29 May 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Chennai in Yellow is not a Dirty Fellow !!!

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        Murali Vijay missing his century and scoring a wonderful 95 and helping Chennai by giving a Gayle-type-target to Bangalore helped Chennai set a target of 206 runs for Bangalore. It was a perfect FINALE of IPL 2011 from here. No team could have set such a big target on the day of Finale except Chennai or Bangalore. Once, it seemed like Chennai will touch 230+ but sudden comeback of Bangalore's bowlers and dropping some powerful batsmen helped them to keep the score little bit in their hands. Having Gayle with them had an advantage as he is the master of hitting SIXES. Even if he would have hit some 6 Sixes and left the ground after scoring some 40 to 50 odd runs, it would have helped other batsmen of Bangalore to chase those 206 Runs. Gayle came on strike and was caught by Dhoni behind stumps on the ball of Ashwin. More than Gayle, Ashwin was surprised that he managed to take the wicket of a Cricket Giant who is invincible and endless. No good bowler has still managed to stop Gayle at such an event. 

             At last, all the Bangalore batsmen lost their motivation and confidence with the departure of Gayle and the 20 overs ended with Bangalore making only 147-8. Murali Vijaya is awarded Man of the Match for this Finale Game and Ashwin is highly appreciated for taking that wicket of Gayle which assured the Trophy for the Chennai Super Kings. One thing which again came in limelight is Dhoni. Dhoni's captaincy is again in the news worldwide. Where the players like Sachin Tendulkar are accused of managing their team as worst as they can, Dhoni shows the ability of managing and handling even the worst 11 Cricket players of the world(if he is given). He is such a player that he can manage to bring out the best from all those 11 players and win the match with some exciting moments throughout. He knows when to change the batting line-up, when to change the fielding position and when to use the best bowler of his team. Chennai won the IPL last year too and they are the Champions again. Any word used to describe their excellence is far below par. Chennai won the last Champion League's too so lets expect them to beat this season too. 

             Now, as IPL has ended, Bollywood is ready to blast with READY itself on 3rd June. Many more exciting films coming in June and many Reality shows ready to be launched in next month or 2. All the Cricket fever has ended with World Cup 2011 and IPL 2011. Now the world is back to normalcy and the fans of Cricket has got the time to concentrate on their works rather than dying to know the scores. Some dickheads will not miss Chris Gayle's batting, Dhoni's captaincy, Malinga's bowling, Pollard's fielding but they will surely miss Shibani Dandekar's smile and Archana Vijaya's great figure. But I am sure that you will find these girls as Hosts and Anchors on the upcoming reality shows. I will really miss Navjot Singh Sidhu. His great dialogues and funny statements still makes me smile. His sentences like "Na tel na kadhai, banane chale mithai", "Dhool jo paani se mil jaaye kichad ban jaata hai par dhool jo hawa se mil jaaye aandhi le aata hai", "Naa Sarr pair aur haath aur lagaane chale  hain race ghodon ke saath" and many more one-liners. This man is a genius and his talent is unique. Learning and preparing something and then performing is easy but creating something spontaneously is awesome. I just respect this man. Yes, he speaks more than required but whatever, a good man is a good man. At least, he has a pure heart.

             So, at last, congratulations to all the Indians as a Indian Captain won the IPL and sone-pe-suhaaga -Our Indian Captain won. All the fans of Chennai who kept their loyalty with their team, a salute to all of you for showing this. And in the end, best wishes to me that I will be able to manage a ticket to watch Sachin Tendulkar's match in next IPL season. 



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hamaarethoughts.com said...

hi abhilash how r u? long tyme didnt see you ,nice to see your post!enjoying matches? ...hope all our favorites win..I had seen jus seen world cup ...no time here in US ..
enjoy buddy!

Vinayak said...

Last night, it was not an interested match. It became one-sided from the 4th ball of the 2nd innings so left the match from there. By the way, there are a few corrections. The bowler who got the wicket of Gayle is Ashwin, not Aravind. Another, RCB were not 147-7, they were 147-8.
Edit them. Congrats to Chennai for their fabulous victory.

Writing Buddha said...

I am fine mam. yaa, I am unable to post blogs bcoz of lack of ideas as Exams absorbed all the brain.. now getting my brain back.. hahaha

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks Vini, for correcting me..

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