project were Gaurav Save and Saquib Shaikh. Yes, both helped us and our blessings were so powerful that both of them are in Defaulter's List and can't sit for this semester' examination. Hahaha. I would like to thank Yusuf for his sheer dedication and patience throughout semester which made it possible for this project to finally run on the day of VIVA (please don't talk about those errors please). :-) I would like to thank Prema too because the height she has doesn't allow her to lift that laptop and bring it daily but still she did it. An applause to her too. To me, plaudit for discouraging my project members always that we are going to be failure in it. :-) Yes, kill me for this now. 

             But this project has taught us many perspective of life. The way three of us came together to work for this project was something unbelievable. We never thought that we, best friends, will ever sit together and study this way because we always do useless things when we are together. This is the only time when we sat and we only talked about project. Secondly, there were hundred epic moments when Prema and Yusuf had hot talks but the best part of them is they are still friends and they remember those moments very less. I am a petrifying personality and hence, I never speak what I feel so any hot conversation with me is an impossible thing to experience. Yusuf talks in a high pitch voice while Prema talks in a high attitude approach and this made them collide for numerous times during project. But I am happy that both of them are sharing a good space with each other even today. This project has made all my classmates come together. A group of 5 students who never talked with anyone started talking to everyone. I liked it and even I started talking because I always want my class to be united. I liked the way all my classmates worked on this project thing from the day bamboo was banged in our ass with the best force possible. 

              Finally, all of us are out of this Judgement Period of ours. I just want to pray GOD that all the students of my class pass in this unpredictable project which however got completed. I know all of us didn't made any powerful project but still, it can be called Project. :-) Ab itni bhi bejatti mat karo yaar k hamare haathon se banaye hue project ko project hi na bolo. :-). I would sincerely thank Gaurav and Saquib who helped us whenever we got stuck. The day we'll pass, both of you'll get a wonderful party. I also got to know real friends as many talks too much about helping and supporting me in difficult days but showed their asses when I asked them to support me in this project. They didn't even had 50 rupees to spend and come to meet me. Well done brothers. Now never expect me to show a die-heart friendship to you. 


ABHILASH RUHELA - VEERU, A Half-baked Computer Engineer !!!!        

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Defaulter gaurav said...

Very nice. And thank you.

hamaarethoughts.com said...

such a cute picture of your's abhilash...

Writing Buddha said...

U r always welcome defaulter.

Writing Buddha said...

Thank u harman mam. :-)

Anonymous said...

hii..looking decent while working on project...nice pic n wish u all the luck for the exams...all d best..

Anonymous said...

Hey.... got to know about ur blog after a tweet by CB & im following it since August. Your work is really amazing & you inspired me to write up a blog of my own. :-) Thank You AR.

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks Anonymous par aapka naam jaanna chahunga main.

Writing Buddha said...

Rohit, I am so grateful to receive thsi comment from you. Its so wonderful to hear from someone that they started doing what I did for last 2.5 years and they love me so much that they call me their inspiration. I hope u'll reach heights and u wud be known as one of the biggest blogger of our nation. Keep working.

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