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SINGHAM - Movie Review !!!

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             When you enter into a Screen in a multiplex after paying 150 bucks for a movie, you expect the movie to do justice with you - either by the story of it or by the performance or by an X-Factor in it. Recently, I saw Singham with fourteen of my classmates. The experience of the movie was wonderful because this was the first time when I saw any movie with such a big group otherwise I never saw a fim with more than 3 people. I went to Singham just because it had Ajay Devgn in it and the Box Office result of the movie was wonderful in the first three days of its release. None of the songs from the movie became talk-of-the-town so the selling of the movie with high demands was only possible if it had good content in it and yes, the content of the movie did justice to the money paid by the viewer. 

             Movie starts with a cop committing suicide by shooting himself. Ajay Devgan is appointed as the new DGP of the area after the suicide of that cop. Ajay Devgan tries to keep his village away from any kind of crime and hurdles as a cop of the area. The action sequences shown in the film are awesome. You will love them as they are not over-exaggerated like it is done in the movies like Main Hoon Na. Suddenly, Ajay Devgn meet a corrupt and powerful Jaikant Shikre (Prakash Raj) and the story runs after that. Jaikant Shikre is the same culprit because of whom the cop commits suicide who was appointed at the post of Ajay Devgn before he took the oath for the same post. The clashes of Bajirao Singham and Jaikant Shikre in the movie are awesome and you will laugh every time Prakash Raj delivers a dialogue. The whole police force and the whole political network is under the control of Jaikant Shikre. Whenever Bajirao Singham tries to cease him with all the power he has, Jaikant Shikre traps him through his seniors or politicians. Bajirao Singham take a step backward in the fight and take a decision that he will not combat against Jaikant Shikre anymore. Then, his girlfriend Kavya (Kajal Agarwal) clamors and ask Ajay Devgn to fight if he really have guts and if he is the same person she choose to marry. And then, Singham starts his war again with a full force and he stops only when the film gets over. 

             Coming to review, Singham is an all and all drama. You will love the action sequences. The songs aren't touching and thus you will come out of theatre without murmuring any song of the movie. The love chemistry between Ajay and Kajal is incomplete. You will find the movie of the same genre as of 1970's movie where a cop fought for his village and its purity. You will love the dialogue delivery of Prakash Raj. He is an ultimate villain and you can get no one as better than him. You don't need a comedian in the movie if you have Prakash Raj as a villain. It was my first experience when I saw people clapping on the dialogues in a multiplex so you can understand the weight of dialogues in this movie. Obviously, Singham isn't a movie of lifetime. You can watch it with your friends or family just for fun. It will guarantee entertain you for 2.5 hours and you will get money back in the form of Ajay Devgn's perfect acting, Prakash Raj's comedy, Kajal's beauty, elegance and Rohit Shetty's direction. I will rate this movie 3 out of 5. Go it for once in theater if you want to enjoy the real SINGHAM.



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V!j@Y said...

Another remake of A south Indian Movie, Can't digest it. There is another movie coming, remake of Bomiraallu. Hope they will not ruin the charm of original one

hamaarethoughts.com said...

people say its copy of dabaang....
I like ajay dev thou..nice actor and decent guy!

Anu Lal said...

I haven't watched the movie, but I loved the action trailers. Ajay is super yaar.

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