22 February 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Can Indians be Egyptians?

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        In India, people keep cursing their superiors, bosses, leaders and all kind of executives who are heading the departments. Every Indian has problem with the person giving orders and the person whom you have to listen without any other options like ignoring him or abusing him. For Indians, abuse is like a mother-tongue and the language of respect is like an external talent which may or many not be known to them. When you have problems and issues with the authority, you should be 100% eligible and capable of grading them and asking them to be sincere and germane rather than being wicked and cruel. I remember how students in my school retaliated to the new principal - Mr Joshi when he started introducing modern forms of education in the school because people weren't so rich to grab all those cultures and buy all those resources required to implement those types of culture in their middle-class money.

              In India, there's a high range of corruption, poverty, scam, mehengaai but we the people of India have no other way to defend ourselves from these national issues. We have no solutions and remedies to these problems except cursing the government after buying milk for 30 rs/litre and filling the petrol in your bike for 60 rs/ litre. You can lodge a complain nowhere if a traffic constable catches you and asks for a 500 Rs note or a government employee asking for 1000 rs for attesting a stamp of his office or a senior officer. Why? Because we, ourselves built this type of society. If Google has been a site originated from India, you would have got so many errors because we are not so decent and formal to update the exact and appropriate information rather some nasty computer and internet users would have filled up wrong information everywhere so that no other person can benefit from a medium where the sources and information are available for free of cost.

             Recently, Egyptians revolted against their President - Hoshni Mubarak. Hoshni Mubarak was in power from last 30 years. When he came in charge as President of Egypt, he removed the post of Vice-President so that no other candidate will be standing with him in the election for the post of President. And he made a strategy which had such stringent rules for qualifying to stand in the election for the post of President that no person ever qualified those rules and points. This is how he made himself THE King of Egypt. As the years passed, the so-called-mehengaai, corruption and poverty mooted up and people felt harassed. They planned to go against him on Twitter and collaborated at Tahrir Square and kept protesting for next 18 days. Finally the power of Hoshni stepped down and people cried in excitement and happiness of being freed from the hands of catalyst who corrupted the nation in the duration of couple of years. This step of Egyptians bought a revolution all over the world and it became a role model for everyone. Now, people in China, Islamic-countries and India began to plan some revolution-based protest in their respective countries too. 

             But :- Can this type of protest stay in India? Can this protest work out for Indians? Will the people unite and work together against the Government and their bad leaders? There are many such questions which comes in my mind when I think of Egypt's protest. I hope everyone of you remember Bharat Bandh. It was leaded by BJP and it got a bad response from majority of Indians. Why? Because the whole economy got effected because of it and resulted in rise in taxes and growth in the rates of products and household materials. Even the purpose for which this protest was brought into existence wasn't accomplished. This negative result is just an Eye-Opener that we Indians aren't United in the way Egyptians were. We will have to work hard for getting united and one first and then we can raise our fingers on someone else. Today, we have several big and small parties which has divided India into different Regional and Religion groups. Mayawati is fighting for Dalits while Raj Thackeray is fighting for Marathi Manoos. Narendra Modi is fighting for Gujarat while Shashi Tharoor is initiating for Kerala. In this type of democracy where every individual has his own voice you can't develop a Universal Government which may favour every individual. India will remain as it is. India will always be governed by such parties where leaders will fill their pocket, sell the humans, kill the animals, cut the trees and spoil the world. 

               In my college, pupil keep cursing the management. The problem of the students is that our college is less like a college and more a School. Students don't want dress, they don't want I-Cards to be compulsory, they don't want strictness in 75% Attendance rule. They want to be free. They want to be democratic but the authority doesn't allow them to be. They want Fest Party to be organized with DJ Function but HOD is not agreeing for the same. Now, they plan to stand up to convince her. Is this possible? No. Reason :- Currently, DAYS are going on and less than half of the college is participating in it. When you can't enjoy the small celebrations provided by college how can you fight for big ones? This is what Real India is. You will find examples in your college itself, even in your society, even in your friend circle and even in your club or gym. 

             So, let's wish Indians a very good democracy ahead and let's wish Egypt a hearty congratulations for getting the power back from A New-born and gone Hitler - Hoshni Mubarak.



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Anonymous said...

hey abhilash i feel good to hear your thoughts on Indian mind set. I feel that politicians are doing these 4 their own sake so that they can keep safe their place. But what the elite group who says the are scholars and understand everything.
It's a big question 4 our youth generation?
How we took this?
India can be unit, one day.
You remember all started in egypt through social networking.
A mere start is needed in India too.

hamaarethoughts.com said...

very well written and explained..we need to stand up against corruption and inflation..power in the hands of a common man..Egypt is a very good example..we need to kick out these dirty politicians and bring inn some qualified..honest people and give them opportunity...its need hard work and honesty to build up good nations!
and for generations it would be example!

Priya said...

In India, we are addicted to one thing that is " chalta hai."
So who ever does what we just discuss and let go. Politicians are corrupt coz we are corrupt. can u name a single politician, whom u see as a future leader. We always curse the govt. but we forget that we are the govt. ourselves and we make the mistake when we choose our leader.
What do you think about Egypt now. Will it be freed from corruption and the people will live happily ever after...??
There will be a general election, another corrupt will come to power and everything will be same again and they'll remain silent for some decades to come.
I also want India change but how can we change the people who spit on the newly painted wall, how to stop the autowalas with faulty meter, how to stop people who don't pay tax, how to stop the people who don't want a bill , while purchasing something......??? (Think how many times u have come across such people.)

If we cannot change ourselves, how can we think of changing India...

@ Harmeet...
In recent times we had quite a number of qualified politicians who were found corrupted... Qualification doesn't add anything to human nature, especially in case of politicians.

hamaarethoughts.com said...

@priya..Well..Even anapdh janta wont help india..Dear!
..I am talking about modern india of our dreams where we bring in fresh thoughts at work and some really good qualified people...who have shown some good deeds in past!helped to uplift the society ..and have interest in country not in themselves!
there are many in india like that!!who would really help but we need people to bring them inn ...
Assumptions should be kept separate ...and a optimistic approach to nation...We dont need any gandhi legacy or any politician kids or their generations to rule the country...we need common man to get up and show the world what we can do!
my name is harman..Not harmeet!!

Priya said...

@ Harman...
Sorry for the name change...

Optimism is gud, but accepting our illusions as our optimistic approach is not gud. We all discuss only about a modern India of our dreams. But we need to come out of our dreams and get real. Can we change anything here...? Can you be a leader ..a politician..?? A person who can bring the changes to our world..??

A single person with these thoughts can only be a writer, a speaker and everyone will clap on his speech. But when that person tries to bring any change... everyone becomes his enemy.

Take the case of Baba Ramdev. He was organizing meetings and telling others about corrupted leaders and corruption in India. Now he has been questioned about his income and property.

Why to force others..? Why to wait for the rise of a common man...? Why don't you try it yourself. We all only shout. And when it comes on us, we give the same reason... (to escape or to adapt.)
I dn't say illiterate people will help India. I said educated people also forget their values when they get power.

hamaarethoughts.com said...

@ priya..
..Dear...Dreams are not illusions...Read the book "The Secret"those who follow their dreams reach their Goals..they have target set..they have a mind set..they strive for their goals ..Arguements..can serve nothing..!! you live in india..you take those Bull shits everyday!!eve- teasing, corruptions ,inflation.. and all other problems..you r used to it now..it doesnt matter to people living their..they get surprised by scams ..but everything is ok..after sometime..
I have spent ten years of my life in Mumbai..where you come frm.. and what crime is there!!...rulers like Bal thackrey..people bow their heads...even the Government....
A common man suffers..India is a laughing stock where corruption and inflation is concerned!rich is getting richer and poor is getting worse!
Everyday other day a Scam comes up? what did you or any other person did? Did ya help country??
From top to bottom ..india is corrupted..its starts from international Airport ..Delhi..
Baba Ramdev..more then yoga has philosophies..I am not great fan of him..
why does he need so many properties..to start with?
..We as Nri's...have and has helped a lot
...most of the indian community in US ..gives huge donations and has charitable institutions in India..Politician or voting is in hands of indian citizens... and Youth,Get up and help your country..try to bring people together..if that's what you are recommending..charity begins at home dear!!
India runs with money...might is in hands of wealthy people..
..Force?..its not force dear..its guts to come out bring down the dirty corrupted people...
See movie"who killed jessica"..Its shame ..on our leaders and police forces and law!!
The people accept corruption and think life is easy by paying few bucks!they are in that stream...
..I have been herein US for more then ten years..but nobody dared to ask for bribe...its clear..we have to work and give our best..at work..rewards are high and once found guilty ..for bribe or anything it jus no ifs and buts jus behind the bars..
Corruption at higher level is there..But then always people who are caught are given hard time..so that its an example to others!
I hope I have explained myself..

Priya said...

@ Harman
I know following your dream makes you achieve your goal. But it's really easy to say all these that u have mentioned and when it comes to real life everyone escapes.
Bal Thakrey is a leader of common man and the common man suffers becoz of him only. Now that he's powerful, he uses the common man and they now have no choice.So, it's fault of who's??

Throwing some amount of money as donation will not save India or will not cure poverty. And you NRIs only laugh at India. But we Cannot. Becoz we are living with it everyday. I want to change my world. But it is not possible for a singe person.
I also know how much contribution I can do to the society and I'm proud that I'm doing my bit. But I know this will not change our India. There are 100 crores more who have to contribute their bit and also NRIs(Including you)who give their mind and energy to the western counties and dream about the change in India.
Movies do showcase how corrupted India is, they question the politicians and you'll find a lot of politicians at the premier of the movie.This movie was about one girl. There are millions who suffer daily and your donations won't help them.
In US you are proud that you don't need to pay bribe but the same people don't hesitate to do the same even accept bribe when they are here.

When I was returning from Malaysia last time,some people from India were discussing about the cleanliness and hospitality there and the same people started spitting on the roads as soon as they landed here.
We Indians adapt good things when we are out of country, but we cannot practice the same in our country.
So, it is inside us. Inside everyone, whether they want any change or not they have to decide.Movies and books do inspire us, but when you face the situation, you transform.

Ryan Davis Edward Jr. said...

before even reading through i'll comment -

No. Indians cannot be anything but Indians. The most unique of races or rather mixture of races ever.

Writing Buddha said...


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