13 October 2009 | By: Writing Buddha

Please Comment Friends !!!

            Kal ka blog maine bahut hi saaf dil se likha tha...Yusuf ka naam liya tha maine..Isliye aaj jaise hi usne blog padha usne call kiya..I want to clear it Yusuf right here...mere kehney ka matlab ye nahi tha ki tumhe chchod ke un 8 ke saath dosti nibhaani hai aur tumhare saath nahi..tum galat samjhey..Mere kehney ka matlab ye thaa ki It is difficult to take Panga with 8 friends who are not close...I can talk to you later and solve the misunderstanding..You understand me and you know me...So Im confident that you will not leave me..So I took that step..at that very time..Sorry brother...My yesterday's blog wasnt intentionally written to hurt you...Im apologizing..

             There are many who read my blogs and leave them without really commenting on it...They comment on my face and thats really terrible to accept them...because mostly when people comment on my face..The comments are negative...and when they read the blog and immediately when they write the comments...it is something which is easy to accept even when its a negative comment..

             Today again I received a notification from Google that my blogs were visited for 350 times in a week.Aur jyaada khushi hoti agar yeh pata chalta ki 350 alag alag logo ne mera blog padhaa hai...par chalo koi bhi cheez sahi samay pe hi milti hain...jyaada laalach bhi buri hain...pata chala jitney padh rahe hain unhone bhi chchod diya...Bahut bura hoga us din..Ki main itney mann se likhta hu aur log bolte hain ye toh chutiya hai...isko koi kaam dhandhaa toh hai nahi..hum kyaa faaltu hai jo padhtey rahein roz ka roz..aur agar aise hi bol bol ke logo ne chchod diya padhna..toh meri kya aukaat reh jaayegi...kahaan jaaaunga main..mera toh bathroom bhi is jagah bana huaa hai jahaan rounga toh uparr waaley aur neechey waale sun lenge..aur fir ghar mein aake maa baapu se poochengey ki ..tumhaaara beta...bathroom mein hagta mootta hai ya fir rota hai...ye toh bahut hi jyaada bura ho jaayega...Zindagi bharr yahaan hi rehna hai..aur yahaan waalo ko agar pata chalaa ki main rota hu...bathroom me to kya mooh dikhaaunga..aur wo bhi agar ye pata chala ki iska blog koi padh nahi raha hai..toh kitna mazaak udegaa mera...isliye mere pyaarey doston...please mera blog padhtey rahiyega..aur aap log Wilshire se kuch sikhiye naa wo roz comment bhi akrta hai mere blog mein...usko maine badaa bhaai bhi maan liya hai is wajh se..aaapko bhi banaa lunga kuch na kuch...kaka..mama..hahaha.....aur Yusuf sahab..aap saamne comment karne ke bajaay yahaan hi kar diya karein..site pe..toh mujhe bhi excitement rahegi padhney ki....Jaise aap interested rehtey ho roz ye padhney ke liye ki maine aaj kya pakaya hai..aise hi mujhe bhi toh excitement rehti hogi na ye padhne ki ki aapne mujhe kya suggestions diye hain...Toh umeed karta hu ki aaj se aap log mujhe comment karenge....fir ek din google waaley ye bhi message bhejenge ki bhaisahaab aapko itney logo ne comment kiya...I love you all....Muaah...for reading my blogs on the daily basis...this Muaah is not for the girls who are engaged and committed..and the single ones who are reading this with their brothers...Hahaha...Sorry Im getting little personal...ufff....Im stopping now..nahi toh aaaj is blog ki saari hadein paar ho jaaayegi...

        Thanx for reading...


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W!LSH!RE said...

arre yaar!! tu bhi mere jaise PJ's marta hai kya?!!
I visit your blogs 3-4 times daily..
and I always try to comment on some topic or the other. but mostly it is difficult to comment because you start the discussion and end it as well.!! It is not easy to say anything then..
I hope you get what I want to say..
Hey bhai!!
And don't worry, I'm sure that one day you will reach a fan base of 1000 people..!!
it will take some time but it will definitely happen..
Yesterday I remembered this while travelling in a bus:
Do you remember all of us had gone for a camp in Pali? and there you tore off a poster of Shahrukh Khan?!? So do you still have that poster with you??

Abhilash Ruhela said...

no bhaai i didnt got what u were trying to say in the first para....please clear it to me....and wilshire there are many of my frnds who say that it looks like this is the blog of both of us....bcoz...even u post ur thinking and thought regularly on this blog...ill try to do sumthing so dat even u can post on my blog...and both of us can share our thought on this blog itself...and hope dat..iske baad...u'll not think of creating ur personal blog...wats ur saying???

sopan said...

Yea Dear!!! Its nice to read ur blog daily!!!!!

Abhilash Ruhela said...

And its also a great experience to comply with ur comments daily...

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