1 December 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

The Beginning Of The End - 1st December, 2010 !!!

            353rd BLOG -->>

        So 31 days left to reach the provenance. Its 1st December today - The Beginning of the End. The last month of the Western Calendar and the only month which will decide how your year ended like. If you were happy and satisfied with your year till now, this 31 days can ruin them or if you were sad and unhappy with the response you got in the last 11 months, this 31 days can wipe them off with good news and wonderful plaudits. It is already a statement : All is well that ends well. You just need snifters to bring out the vicissitudes. Rather than switching into frazzling state, you can do something pragmatical. Two months are very exciting for me. One is October while the second one is December. October is crucial because I have my birthday in the same month and thus I don't want to spoil the constancy of this month. December has been important because it gives me a sudden apparition to show my good parts. I just love exploring my life and open some chapters which are meant to be divulged a little later. But whats the problem in deciphering out the current and future situations. Its interesting to nexus both the tenses - Present and Future.

             Last year, in 2009, when I wrote the same kind of post on 1st December, it was my 106th Blog and now after 365 days, its 353rd Blog. This is how fast the life moves and you don't realize the speed and velocity of time. The absurd situations overcome the innocuous one. December will help you to grow up as a person and bring out the change in your life in just a single year. 2010- Let this year be whatever it was in the 11 former months, 12th month is sitting as an authority, try to be in its kingdom and win the tag of best citizen. The things you were ardent of in the start of the year but due to unplanned calendar and dally attitude, you didn't completed it yet, make this 31 days an opportunity to overcome all the failures of 11 months. Its the time to get up and make the year 2010 wonderful. 2 0 1 0 - this combination of number seems to be a confraternity and brethren, so your activities and targets should also collaborate with special kind of things which will make a pile of satisfaction and happiness in your heart and soul.

             There would be a person in your life sometime back to whom you would have promised to live years and years together but due to some misapprehensions, you are apart and little schmaltz because of that. Go to that person, say Sorry as it doesn't make you a small human being, get together and show the world that what you promise you perform and complete. Any raffish comment or statement made by you in public or for someone, go and apologize as it may clear some views which some people would have fixed for you. If you ever felt that you had some problem with your good friend, go to him and ask for the solution to your mysterious questions and thus end all your confusions in this month. This will help you to avoid all the angst and fury you had against that friend and you will live a wonderful, amicable and friendly life ahead. This will not only make your 2010 bizarre but it will also enhance the power of 2011. It will take a good start. Just try and see.

             The best thing you can do in December is - Start rehearsing for your New Year Resolution from now onwards. If you have some NYR, start following it from this month itself. This will help you to follow it regularly from 1st January, 2011. Robin Sharma, Leadership Guru has written in his books that it takes 21 days for a habit to take a permanent place in your routine and regimen. If you don't do a thing or activity for 21 days incessantly, it will never become the part of your regimen. I have tried it and I have found the change in me. Many things has been added in my regimen. This makes my days successful. So, your NYR will also take 21 days to be the part of your precedural programming of your body. So start executing it from now so that 2011 takes a salubrious and perfect start. My best wishes is with all of you. I will mention all my achievements and failures of 2010 in the last of this year. Its my exam in December and hence I hope that it will make my 2010 a wonderful year rather than spoiling all my mood to celebrate new year and head forward to 2011. Lets Hope the best. Hope Hope Hope !!!



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Kul Bhushan Garg said...

Yes,the last month of an eventful year begins today.The year saw many scams,degradation of human values,rampant corruption all around etc.But some good things too,such as successful CWG ,new hope for democratic values--Bihar election results etc, u r right that one may improve the quality of one's life by resolving fresh initiatives.In fact we must take lessons from our past & then decide our future course of action.
Thanks for good reporting.keep it up !!

Writing Buddha said...

Yaa.... and i didnt wanted to talk abt the national issue in this blogabt scams.. it is all abt our personal achievements.

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