20 May 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Woh 18 Din !!!

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        Finally, my Semester-4 exams are over. I am free from college. Free from college but not free from mental pressure. There is a sort of pressure in mind always because of the result. As always, this exam has been not as I wanted it to be and therefore a fear that I may fail or I may score very less percentage is there in the heart. I am satisfied with my effort but not with the performance I gave in all those 3 hours whenever I sat to write paper. The culture of the exam conducted by my college is that 90% of the questions are repeated from the previous year's question papers. But this time they broke the culture and 90% questions came what we never saw in previous question papers of our college. I was surprised when I saw the question paper of Software Engineering - the first examination I gave. The whole format of the question paper was changed. The easy questions which used to be for 10 marks were of 12 and the difficult questions which used to be of 15 marks were of 16. But however, this paper is the best paper I gave in this Semester and this is the only subject which I knew nicely.

             After that, I got slapped in every paper except Marketing Management. Actually this is my intuition that I am not slapped in this paper because it is theoretical. Once, the examiner will turn stringent and start checking each point written by me, I will get a tight slap in this paper too. The only thing I used to do in the examination hall was to look at what my classmates are doing. As soon as I used to see someone writing, all my confidence used to shatter and if I used to find someone who would be sitting like me (idle) and thinking about what should have done before the exam to prevent this situation we are facing, I would get little happy. 

              The average time I slept during these 18 days was just 2 hours/day. I always believe in one thing that try to put as much effort as you can and then let the result be as terrible as it can be. While once I used to believe that without putting up the effort I can get a satisfied result but with time I got to learn that until the effort is not inputted, your life cannot give you an expected output. When the exam came on the head, I started reading and understanding all the important concepts. Before a night of exam, I used to get riddled between which concept to read and which one to be skipped because of lack of time. It was very hard to judge the weightage of the importance of a concept but still I predicted. Whenever the question paper was handed to me in the hall, I used to read all the questions one by one and would ask my self whether I know little bit about it or not. Once the mind would answer that yes you read about it and you know a point or 2 about it, I used to mark it and start writing. Being into practice or writing from last 2 years on this Blog space, I have got that potential to convert 2 sentences into 25 sentences. Haha. This is how all the exam papers ended.

              I can get between 1 to 4 KTs out of 6 subjects but I don't want to be depressed about this. What god would have decided right for me will happen and I have no complains with God. He has already pushed up my life to a level where I can proudly say that Yes I am living and not surviving. There was a time period when I used to survive every moment of life. Even a smile would make me feel that its too heavy to bring it on the face. But now, everything is cool and smooth. I know how to handle life and life knows how to be friendly and amicable with me. There have been many instances when I tried to play up with life after getting to normal but life warned me before taking those steps and helped me to live a wonderful life. Today, I know the importance of body, world, nature, parent, close ones and the most God. So, I know that even when I'll choose a wrong option, life will not allow me to do it. So I am least worried about my results and my future. And Yes, I have completed 2 years of Graduation. What can be better than this? Hmm?

              Now, my vacations have started. There are lots of plan which I don't want to reveal it now because whenever you declare things before executing them, they are left incomplete. So let me complete them and then I'll write a post on what kind of activities I did in my vacation period. Till then a lovely Summer Vacations to all of you and hope the results of everyone reading this post will be as good as your best result ever. And Yes, I am going to be regular on blog because it has been a long time since I have been regular. 2011 has been a terrible year for my Blogging career.



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hamaarethoughts.com said...

all the best!you have tried and given your best results should be good!
I am surprised you slept for only two hrs! I would never sit in my exam unless I sleep well!and I always had a myth to watch one regional movie during my exams to get a score over!
I it sounds weird but most of the females do that!
..enjoy your vacations buddy ,sleep well and come up with flying colors!
God bless!

Sahana Rao said...

You have worked really hard. Atleast looks so from your writings!
All the best for your results.

Anu Lal said...

Wish you all the best Abhi. And enjoy your vacations..

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks Harman mam. hope Ill score well and even if Ill not, I dont have any problems bcoz I am ready to work hard next time rather than getting depressed.

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks Spicy Sweety. I hope ur best wishes will work wonderfully.

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks Anulal.

eva626 said...

good luck on your studies kid!!! and yes college life is very tough..im also fighting it...and vacation is a blessing for me LOL

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