18 July 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Thanks For The Love And Support !!!

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         I don't know whether I have ever done anything nice and kind in my life but I am happy to see some very kind and generous people around me. Do you expect strangers and the people who have never met you to feel your pain as germane as a person very close to you understand? I never knew that I had such people in my life. I had an idea but I never saw it happen with me. But, after my last post on my Chachaji, I saw so many people coming in to show their condolences and there are many who are asking for any help if my Chachiji needs. Wow. Because of such people, I know that I'll never remain alone in my life and I'll always have some or the another person to help me and drag me out of any kind of problem. My dear blogger friend - Harman mam postponed her post after reading my post on Chachaji and wrote this one in sorrow for me and my family - Click HERE to read. 

            Everyone wants me to be happy and see me smiling. Even the support on Twitter is great. It is because of you people that I have started tweeting back and I am laughing little bit. For refreshing my mind, I was about to go for Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara today but all my friends refused. But the support messages of Blog, Twitter and Email is so powerful that it wiped off some of the pains from my heart. Lets talk something else rather than this topic so that I can move forward in life rather than thinking this again and again. Tomorrow, the second week of my college is going to start. Our new juniors are going to enter tomorrow. I hope I'll find some good girls to watch out. I love watching beautiful girls than trying to impress and start a relation with them. The last 1 week of college has been Ok-Ok. I don't know how but I have managed to sit all the lectures and give my 100% attendance in the first week. Its something unbelievable and I don't know how I achieved this fate. I should get an award and certificate from college for this. Are you listening, Event Organizers?

             I would like to tell you all about my vacation. This time we got a very big vacation from 17th May to 10th July. My first To-Do list of the vacation was to learn cooking. And Yes, I did it. I have learned how to cook basic vegetables and how to prepare a dough, make round chapatis and serve it to somebody. I am very happy that I can live alone from now as I have learned the most required job one should know to live alone. Secondly, I wanted to read novels and write reviews on my blog which didn't happen. Actually, one thing I thought while my exams were on that I'll help my mother in all the household activities. So, I helped my mother each and every day. So, I didn't got the time to read novels and write reviews about them and I don't even regret it. 

             In vacation, my friend Rohit came to my house for 2 days, my cousins- Priyu and Mahesh came for 3 days, Sonu came for 1 day and many close people came to my house to make my vacation wonderful. I went to Sonu's house for 1 day, an aunty's house in Vikhroli for a day, my cousin's house for 2 days and went to visit Vashi for a day with my mother. The best thing I did in this vacation was that I went to Nashik - the city where I completed my 11th and 12th std. I met my junior college's friends and had lots of laughing session with them. I also went to Shirdi with those friends. I demanded lots of favor from Sai Baba when I was living in Nashik. He fulfilled 6 out of 8 things I demanded after I landed in Mumbai. I was thinking of visiting Shirdi from 2009 but I never got time. This time, I didn't wanted to make any kind of excuse and I planned for Shirdi and went there. Thanked Sai Baba for whatever he gave me and demanded for some more favors. I know he will fulfill them too as he is very kind to me. 

             In the end of the vacation, the news of Chachaji's death came and I went to Punjab for the first time. I went to Haridwar for customs and I saw Ganga river for the first time and even had a bath in it. It washed out all the ego, revenging attitude, arrogance and debating propensity I had in me. It has taught me that the only thing you should try to become in your life is a Good human being. I am trying to be the one from the minute I came out of the River Ganga. In short, this vacation was filled with lots of entertainment and I also turned more mature after what happened to Chachaji. 

           This is all I want to say. Tomorrow, the second week of college is about to start and I hope everything will be fine. Do forgive me for this post as there's nothing new and creative about it but I had to write this post to come out of the depression I am into. I hope I'll post something interesting from tomorrow. 



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hamaarethoughts.com said...

It was kind of you too share your problems with us..
life is to move on..
God bless and keep your aspirations alive...

Kul Bhushan Garg said...

I am happy to read your present views .Life has to move on irrespective of the setbacks,hardships & obstacles in the way .You have to have courage ,determination & confidence to move ahead ....My best wishes ...God bless you !!

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks Harman mam and Kul sir.

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