28 May 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Gayle - Sachin - Dhoni -Super Heroes !!!

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        Back after watching the last qualifier match where Bangalore thrashed Mumbai and kicked them out of the IPL 2011 tournament. Bangalore is the most deserving team of this IPL season. After the arrival of Gayle, Bangalore's outcome changed drastically. They lost 3 matches consecutively before Gayle arrived. When Gayle arrived, he scored a century in the first match itself and after that Bangalore won 6 matches incessantly. Every team which fielded while Gayle was on the crease got a wonderful time for resting because Gayle never touched the ball and ran for runs. He always hit the ball and ball landed somewhere in the upper stands of the stadium and for twice or thrice it even crossed the stadium. Gayle played just 9 innings in the comparison of other batsmen who played 14 innings and still grabbed Orange Cap successfully and respectfully. He didn't tried any crazy and immature shots like sweeps and other chakma-dene-wala shot. He always thrashed the ball straight and it used to cross the stadium with a wonderful height. He is the man who has hit more than 40 Sixes in this tournament and he is at the top spot in the list of most sixes by a batsman. 

              Talking about Chennai, this team wasn't doing something incredible initially but as soon as the journey of IPL reached few miles ahead, Captain Dhoni started using all his players such that the strength of each can be made visible on the field and the ability can be seen in the result of the matches. With an all-round performance, Chennai won everyone's heart. Captain Dhoni was named into 100 influential people of the world for his coolness as a Captain he shows on the field and his continuous efforts and skills can be seen in his performance. He has won last IPL too, this World Cup too, first T20 World Cup too, Champion League's too, Asia Cup too and now he is about to win this IPL also. I don't know from where he has developed his brain even when he hasn't studied above 12th standard. Here, in India, people take Management courses like MBA and think that they will learn all the skills of an analyst, team leader and manager but Dhoni has proved this wrong that you need a management course to learn how to manage and lead a team. He has shown that a brain used in your unique style can bring effects to your performance and your team's performance. 

                Sachin Tendulkar is a legend and will always remain one. He ended up on the 2nd spot in the list of the highest run-scorer in this tournament. In spite of numbers of young players and other legendary batsmen, Tendulkar out-numbered all of them and showed them his power for which he is known as Run-Machine. Virat Kohli can drag him to 3rd spot in the Finals tomorrow but still it is a matter of appraisal for the Little Master, Sorry - Master's Master. Dhoni's control on his captaincy is equal to Sachin's control on his bat while batting. The power of this man is invincible in the field of Cricket. He is also holding the 1st place in the list of the batsmen who have knocked the highest numbers of FOURs in the IPL. It is somewhat near 60 FOURs. You can never raise your finger on his capability of batting. Whenever you think that the era of this man is over and now he should go and sit, he comes up with a performance that you can never forget all your life. He also scored his maiden century in International Cricket and proved that in any format of cricket, he can manage to score Century in spite of an age where people keep recommending the players to quit playing. His captaincy has raised a lots of big questions and even I am upset about it. He should work more on it and become an all-rounder. 

                These are some people whom I liked a lot in the end of the IPL. There are many more players who have shown their power in this tournament about whom I'll talk later tomorrow or day after tomorrow. There are many more things to talk about and I know you all are always available to hear my stupid talks. Love you all and keep reading my blog as I am always happy to see the comments you post.

                Thanks. Dad gave an upsetting news that tomorrow there's a function in the evening because of which I'll have to miss the IPL Finals. I am damn upset right now. I am trying to find out a way through which I can skip the event but I don't think any of the ways is going to work out successfully. And all the best to CHENNAI and BANGALORE for tomorrow's FINAL MATCH.


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