5 May 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

EVIL GOD of TERRORISM - Osama Bin Laden is DEAD !!!

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        Yesterday when I was preparing for the toughest paper of this Semester, my first home - Twitter made me know that Osama Bin Laden has been killed by America. I was damn shocked about how can this happen suddenly and I am so aware about the news and things going around me and the world but still I didn't knew that there's an operation under execution to kill and slaughter Osama Bin Laden (OBL). But then in few other tweets, I got to know that this was a secret mission which took 40 minutes to kill the World's most wanted terrorist - OBL (but 3 Idiots showed us that Phunshuk Waangdu is the most wanted man of many countries). After that I was totally confused and excited and the proof of my excitement will come up as the result of my 2nd exam paper. Even while writing paper, my mind was talking with the hearts of many Americans and the Khiladian heart of Laden.

             George Bush lost his position just because he kept promising that he will grab the Osama Bin Laden by his collars and bring him in front of Americans for his crucifixion (Just as Amitabh Bachchan promises that his son will deliver a hit some day). But an another man with the almost same type of name - OBAMA came and held Bush to his collars and threw him out of Government (Same what Hrithik did to Abhishek). When 9/11 happened, people were not shocked to see the visuals of the tall towers crashing down, people were shocked to see that someone has attacked America with the head high and raped them in front of the world. Americans are very egoistic and they can never digest their loss. They felt raped and in the amidst of that, they started chasing the God of Terrorism - Laden. They got to know that he is living somewhere in the cave of Afghanistan mountains. After this, America started playing Diwali on the lands of Afghanistan. They killed so many innocent people. Actually they had only one thing in their mind - When our 3000 innocent people are killed and our most important building is crashed down without our mistakes, the land where Laden is living now will have to experience the same. The whole Afghanistan suffered the consequences of 9/11. 

              Laden became the hero of the world. The whole world started talking about him. He became the face of terrorism. Islamic people suffered tortures in America. Islamic people felt bad about it but few Islamic supported American security and accepted that after 9/11, they want peace in America and they are ready to help them. I liked their statement because when you know that you are not the one they are searching for, you should follow all the formalities with high confidence and self-esteem. We all saw My Name Is Khan and shed our tears to see what happened to Shah Rukh Khan when he enchanted some holy words of Islam. This happens when a man from a community commits a crime. All the Maharashtrians think that the people from UP don't have brains. All the UPians think that Maharashtrians run away from their job and don't want to work and earn in their life and instead get all the pleasures by sitting at home. Just because of one or two people the whole community becomes the target. But I really blame those Islamic people who over-reacted to this and started praising to what Laden did. I have myself heard some Islamic people talking against France some months ago when the Burqa was banned there. They said that the same should happen with France what happened with America. When Japan sabotaged in the Tsunami and Earthquake's attack on them few months ago, I saw Islamic people forwarding the messages amongst themselves that Japan was the first country to talk against Islam, the first to ban Burqa and other anti-Islamic movement and therefore they have to bear the consequences. They didn't felt bad for the innocent people dying and struggling with the calamities but they were happy that the nation who pointed on their religion is struggling and weeping.

             I am already a victim of Islam Extremists and I know what happens when you belong to the community which has done something bad to another one. I am Hindu and I am from the community who damaged their Babri Masjid 2 decades ago so I will have to bear the consequences if I'll enter the territory of Islamic people. Now, Obama has proved that he has been the best President of America ever. This is exactly how Dhoni is named over Sourav Ganguly even when the contribution of Sourav has been higher than Dhoni's. This is exactly how Obama becomes the best president of America. Many people doubted that he is also a Muslim but now they will believe that if he would have been, he would not have killed his brethren. Obama clearly stated in his pro-Laden death that We are not against Islam. Why he should be when he has already killed the wicked Islamic on 1st May? For me, Islamic people has always been a huge devotee of their religion unlike any other religion. They have been high on their values and morals. They have been loyal to their religion. They have always kept their religion forward than any other entity. 

             But, still, some of them act too weird and they are the rationale why Islam has to bear the pain again and again of the accuses and plaints. Now, some of the Imam sahibs has stood to speak against the burial of Laden's body in sea. Now, do you still think that he was the member of Islam? He has broken the biggest rule of Islam by creating violence and being a jihadist, still you want all the Islamic treatment to the man. According to America, they have thrown his body from the airplane in the sea. Some Islamic people even think that he was the defender of Islam and Islam people. Now, if he would have been, the bomb blasting in Mariot Hotel where many Pakistanis were killed would not have been the job of Al-Qaeda. He even killed Muslims so his "Defender" tag for Islam has already violated all the rules and terms. Many Muslims also believed that there is no man existing in this world named Laden. Why do these Muslim people try to prove that the terrorist is not from their religion. If he is, then he is. That doesn't cause a difference towards the respect of your religion by non-Muslims. 

              Osama was found in a 4.3 crore mansion near to the military area of Abbottabad in Pakistan. This mansion was covered by 12 to 15 feet wall all around it. It had 2 gates. No man except a courier inhaled or exhaled from that mansion. The people of that area had no idea about who lived in that place. This mansion is just 800 metres from military stand of Pakistan and few miles away from the capital of Pakistan - Islamabad. Osama was living in this mansion from last 5 years and America kept a track of this from last August. Pakistan had already declared that Osama is not residing on their soil. Did they checked all the houses and mansions of their country that they claimed this? But they said. This is a prove that they wanted Osama to be safe. But then one more point of view - The world believes that Pakistan provides soil and resource to the terrorists on their soil. But if the government of Pakistan would have been in touch with Osama, there would have been incidents when Osama would have departed from that mansion to meet the ministers or ministers would have entered that mansion. But there aren't any from August 2010 as America kept an eye. There was no Internet connection or telephone connection and therefore no communication mode. But that courier would have been the communication mode between them. But everything is just a speculation right now. 

                According to me, Obama has tried his level best to catch the Laden because it is not an easy task to enter an another country without letting anyone know about the mission and catching the biggest terrorist who was about to flee away after getting the intimation of America's mission against him. Now, I have full faith that Dawoon Ibrahim is nowhere except Pakistan. Like the village named Abbotabad which no one ever heard, there would be one more village where Dawood Ibrahim is living. If I would have been the OBAMA, I would have captured the whole Pakistan and started ruling the land. After capturing, all the arms and ammunition found in the country should be discarded and every man with whom these destructive weapons are found should be hanged till death. I just don't like interrogating to such people who are already caught with red hands. America took 10 years to kill Osama after killing lakhs of Afghans and damaging their property of Lakhs and spending infinite amount of money to kill the man. When the most powerful country can show such ignorance, India seems to be intelligent than them that we have just spent 50 to 70 crore on Kasab and he is alive from last 2 years. We will hand him till death before he completes his 10 years of life in jail. 

               At last, America has won their World Cup and Obama proved himself. The biggest face of terrorism is off the world and people are still doubting that Osama is alive because America didn't showed us any footage of the mission and Osama's dead body. I don't understand why people want everything to be shown as Royal Wedding? Why they want everything to be telecasted like Bigg Boss and Big Brother? People say that the face of Osama after killing him is morphed and not real. Did your father went there and checked it? I don't understand why do people always think negative? Why do people always search for pointing their fingers on the powerful associations and questioning their credentials? For me Osama Bin Laden is dead. Even if he is not, I am happy because wherever he is, he is quiet. I loved the celebration of Americans after the news of their biggest enemy being lost. That is the semantic reason of moving down to the streets at the late night and celebrate the success of the nation. 

              Lets hope that all the terrorists are killed in the same way one by one and people in the World may feel safe and secure. Happy Laden's exit from this world to everyone. The God of Terrorism is immortal for his followers. For us, the black spot on the Earth is no where visible.


P.S.: I have written this blog urgently after hearing the biggest news of the World otherwise I would not have entered on my Blog at the wrong time. I wrote this post on 2nd May but because of exams, publishing it now.


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hamaarethoughts.com said...

..nice post!
living in US ..all I know is when 9/11 happened it was not only Americans..but all nationalities ..that were burnt alive..and those who lost families still bear the pain...many moslims died in that too....
Islam is not bad or preaching are not bad in fact no religion teaches that to kill innocents.
its brainwashed by people...who have grudges!!
...Obama proved himself worthy ..not only by this surgical operation ..but if we see past ..he was elected by immigrants and blacks ....to see a change in US...which was next to impossible...I still remember whites ...cribbing about no body else can rule our country...but amidst against odds he was there as "US PRESIDENT"..he is a man of vision..very articulate and up to his word!
India ,as far as mumbai attacks are concerned did nothing with that Ass hole kept in prison...people cry every day who lost their loved ones...in fact the security to keep this criminal is way too much...he should be hanged jus like SADDAM..in front of the world ..to slap these terrorist!
..I think ...I am getting emotional...should stop here!

Ryan Edward Juior said...

Some things spark countless arguments. And these may never end. The aftermath to the killing of Osama were quite obvious but the United States had what it wanted. Now I believe, The Indians should do something against Kasab. Why in the world is he still there? Why?

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks for all the information mam. u r lucky to be in America at this time of festive environment in USA.

Writing Buddha said...

I hope India will bring out the decision soon.

Divya (Virmani) Chadda said...

I agree with Harman. I too reside in US and was present when 9/11 occured. I have clear vision of that day in my mind as I was sitting in my English class and the entire school went totally bonkers. At the moment, I wasn't even aware of the 'twin towers' however, I realized the intensity of this attack when all international calls were tapped and I wasn't able to reach my family back home.
It is certainly a moment of celebration. And look at the irony... I was in NYC last weekend and got back on Sunday night only. If only I had stayed for another 5 hours, I couldn't seen the live coverage of Obama's speech at Times Square! Epic moment!

Writing Buddha said...

WOW. ;-)

Sumon said...

Nice blog. I am a muslim and want to share a hadis( Islamic history that turns into islamic law - sharia. ).
Hajrat Muhammad sm. did jihad ofcourse but almost all of them were actually self diffence. However, the story is like this.
One of Hajrot's follower was really crazy about jihad and liked jihad verymuch. Seeing this Hajrat tells his other followers that remember this person will go to Hell. The end of the story is that our crazy jihady comited suiside in a jihad.
The lesson is- 1. Do not be crazy about jihad and 2. Suisidal jihad is not allowed.
Alhamdulillah, islamic teachings are complete and perfect. You just need to know it from the right teacher.

Writing Buddha said...

wow. thanks Sumon for this beautiful message.

Anonymous said...


Writing Buddha said...

who's u buddy?

Writing Buddha said...

abbe chutiye jaa ke 400th blog padh le.. tere baap ko bhi nahi samjhega...logo ko samaz me aaye isliye hi easy language me likha hai.. g**nd me damm hai to naam likh tera. fir btata hu teri aukaat tujhe.

Writing Buddha said...

u r posting it with anonymous identity and I never accept anonymous postings. So kindly write your real name and then send anything. OK?

Writing Buddha said...

ye naam hai? tera poora naam likhne me tujhe sharam aa rhi hai kya?

Anu Lal said...

I appreciate your attitude. Terrorism is one of the serious threats humanity is dealing with at the present. You literally inspired me with your post. I think I am gonna write an article on terrorism, too. Well, I started a new blog "Sane Sight". I will let you know when I publish my article on terrorism. I appreciate if you would spare some time to go through the article.

And these anonymous comments are a real embarrassment too.

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