29 July 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Jab se you have loved me by S. R. Saha !!!

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        So, I am here to review an another book- Jab se you have loved me ...the story of an Airhostess & an IITian by S.R. Saha. I have been in contact with the author from past many months and I have always liked his words of motivation for me. He has always supported my blog and has been a guide in my journey of blogging. S.R. Saha was born in Calcutta. He is a gradutate in Mechanical Engineering from IIT, Madras. 

             Coming to the book, according to what the author stated, this book is a love story of an IITian with an airhostess working in Indian Airlines. I loved the Acknowledgement written by the author in the start of the book. It is quite different and innovative. I liked his style of leaving the First Impression in the mind of readers. The first chapter is wonderful where the author starts the book with a humour quotient in it. You feel excited to know more about him. You turn out to be desperate to know what happened next. Fortunately, he meets a girl named Ujani whom he liked in the first meeting itself but forgets to take her phone number. It is from here that the story begins and Atin0 the main character starts searching this girl. He keeps struggling with his job career too as he doesn't get a perfect job in a type of organization he wanted to work in. Being an IITian, he never got an IIT type of respect from others. At last, he meets Ujani again and he keeps meeting her accidentally for few more times and finally they are engaged but Ujani had to leave for Hyderabad for her Airhostess training. Then, author have presented the whole struggle of this boy with his loser's life. At last, the book ends with a happy ending.

              Coming to the review, English used in this book is quite fluent and has a flow in it. You keep swimming with the story and end up being friends with some characters of this book. The Prologue and Epilogue is written very nicely. You will feel the story aimless till the first 75% part and the remaining 25% of the last will excite you a lot. Actually, S.R. Saha should have concentrated more on the story than English. Actually, being a worknig class employee, it would have been hard for him to write it in a form of a college boy and thus he wrote it in his own style. The humor quotient is fine too. The story in the last 30 pages is awesome and fast going. S.R. Saha should have used that part of the story for the whole book. That was too interesting and I was shocked that even after having such a content in his mind, he was ted the whole book in telling how loser Atin was. I am little furious on the author as he claims the book to be a love story but its all and all a story of a guy passed out from IIT but still lives a life of loser. In the end, he has confessed even this to but he should not have done this. The language of the book is tough for first time readers so this can be a factor for keeping readers away from the book. But I loved the language very much. From Srishti Publishers, this was the first author who wrote the whole book in a perfect language and perfect tuning. Saha sir should try to become a regular columnist of leading newspapers in India as his command on English is excellent. I'll rate this book 6 out of 10.  I hope S.R. Saha will improve his work in the 2nd book. This one seriously didn't touched my heart.



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Anonymous said...

Good review, Not going to read this. A lot to read, it can't be part of my reading list

sim cards uk said...

Good book.I read it some pages.I want to read it completely.

Writing Buddha said...

No words. Vijay. haha

Writing Buddha said...

U will die for sure sim cards.

Unknown said...

"Jabse you have loved me"
vry good story, I enjoyed a lot.
I wan't to see Ujani and Atin Dev.


Unknown said...

"Jadse you have loved me"
Very beautiful story, I enjoyed a lot .
I want to see Atin Dev and Ujani.


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