18 September 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

The Same Road I Walked In Frustration!!!

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          Mitali always saw that her mother enforced her to be in limits. She was frustrated because her mother poked and nudged her every time she turned to do something she never did before. Once, she wanted to go into fashion industry and she created a portfolio but her mother threw it away when she slept in night. This made Mitali burn mad in anger. She took the whole house on her head and screamed on every one. Mitali was always allowed to hang out with girls but as soon as her mother got the knowledge of a boy in the group; she cancelled her approval and made her sit in her bedroom. Her mother wanted her to indulge in God, spirituality and praying but Mitali hated to do it. She believed in God but she never did it because her friends laughed on the people who used to go in temple and prayed God. They believed that the person who goes to Temple is the one who can’t solve their problems themselves and need the support of an idol made up of plaster of Paris. To be precise, Mitali never found her mother co-operative or the mother who motivated her to do the things which were unusual and larger-than-life.

             The problem of Mitali began when she reached 12. As soon as she climbed her teen age, she was shifted to the school where the girls quota was fixed and the number of girls in the class always remained little higher than the number of boys. This made her mother feel secure about her daughter. Mitali never understood what was so unique in her that her mother always protected her as if she carried 10 kg gold’s with her. Once Mitali asked her father that why don't he say something to her mother and teach her how to let her kid fly and reach the sky and break all the barriers and explore the life. Her father smiled and said,” Your mother is with you for less than a decade, after that you have at least 5 decades to surpass the sky and be at the top of the world & universe. This made Mitali bang her head to wall and sit quietly. As soon as she passed her 12th STD with normal grades without any commendable performance, she announced in front of a family friend to her parents that she wanted to marry. Everyone was surprised and the search for a suitable boy began. She got married after two years.

              After one year of marriage, Mitali delivered a sweet daughter contradicting to her wish of a baby boy. She and her husband- Abhilash named her Chaitali as Mitali wanted her daughter to be like her. She gave almost all the pleasure to Chaitali and Chaitali started growing up like a princess. She was given every toy she kept her hands on. Days passed in nourishment, months passed in development and years passed in fulfillment when one day Chaitali turned 12. Chaitali asked her mother to allow her for a movie where there would be 6 boys and 5 girls with her. Mitali disallowed her. Chaitali asked why and there was no answer with Mitali. She asked Chaitali to shut her mouth and go and sit on Play station which they bought for her just 2 months ago. Next day, Chaitali asked for a mini skirt when they went out for the same movie she was demanding a day before. Mitali grinned and looked towards Abhilash. Abhilash said,” It’s you and your daughter. You handle the matter. I have Credit Card with me and that's the job of a man in family. Now you decide what's good for a girl at this age and what's not." Mitali got Abhilash's answer in his reply and she refused her. Chaitali got frustrated and she left the place and stood near the parking lot which indicated that she didn't had any more interest in the movie and she wants to go back. Mitali came in anger and slapped Chaitali for misbehaving in the local mall where they visit every time. Chaitali started crying and they came home.

               That night, Mitali realized the problem her mother had with her demands. That night, Mitali understood why her mother never allowed her to hang out with her friends. That night, Mitali understood that her mother wasn't jealous of her ability and smartness but she wanted her to be safe till she grows into women. Mitali understood that her mother kept her safe all those years when she cursed her back for being such a Hitler. But Now, Mitali's mother was no more and Mitali felt ashamed of herself for not talking to her mother amicably for all those years when her mother was spending her life in her care, safety and nourishment. Now Mitali knew that this is how the cycle keeps moving. Every mother disapproves her daughter's demand and desires for her safety and future and every daughter keeps abusing and accusing her mother for the miserable life she is living. Then that daughter turns into mother in few years and she does the same with her daughter for her safety and becomes the victim of daughter's attitude, enmity and allegations. 

P.S.: This is a simple Fiction I wrote after realizing that sometimes our parents refuse us for movies, outings, trips, night-outs or small things like buying a dress, mobile or any other gadget. We think that they are doing this purposely because they don't want us to grow and be different from others but the truth is that behind every NO our parent utter, it has care, love, affection and many more reasons which can't be defined through words. 



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hamaarethoughts.com said...

Love the story..
So true!
mitali's daughter Chaitali...and Dad Abhilash..
such a sweet family ..

Preeteesh said...

it was building up to be interesting..
like the simplicity of this fictional blog of yours.
keep up. and visit my blog if u have time. feedback would be appreciated.

Writing Buddha said...

At Harman mam, hahaha

Writing Buddha said...

I'll check it Preeteesh

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