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         Salman- the member of this Blog who posts whenever he feels he should write something and share with the readers. Once again, he has come with a post. I am happy that he wrote something as it has been a long time since he wrote on this blog. He has given a tribute to his family, friends and teachers through this post. 


|| My Life--- Of Teachers, Friends & Family ||

Hey peeps! Its Salman here, back again!! Been a long time since u heard from me on Veeru’s blog….
This time I would like to share a few but very important moments of my life. My high school days and most importantly my teachers as Teacher’s Day just happened.
For all of us there are certain moments, certain events, certain periods of time that become the highlights of our complete life—for me luckily and fortunately it was my High school Days!!
There was never a time when I felt wrong, sad or depressed about it...
Free of the world’s burdens, free of future planning, free of responsibilities and most importantly free from paying your own bills!! It felt like heaven!
It simply felt like I was INVINCIBLE and nothing that I did could go wrong!
But it was here that I learnt the most important lesson of my life—we do not make ourselves—the people around us-friends, family, teachers-these people lay the foundations on which we, fight with the ultimate traitor to us humans-God, and pave our own path, our own Destiny..
I would like to mention here the role some of my teachers played in my upbringing and success.
First of all I would like to thank Sande Sir for not considering me someone special just because I came from Saudi and being impartial that kept my feet grounded, my 1st lesson- Humility!
Then comes Suryavanshi Madam, she helped me with my 1st Elocution competition where I stood 1st and which instilled me with a hunger and passion to excel in English and most importantly the Winning Habit—for this I am eternally grateful to you.
Can’t forget Kondkar mam—she was the one to propel me ahead in any field, be it sports, academics or any cultural activities! She expected the best of me and motivated me to perform at my very best. She instilled one of the most important qualities necessary for human survival-Self Confidence!
Though there are many teachers I would just like to mention say 4-5 in brief...
Nair Madam, my science teacher and class teacher for about 3 months who believed so strongly in me that she fought for me with other teachers for an incident which was completely my fault :P Thank you madam but I am not as shareef as u thought me to be. But you are right at the top of my Inspirational people’s list.
Shilpa madam just simply for being an freaking awesome house teacher, to have supported me n the Blue house in our rebellion against the entire school and for being every boy’s Crush :D
Londhe sir for helping me with my Marathi-at which I was simply hopeless! Whatever marks I got in my S.S.C is all due to the hard work and effort u put up in training me.
Finally the most important of all Fernandez sir.
Amongst all the above mentioned teachers I hold you in greatest esteem. For if it wasn’t for you to mess up our tug-of-war resulting in us losing the house championship, me threatening you with consequences, you screwing up me by allotting very very poor marks in English and predicting that I couldn’t score above 50 in my Board examinations I would never have worked that hard on my studies, topping the English marks in Raigad district just so that I could prove you wrong. This very incident taught me to believe in myself when the world counted me down and out, it increased my resilience and will power to fight back. You will always be cherished and highly respected.
But it wasn’t only teachers, but my family as well as my friends too who have made me into what I am today.
They have been and I hope shall always remain my Support system, my pride, my life J
I love you all buddies J
Would like to mention a few of my buddies here—Fahd Bodhle (King Fahd as he likes to be called), Nowman Sawal(Nomi),Muskan Malani, Shweta Rao,Ankita Rai,Priti Pachpande,Bhumika Kateliya,Jayesh Deshmukh and Ofcourse Abhilash who have always kept their faith in me, seen me through the ups and very frequent lows of my life… you people are the best thing that ever happened to me and I thank Almighty Allah everyday to have blessed me with such wonderful friends !
A few college buddies of mine- Ronesh Nikalje, Niraj Patil, Baakir Cherawala, and Shaunaq Kulkarni in fact my only true friends I ever found in Pune. Cheers to you guys !!
And lastly my family, my super fantastic freakishly awesome family !!! I love you all more than words can ever express !
It’s all of you from whom I learned the most important lessons of my life—Teachers, Friends & Family all alike 1 you are my teachers and to you I dedicate this blog post, and to you I wish Happy Teacher’s Day !
That’s it for now
Here I am, this is me and there’s nowhere else on Earth I would rather be !
Thanking you all for indulging me, especially Abhilash who somehow manages to let me share some of his spotlight J
I still remain as ever
Yours Truly
Salman “Master of Disaster” Janjirkar
Ciao!! (I Will Be Back!!)

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Shawn said...

dude..!! thanks alot for making me feel so special!! :-) glad to know that after so many years u still cherish our friendhip so much!! :-) seriously.... means alot to me!! :-)

hamaarethoughts.com said...

Wow! Awesome...
you remember the teachers so well and each incident..We need more dedicated students like you!
As far inspiration to prove a teacher wrong its awesome !
its the will to do...and the spirit ..to show the teachers and friends...
the whole post is very expressive in thoughts!

Salman J said...

@ Harman ::
Thanks !!
DEDICATED STUDENT!!??! I was a Hell-Raiser ! It's actually REVERSE Phsychology at work !! :P :P
but then again it was their efforts which worked wonders for me ! :P

gaury kalbere said...

hey thnks 4 making us nostalgic and indeed happy so dat we thank da ppl who moulded our lives...2 make better persons...often we forget 2 value da importance of such ppl in our lives..

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