31 October 2009 | By: Writing Buddha

Worst Performance Ever- Indira Ji- Bigg Boss !!!

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        Finally, Maths internal test was held today...from 10 AM to 11:30 AM..I wasn't prepared as I told you yesterday itself. I wantedto sit today near Yusuf or Prema as I know that both of them are expertized in this subject and I would have got help from them but Sameer said me on the way to college that He knows everything in Maths and He isn't afraid of the subject..As soon as we entered the Hall , He said Abhilash come and sit infront of me..I sat with a huge expectations and Hope..But after all the sittng arrangement was over, I saw that everyone near to my  bench were of the same category of which I was the master..Behind me Sameer, Infront of me Sohail, besides Arya and Tushar..All the expectations ruined up and after we got paper..We all were talking to each other and there was the series of jokes passing over again and again..Finally I came into the conclusion that I'm failed in the internals and as per my image infront of madam, she came and stood just infront of my bench and made me more hopeless...Finally I copied a Two-Marks answer and that was enough for my performance in Maths..This subject has always blowed off my confidence and a will to study and the same happened today..Its good and well that My Maths exam is at the last day..otherwise if it would have been at the earliest , I would have repeated the same gaff in all the upcoming papers after this..After the paper we all went to madam and sir for a request of re-exam and Yes we got the positive reply..Now we will have to give the exam again on this Wednesday..But I know that Im not going to do any felicitating job even the next time..I just have a question in my mind to ask GOD..You have blessed me with so much talents and beautiful character and personality..Why have you taken the power of logic which I have to apply in Maths..It is stipulate and indispensable in every course..I cannot run from this subject..and nor this subject going to leave me..Hey GOD.. I dont want to get ATKT in this very first exam..My will and power will break if I fail in this first exam..Bcoz Right now the Image which Im possessing doesnt suit ATKT..So just please keep this term away from my whole career..

              On the day of 31st October,1984 Our very first Female Prime Minister-Indira Gandhiji was assassinated..Her death brought ruffleness all over the nation..She was the first one in the series of Ministers who thought of Youths and their development and augmentation and proliferation..She needed no Solidarity..Because this is needed to the people who aren't right in their heart..The person who is right in his heart is exposed infront of the people in the right attitude only and not the one which decreaments his or her personality..After Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi continued the same thing and then Now-a-days Rahul Gandhi is lifting the youths higher and higher...He is growing up the IT sector of India..Congress is successful today just because of Nehru family's dedication and succession..There was a time when Mughal ruled Britishers Ruled, But now is the time when Nehru Family is ruling and their way of ruling is loved by everyone...thus they are winning incessantly from 2 years in the elections..and I have a faith in this party that they will be there in the authority for a long time..decades +++++........

             Sherlyn got voted out of BIGG BOSS and the reason her roommates gave her was really disgusting and appal..How can be they so insensible to say that We didn't got nobody to nominate so We nominated you..The girl kept weeping when she was hearing the reasons...She was reallysnubbed in today's episode..Now as she is out...Bigg Boss will take a turn right from the next nominations because according to my predictions Vindu is going to be voted again and the other name will really carry of the frustrations of the celebrities...Waiting for a good show to come out of all this politics and game..Watching Bigg Boss doesn't means only Entertainment..It means Learning , getting educated..It teaches us the values and ideas which we never get to learn and understand..Here everything goes practical and we lean them watching everyday how people react, retaliate and how they get trapped into repercussions...

                Thanx for reading my worst performance in my Internal exam , Some information about Gandhi Family and Latest news of Bigg Boss..


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W!LSH!RE said...

I wanted to let you know that I'm getting busier day by day. So it may not be possible for me to read your blogs daily and comment on it. Let me be frank with you; This blog was not up to the mark. It did not have that calibre that I was expecting. But there are up's and down's too. So just consider this as your 'down'. Hopefully you'll get something special to write for your other blogs coming up.

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