23 December 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

End of Semester - 12th July, 2010 to 22nd December, 2010 !!!

            358th BLOG -->>

         I don't know how to start. I can't understand what to write right now. It has been last 15 to 20 days since I posted my last Blog Post. As all of you know that I took a break from blogging for few days because of my exams which ended yesterday itself, What do you all think about my performance in the exams? It is terrible. This is the worst semester I have given out all the three till now. Now you may ask what benefit you gained by quitting blog and why didn't this helped. Actually, I stopped blogging therefore I have a little chance to pass. Haha. Lets not talk about this deadly issue right now. I know the result is going to surprise me and my parents as it will be a sorrowful one. I will not talk about this exam more on my blog because it will bore you and tremble my inner peace. I would have scored nicely but some good friends who promised to help me in the exam refused to co-operate in the exam hall because of which I suffered badly.

                I missed blogging a lot. Blogging is an activity where I get to communicate with strangers and I come to know their thought about my writings and my thoughts. Till now, I have understood that people love my thoughts a lot but they have a lot of complaints and grievance related to my writing skills. Don't worry, it will improve with time. Salman Khan was a bad actor but recently he won the Best Actor Award after 22 years. So it takes time to sharpen the strength and potential you have in yourself. Few authors came in contact too. Last night, I woke up for so long just to read all the blogs which were pending to read because of exam. I read all of them and posted my comment on every post I read. It may be 55 or something. I think this is the worst period of my blogging career as I have written rare blogs in this month which will effect my blog's result of December. But I am not concentrating on that. The bigger issue is that the people who love reading my blogs don't run away to see my lack in interest of blogging. This month has been terrible as exams and blogs - both were down in performances. No problem. New Year is coming. New Potentials will rise soon.

                Now talking about the last 6 months of my Sem 3 of Graduation, it was too long and too complicated. This is the first time I felt that college is interminable. I wanted it to end soon as I had so many plans for my vacations but now they have compressed the period of vacation and college is reopening on 16th January,2011. It is so short and unenthusiastic. All the plans went into flush water. This semester has not been so zealous as there were no curriculum activities involved. Only lectures and practicals. Nothing else was conducted which would have given me an opportunity to perform and try something new. Fresher party was canceled and nothing else was planned. One thing excited us in the initial month of the semester. That was the welcoming of the new juniors. We were excited for having a glance of new girls and yaa I liked one of them. She is very fair and very beautiful with all the simplicities in her attitude and ascent. I just like her like anything but I don't have the feeling of love otherwise she would have been mine. Over-confidence ho gaya. Sorry. Haha.

                But one opportunity I did got and that was the one which I tried for the first time in my life and I always wanted to - Hosting. The Orientation Programme was conducted for the first time in our college for BBA and BCA Freshers and I was selected as the host. I enjoyed hosting. Ya I also had a bad experience with the partner but my performance was smug. I think this is the only new thing I performed in the semester 3. Now, talking about the presentations I gave in the second half of 3rd semester, this is the only thing where I can be appreciated. In Computer Architecture, I gave the solo presentation where 3/4th of the class was rejected and I was merited in the Best Presentation where only 2 students were named. In Database, we had to submit the files on the topic given to us in our style with a specified format where I was vindicated again in the best submission where 5 students were named. In Human Resource Management, we were assigned Group Presentation where I was the Group Leader and my group got the Highest marks in the class and I scored second highest individually. I put a lot of efforts with my group members to make this presentation successful and yes I achieved it. So in all you can say that my semester was good accept the exams. ;-)

               I am happy that I have friends in my class except few who are very irritating while some are too good that you don't want to leave them. Let me name some of them here.

Yusuf - I have no words to define you man. Your love for me is insurmountable. Thanks.
Vandana and Prema - for proving that I can maintain girls as my friends. ;-)
Prashant, Saquib and Arya - for being partners to hang out at Inorbit whenever I went there.
Sulkshana - No one can match you and your sense of humor. I am a big fan.
Gaurav Save - your creative messages rocked and again you rocked as a Defaulter.
Umera - for getting married and showing that you are different and can't be predicted.
Samadhan and Sohail Shaikh for adding some humor in class.
Tushar, Prasad and Vivek for being kind and neutral always.
Archana, Vrushali and Swati for being silent and being someone in class who is not into politics.
Siddhesh- for helping me in the final exam.

              These are the classmates I can talk about. The name which are not mentioned here has nothing to do with me and my life. They are no one for me. 

              So friends, now as I have returned to blogging, I will talk about all the issues and scams which I missed because of the exams. So, lets connect and bring the change.


ABHILASH RUHELA - VEERU - Back to blogging.     

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Blognostic said...

I sometimes miss my college days but not my college. :)

nikhimenon said...

evrything will be okay my dear friend..keep blogging...

hamaarethoughts.com said...

YAY!! you r back with a bang...so hilarious the content you have come up with!!..we hope to see you with flying colors..it appears to me you r very naughty and talkative from your posts..
we were missing your blogs..
thanks for reading my blogs and spending you precious time during exams and commenting on them ..I am honored..
Happy holidays!!

Writing Buddha said...

Blognostic, hahaha.... loved ur statement..

Writing Buddha said...

Yaa Nikhil.... Thanks

Writing Buddha said...

Thank U Harman mam.. I am happy that u felt that I am back with a bang I thought I am back with no bang.. haha... And yes u have guessed right.. I am very naughty. hope 2 meet u once when u'll come to India and mainly to Mumbai. it will be enjoyable.

And yes.. I love your simplicity and Indianness even after living in foreign... so i read ur blog while exams too.. Thanks..

Kul Bhushan Garg said...

Exams, are always boring,bring lot of tension but they r a necessary evil.OK,relax now & keep writing.My best wishes.

Writing Buddha said...

Yaa sir... keep supporting

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