12 December 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

SAVE OUR TIGERS - I Donated My Contribution !!!

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        Hello friends !!! I am not back to blogging as you may have thought by seeing a new update on my blog. I am just here to tell everyone that NDTV has launched a campaign named TELETHON where we can contribute to Save Our Tigers. I have contributed my part and I am sure that my contribution will bring a lot of effect in the world to save Tigers. You can start your donation from just 1 rs and there is no limit to the Donation. You can donate as much as you want. The proof of my donation is here - 

Hurray !!! My Donation was Successful. And Yours???

         So, my request to everyone is - Log in to NDTV TIGER and donate whatever is possible from your side. I didn't knew about this campaign but I came to know in the morning when I saw Amitabh Bachchan's presence on NDTV news channel. I thought that I can break my oath of blogging during exam time and aware everyone of you to contribute so that you don't guilt later that you didn't got the opportunity to save our Tigers. 

             So, friends, please contribute for Tigers even if its 1 rupee. Now I am leaving. Best of luck to all of you. Hope you will share your contribution. Till now NDTV has already collected more than 3 Crore rupees. Help them to collect more.



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hamaarethoughts.com said...

good..Job ..I will check that out to...
a small help can make wonders!

Writing Buddha said...

thanks madam and i would recommend u to do this fast. Its interesting and so satisfying.

Alka Gurha said...

Great stop by, your blog.

And even better is the fact that young people like you are creating awareness about important issues.
Keep up the good work!

Writing Buddha said...

thank u mam. I m not only creating awareness but i m contributing too.

Anonymous said...

I think this campaign is just another scam. I don't understand how contribution in terms of money is going to save those tigers. Will they give birth to more cubs? We need to understand that we have ruined their surroundings over a period of time. It will takes us decades to rebuild their habitat. God knows how many will be left till then. The ones who are interested in saving tigers should also check out Aircel save tigers campaign. They claimed there are some 1400 odd tigers where the actual number are even more shocking. Do you know there are only 900 tigers left? I want to ask them how many tigers they have saved? Don't do CSR for the heck of if. Show us the numbers. Marketing is a sewage pipe. They believe people have small memories.. and they won't remember things once its done. But they are gonna fall in trouble wen somebody will wake up. My one rupee will not save our priceless tiger.It wil only fill some pockets nothing else. I too am in grief tht no matter how much we try we are going to lose our national animal. never fall for these gimmicks. Think about it

Writing Buddha said...

I respect your views buddy but 1 thing is that if 1 rs can be fruitful for the tigers why not give them? Even if its not used for the cause they have asked us to donate in.. Lets consider it as daan because God is seeing and he will balance everything... And how this rupees are going to be utilized is mentioned by Amitabh Bachchan in his tweets wich was quite clear and pelucid. Also on his blogs. som,e sentences of that blog are here -

Back in Mumbai and home, but the heart and mind still wandering in the forests of Pench and among the excitement of the campaign for Save Our Tiger. So much to learn and get knowledge of during this short stay. I went into this venture as another celebrity endorsing another cause, much like what we do in so many others, but have come away deeply involved and concerned for the plight of the tiger, our national animal. There were so many facets that we were so unaware of, so many little pieces of information, the simplicity of the campaign and how little it takes to do just that much in order that this magnificent animal can survive. And to think that the most pertinent and simple and revealing aspect of the tiger came about from the lips of a little kid in one of the several sites that were functional during this marathon telethon. He said, or was it a she, that the tiger is like an umbrella under the shade of which grow survive and develop several other aspects of life and nature.

The tiger when protected will live in the forests. The forests will survive and so will the trees and the flora and fauna. Apart from the mountainous terrains of the country and in particular the Himalayas which from the source of rivers, it is the forests that become the origine of rivers in the country. It is the forest that soaks in all the rain water and then eventually becomes the reservoir for the water which forms the rivers. Forests become the reason and cause for the rain because of their emissions. Protection of the environment makes for healthy nature existence and then follow a series of other benefits for our daily livelihood.

Now alarmingly only 1411 tigers left in the country, when during the turn the the century there were 40,000. The world population of the tiger is now about 3-4000, so that makes a quarter of the world tiger population existing in India alone, and hence the importance of doing everything we can to protect them.

What was urgently needed was Rapid Response Teams to facilitate emergencies in the jungle, which can go a long way to protect the animal. Our RRT ’s are so ill equipped that it was a shame to see them on foot in the forests, with just a stick and their courage to help in protecting the tiger from its enemies and itself. Each reserve in the country and there are several needed at least 2 RRT’s and the funding of RRT was approximately 14 lakh rupees.

nikhimenon said...

ruhela, i invite yu to read this post.http://nikhimenon.blogspot.com/2010/12/nbs-film-awards-2010-part-1.html and ur valuable opinion abt it..

btw the save tiger campaign,me too think that ths s just another scam.may be ndtv wants to save their reputation which has taken a beating following the radia tape controversy

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