13 February 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Indians Are Damn Serious About Valentine's Day !!!

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        A deep depression, a deep pain, a period of melancholy and rolls of tears can stop if you get your ideal partner. Tomorrow is Valentine's day and all the youngsters who are single and always dream about someone will try to grab the heart of that lovely person as soon as possible. Some may be lucky enough to get a proposal from the same person they dream of. Some may be over-lucky who may receive more than 1 proposal and that too from someone beautiful/handsome they would have never thought of being with because of an inferiority complex. While some youngsters like me will be unlucky  who'll not get any proposals as always and will be unable to express their heart out to someone they love or care the most about. For the people like me, Valentine's Day is just a day when you feel depressed, lonely, incomplete, sad, worst and under-confident. 

             For some people, Valentine's day work out as a day of the greatest and quality moment of their life which they can never forget. I remember a Valentine's Day when I had a Phone Sex with my partner. For the whole night we kept intimating through messages and when we woke up next morning we realized that we crossed all our limits and we felt ashamed of all the talks we went into last night. But today when the girl is not with me I feel that night was the most wonderful moment of our affair. Some couples would have planned for an outing tomorrow. Many would have decided to bunk the lectures and take their partner to a place they have never been to. Some would have planned a surprise for their partner while some would have purchased a beautiful gift or the most favorite thing of their partner to present them on the Valentine's Day. You can say that Valentine's Day is a Karwachauth for the unmarried people.

             In India, people are emotional and sensitive and thus the value and respect of Love in India is exorbitant. People respect their partner more than their parents. They are even brisk to leave their parents if they'll not agree to accept the partner they have decided to live with. Some are so concerned and heuristic that they are ready to hang themselves if their partner would leave him/her. In India, when the days are introduced like Valentine's Day or Lover's Day, the person gets deep into it to do whatever possible from their side for their partner. I remember one of my friend who try to commit suicide once in a year because some or the other mishap takes place between him ad his girlfriend. I just can't understand what makes a person to get involved with someone in such a way. I remember the day when my last Girl-friend told me that its enough that you and me are together and its the time to apart ourselves. I was shocked, I started crying, I started requesting but it was of no use because she planned something else and she was stuck to it. It took just 2 to 3 days for me to come back on the real smooth and non-erratic track of my life. But, we Indians are still emotional. Even today when I see her eyes, I remember all those intimacy and love we had with each other. I remember the walks with her, I remember our arms spread on each other, I remember her hairs and my hands on them, I remember her head and my shoulders on which it used to rest, I remember her lips which used to speak and my heart which used to jump in love. This is how we Indians are when the story is concerned about Love and Lovers.

               We Indians remember each and every moment of Love. We remember the date when we saw the partner for the first time, when we chatted with our partner for the first time, when we proposed the partner, when we went to the date for the first time, when we held the hand for the first time, when we kissed for the first time and the index of date goes on. Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and its nothing special for me. I have no girl who love me, I have no girl in my mind whom I love, I have no girl in my life whom I think would be wonderful to be my partner. So tomorrow is the day when I will try to introduce a new couple in this world. I will try to help any of my friend who'll approach me to link him with a girl and the same with any of my girl - friend wishing to get acknowledged with a guy. Its a wonderful thing to bring two people together who wants to but can't because of some limits and confines. 

                On this Valentine's Day, I wish everyone a very Best of Luck who is daring to open their heart out to the person they love enormously. I wish everyone of those who have planned a wonderful outing or a date with their partner. I wish everyone of them who have purchased a gift that their partner would love it. And I wish myself the best of the best luck that a beautiful girl proposes and ask me," Would you love to be my Valentine?" . So once again and for the last time, A Very Very Happy Valentine's Day to all !!!



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have a good time with your friends...not necessarily gf only...
tc..chill and cheer up!

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hi Abhilash I am reading your blog regulary but toady i found that I am not following your bog.
You have got a new follower for your blog.

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