13 September 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

She Broke Up, I Didn't! ... I Just Kissed Someone Else ! By Durjoy Datta !!

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               I finished reading Durjoy Datta's third book "She Broke Up, I Didn't! ... I just Kissed Someone Else!" I have read all the three books of Durjoy Dutta's and this was the last one which was remaining. I wanted to read this book as soon as possible because the 5th book from him is about to release anytime in September. I completed reading the last book before reading this one some 1 week ago and hence I had huge expectation with this one as I liked Oh Yes I am Single very much. But I am so sad to say that She Broke Up, I didn't is all and all a shit. I didn't liked it at all.

             Story- She Broke Up, I Didn’t! is story of Deb and Avantika, two management students, who after three years in to what is possibly the most picture perfect relationship run into trouble after Deb, drunk as a pig goes ahead and kisses a classmate. To err is human, to forgive divine, eh??
This is a story of a group of friends who battle the questions of infidelity, loyalty and love as they step out of their colleges….

             Durjoy Datta should understand it now that readers are expecting more than love-breakup-love-breakup and finally love stories from him. And after periodic intervals, there's an intimacy part in the book which never fails you to experience an erection but too much sex also takes out all the fun from the story. Sex and Love making plays it part only when they are kept at few spots where the readers can feel that Sex is a valuable thing which can at the best time in the book. But Durjoy makes Sex a very common thing and thus the reader starts centering male character as Playboy while his girlfriend as Slut as the only thing they love doing in relationship is Sex and nothing else. Durjoy Datta should change his style now. He is all and all inspired from Chetan Bhagat but he should see that Chetan has tried 4 different stories in all his 4 books while you have managed to keep hold on the same story plot every time you started penning down a story.

     Having great creativity skills and writing ability, penning the same story again and again just frustrates the reader. Durjoy Datta has always written a book with a female partner and this is the only book from his where he has performed a solo work and he has failed. I think Durjoy needs a company of a girl to bring out best out of him. So Durjoy please don't try writing a book by yourself again. We want you to write with a chick or an another every time you think of writing a Love story. Durjoy Datta, for me has become the Salman Khan of Indian fiction where everytime the same kind of weird story will come at the box office or market and people will make it Blockbuster or bestseller blindly. Even after hating Durjoy Datta so much I am going to be one of the few readers who will read his 5th book in its first week of release. I would rate She Broke Up I Didn't 2.5/5. 



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Genuine reaction

Writing Buddha said...

Vijay, only u can understand this post... No one else.. Hahaha.

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U r right.. Hens night.

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Amrita Phadnis said...

I loved your review.

Amrita Phadnis said...

I should tell you that I missed the book mark because I deleted the crome. I searched all over the internet for your blog, couldn't recall your name, and them from reading someone else's blog reached to your blog again. Oh god. Phew. Since your blog is so awesome, just didn't wanted to miss it.

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