20 February 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Loser, Winner and Runner-Up in just 1 Week !!!

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        To all my friends who think that I have lost the passion for writing and blogging, let me inform you that its not about running away from the life I love or your expectations, its about some responsibilities and incomplete tasks which are to be completed and accomplished in this very moment. Last days have been wonderful days for me. Many Ups and Downs and finally I am on the track where I can say that I have revived and recharged myself. Revital of any kind of power and force in you drives you straight in a safe zone from where you can try more things and fortunately, if you are lucky, you can grab more opportunities and be a winner. Recently, my result of Sem 3 was declared which moved me. It didn't moved me because I made a lot of effort and everything went in vain but I was moved that sometimes even God may act to be strict and stringent and can show you that he is not the one who is always with you even when you are not dedicated and heuristic for certain activities which are going to build up your life in future. Result was bad and I am short by 3% from my target score. I hope I'll manage to recover in the next exam but the chances are very rare as there are many more things coming up in between. Let's see, what way has God decided for me to lead.

             We had Traditional Day in our college on 15th Feb and it was damn hard for me to think about anything on 14th Feb about what to be tomorrow after the result on the same day. However, with the help of neighbors- Mr. and Mrs. Goswami I adorned the look of Bengali the next day. As the function says, I should have smiled and have had fun on the day but I didn't showed any excitement because of the result but still I was enthusiastic for the Final performance where it was to be decided that who will be the winner of Traditional Day. I gave my introduction in Bengali as follow," Aamhi aajkech anushthan Paschim Bengal Bengalisaaje Aapnatech saamne uprostit hoechich. Bengalij prosaak pradhaan dhoti evam punjabi puraysaychi. Bengalij rusool rosogulla, misthi dhove evam sandesh. And there's a wonderful saying in West Bengal - Boeshey Dhaara Aanand Bohoney which means that Yahaan pe khushi ka Mohol hai. Dhanyawaad !" Teacher were impressed after this and I was selected in the next round where I was asked some questions and I tried to answer them wittily. Finally I won the Traditional Day. I am the 1st person in my college to win the same competition for two times in the series. Thanks to all the people who help me to be successful.
I'm in Bengali attire

Its Tushar touching my feet as Im Dada
Its Prasad with me

Its Yusuf in Islamic attire with me

                On the day of result i.e. 14th February, while returning to home, a Media person caught me and asked me to give an interview with respect to the coming World Cup. I was damn shocked and in a nervous mode, I gave the interview. Please watch it here.

                On 16th Feb, I participated in Tie Day where I didn't won but teacher complimented my Tie par uska kuch faayda nahi hai na. ;-)

Its me on Tie Day.
I and Yusuf

Sohail, I, Saquib & Yusuf

Hahaha. Its Me.

                Today, on 19th February, we had Cricket Match in our college. My friends insistingly included my name in the team and I came to play without any excitement and craze to be an active member of the team. But as soon as we started playing, a feel of winning and holding the trophy with my team started developing and I started concentrating on the game. We had 3 matches out of which we lost Finals. But we aren't sad because the two wins before this loss was damn damn important as last year my class lost the first round itself. So finally, I'll achieve a certificate for being a player in the Runner-Up team as well with the certificate of the Winner of Traditional Day. Thanks to all the friends who compelled me to be present today and play the match but mind you all, my body is literally paining. Send some girls for massage. Yaa. The best part about today's match which I'll appreciate were the girls of my class. I always like them but I liked their attitude towards the match and our team. They were present today on Saturday just to cheer our team. Wow. What a dedication and support. Love you girls. Don't mind and take the word LOVE too seriously. It's just because you showed the concern for our team.

Our cricket team - BCA Sem-4

Its Sohail in 1977 T-Shirt with me ;-)

                 So, a lot happened this week and I hope the coming week will give some more exclamations to my life. I just want my parents to be happy with whatever I am doing and I am sure that I'll do my best in whatever field I'll step into. Now, leaving you all with a happy note of our Indian Cricket team winning the very first match of the World Cup 2011. Sehwag did wonder with his mind-blowing 175. For a moment, I really felt that he will surpass the score of Sachin's 200* but whatever he did was a Game of Superstar. Kohli's 100 was also damn surprising, Munaf Patel bowled like a God while Sachin Tendulkar disappointed all. God is not working. He should play like before rather than getting pressurized because of the tag - GOD. 

            Bye for now and praying for the happy life of everyone.



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