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Ek Chchoti Si Love Story - I was 19 and she was 26 !!!

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         Diwali vacation ended. We were back in college. Being new in this college, I wasn't very open to everyone. I kept my words in my heart and never spoke it to anyone. Everyone was either committed to each other in my class or they had their partner in some other college or city so most of them kept themselves busy on phone. So, I didn't had anyone to talk. I was very keen to tell everyone that my life has been very crazy. I was very keen to tell everyone all the mischief I did in school time. I was keen to tell everyone that my father bought 1.5 crore flat at Pali Hills, Mumbai just 8 months ago. I wanted to tell everyone that my parent didn't even lived with me. Hmm. This was something which I didn't wanted to tell anyone because it used to hurt me whenever I used to think about it. The relation of my parent was drastic and they filed divorce petition against each other. So this always kept me disturbed. According to the order of courts, none of them were allowed to live with me and I was asked my decision and I said that I wanted to live alone and not with anyone of them. My mother went to her native place in Indore while my father lived in Bangalore where he was the 5th richest businessman. When I chose to live alone, he bought a new home for me in Mumbai and admitted me in St. Xaviers which was my dream college. 

              For the celebration of Diwali, I went to a friend's house and came back the other day. This friend was with me in school so I used to chit-chat with him but never shared anything personal with him. Whenever he asked about parent, I used to change the topic or lied about them. On the first day of the college, our class teacher- Mr. Fernandes came and told us that Communication skills will be taught by Kajal Rao. Everyone was sad that their favourite Mr. Gajanan was expelled from the college because the case against him of leaking papers was proved right and hence he was blacklisted which meant that he can never be a teacher in an "A" Grade college.

             Kajal Rao came for her first lecture. She started with a cool "Hello students" but none of them replied back except me as they didn't wanted her to teach the subject and everyone was protesting silently against the expulsion of Mr. Gajanan. Our new teacher had the hint and thus she didn't reacted to it but I saw the feel of humiliation in her expression. She started with introduction where no one showed interest in her. I was feeling bad for her. She was not the one who should be punished for this but she was suffering the bombardments from students. This kept happening for next 2 weeks. She saw that I was the only one who never insulted her or ignored what she said so whenever she used to teach us, she looked at me and taught. As she used to teach Communication skills, her accent was attractive and her voice was sexy. I liked it. I don't know why this lusty classmates of mine didn't noticed it but I was in love with her speaking skills. 

            One Saturday, I went to Inorbit mall, Malad. I went to the Food court and sat there. I saw Kajal mam sitting alone in a corner deep in her thoughts. I kept looking at her. I wanted to see whether she was alone or someone accompanied her. After half an hour, I saw her wiping her tears. I was shocked. Why is Kajal mam crying? A lady who taught 120 students confidently out of which 119 insulted and ignored her for no reasons was crying !!! It was a shock for me. I felt very bad to see the tears in her eyes. After weeping for 15 minutes and wiping tears at every 2 minutes, she picked her purse and got up to leave the place. I ran from the opposite side and banged her from the front,"Hello mam. What are you doing here?" She said,"Oh Wow. Abhilash. You are here. And how come you are alone?" I replied,"Mam, I usually come here alone only. Come lets sit and have some talks." She agreed with a smile. I was happy that at least she was trying to smile.

            Then, we talked about college. She even told me about her feelings when children ignored her. She told me that she has faced many worst situations in her life and this ignorance of children didn't affected her. She said that one day these children will admire her the most for her cool behaviour and she taught me to be cool even in the times when I may feel to hit someone badly. We became friends. We were not talking like a student and a teacher but like good friends. This was the first time when I opened my heart out and told her about my parent's case. She showed sympathy. She even ordered Veg. Pizza for me after knowing that I liked it and we ate it together. We exchanged our numbers and left the place after talking for 2 hours. Now, I started messaging her and she kept replying me. I was surprised that a teacher who is 7 years older to me is talking with me all the time without any questions.

             In the lectures, she used to smile while teaching to me. Now, we met during breaks in the college library and she used to bring my lunch too and we ate together. 2 months passed and now the moment came when she started calling me Dear and I started calling her Kajal as she asked me to stop calling her Mam. One day, she messaged me that she is upset and she wants to end her life. I called her and asked the problem. She neglected and asked me to stop asking the reason but I kept asking it incessantly. At last she told me that her fiance refused to marry her and this is why her father who was a drunkard threw her out of the house. He abused her and called her all the words which you would never want a girl to hear. Kalmoohi, Abshaguni, Slut etc etc etc. And after telling this, Kajal mam broke down. I asked her to stop crying. She sobbed but stopped crying like a child after I scolded her. It was such a sweet reaction. I asked her where was she living from last 3 days when her father threw her out of the house. She told me that she is living in the Charishma lodge. I was shocked. This lodge was defamed in the whole area because the massage parlour and many scandals took place in it. I told her to pack her bag in 15 minutes, I am coming there. 

             I went there. She was standing with her bag in her hand. I went, took the bag, kept it in the taxi I hired and hugged her. She started crying badly while I kept pampering her. We sat in the taxi and she told me the whole scenario. I felt so bad about her. She was such a beautiful girl and the fiance broke the marriage just because his first love of college returned back to him. I would have never made a girl like Kajal mam to cry. I took her to my Pali hill flat and asked her to stay with me till she don't come in the position of living alone. I wanted to stay with her in her depression. I wanted to make her smile back. She insisted me to let her live in a renowned hotel but I refused. At last she agreed. Now, we started living together. We used to cook food together. We used to drink tea in the balcony with our hands in hands. She used to tell me what to wear and I used to guide her. She used to hug me whenever she was happy and I did the same whenever I felt that she reacted sweetly to whatever I said. 

           Many months passed and I came in 4th Semester now. The Valentine's Day came. While she was having lectures in college, I went back to home after my first lecture. I decorated the house with the help of my childhood friend about whom I told you above. All the rooms were decorated with red balloons, fragrance of aromatic perfumes, beautiful glass table with a cake on it. I went to the college again to pick her at 7 PM. She was too tired because of a very long schedule of her lectures. She asked me why I came to receive her when I left the college in the first lecture itself and I told her that there's a surprise for her. We stopped at Shopper's Stop in our way and I asked her to select the best gown she liked. She selected a piece and I paid the bill. I asked her to change it there itself. She was insisting to pay but I said that this time I'll pay because its a gift from me. She was looking very beautiful in that pink gown. She didn't knew that it was Valentine's Day. We came to the home and as soon as I opened the door, the dim lights were on, the balloons were dancing, the smell of aroma filled the whole home and the Air conditioner made the place energetic.

           She asked me,"What is this, Abhilash?" I replied," Kajal, I have always tried to make you smile. I have always loved your cheeks when they shine in happiness. I have always loved you when you laughed on silliest thing. Anything I do is to keep you happy. Today, I want myself to be happy and this is why I decorated the whole place for the most special person of my life." She kept looking in my eyes. 
       She said,"Really?"
       I said,"Yes. You are the most special person of my life and Kajal, I want to ask you something. Can I?"
       She was startled at my sudden behaviour. She said,"Yes, you can Abhilash."
        I went down at my knees and asked with a smile on my face and love in my eyes,"Kajal, will you marry me?"
       She was surprised. She was confused yet she was happy and she was smiling. She replied,"You are 19 and I am 26. Think once again before taking this step."
       I was sure. I wanted Kajal in my life because she was the one who made my life cheerful and gave company to my loneliness. I said,"I am confident. I am sure. U say. Are you ready to be my valentine?"
        She blushed and said,"Yes, I would love to be the old queen of my young king."
         I got my world. I got up and hugged her tightly. I started kissing her madly. I was made in happiness. Then I remembered something and I put my hand in the pocket and took out the rings. Gave one to her and took her right hand in my right hand and pushed the ring in her ring finger. The ring shined like star in her thin and beautiful finger. She took my hand in her hand and inserted the ring in my finger and then kissed my hand. I took her in my arms and went to my bedroom and we loved each other for the whole night. :-)

         We married each other after living for 5 years together. I still think that how can this be possible that a depressed student like me got in love with a young teacher from his college who was 7 years older than him and married her. Kajal still looks young and we are enjoying our life even today. She is happy with her teaching career while I am satisfied with my HR Management Job. We are living happy and we will always live happily in future. 

        Kajal Mam, I Love You. :-)

P.S.: I wrote this post on this Teacher's Day after talking to many of my friends where everyone said that they had a crush on a teacher or 2 in their school time. Everyone of us had a crush on our teachers. So I thought to write this fictional love story of a 19 year student and 26 year teacher. :-)



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Anwaar said...

What a story!
It almost made me cry!

Anu Lal said...

you are a tales spinner !

Anonymous said...

I think, it's time to start,
I think you understand what I am talking about, the stories are creating an impact

Salman J said...

Nyc One buddy ! Still wud say ur previous article was a BLOCKBUSTER !! :D :D

Writing Buddha said...

Oh wow. Thanks Anwaar

Writing Buddha said...

Hahaha. Thanks Anulal sir

Writing Buddha said...

Hahahahahahaha.. Thanks Vijay. Hope I will start soon

Writing Buddha said...

Salman, every post can't be the best. Aise post comes once in a big period of time.

Salman J said...

What you said is true buddy ! But Then again U have set the standard so high for urself and have delivered till date that simply makes me to expect nothing but the best from you !!
I Believe,Know nd can Damn Wager that every post u write from ur heart can n will be way much better than its predecessor..
Believe me when i say that, cuz i might not have been ur greatest supporter or guide or friend but i sure have tried my level best to b thye BEST CRITIC for u :P :D
Nd i know what u can n surely will achieve !!
Urs is a Cinderella story i wud love to play a small part in ! :D

Writing Buddha said...

Oh wow... great to hear this. I am so happy to have u as a Critics and I love your views too. U try to think from both the perspective wich makes me happy that u understand my posts well. Thanks

Salman J said...

The Honour's all mine buddy !! In fact i shud be thanking you cuz in a way I AM LIVING MY DREAM through YOU ! :)

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Amazing love story.Thanks for sharing this nice blog..

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