11 October 2009 | By: Writing Buddha

Mother's Love & Big B's Birthday !!!

            Love is always there for the festivals.Its not an infatuation.Its really something which comes from within...Beneath the body there is always a love for the festivals.The way we are excited for our birthday or New Year the same condition is when your festival comes near to celebration.Diwali is near..and so is my heart getting sweeter and sweeter with its feeling day by day..Today I shared a big hand in the cleaning of the house.I just wanted to help my mother today..She is very hard working.Im talking about the festival which is 6 days far.Now, i'll talk about the festival which me and my mother celebrated today..Today was the festival of होई अष्टमी ...Hoyi Ashtmi..a festival when mother keeps fast for the happiness and long life for her Son.Im the only child of my mumma. and so her love for me is speechless.She loves me unconditionally and beyond the limits. I can vociferate infront of the world that my mumma is the dearest person to me..Even infront of my father.. there was a time in my life when I hated my father a lot and i was living there with him just because he (was)is the husband of my mumma..and he is the biggest part of my mother's life..That was the time when I wanted to retaliate to every cruel word of my father and disrespect him on his every sentence..But I heard every hateful word from his mouth for me and kept quiet just bcoz he is the husband of my mother..It is really a big task to divulge this kind of condition in which Im infront of all of you..Adjacent to me right now is just a fear that what will you all think about me..But there is a time in every boy's life when he hates his father the most in his life.

             Now lets stop this topic right now.I'll talk about this later when it will be needed to tell you all about my past.I'll share everything on this blog..Even the worst condition in which I was...But not right now..Bcoz I want to make this blog happy and gayful.My mother kept a fast for me and her love was seen right from the dawn..Now this is not the condition that rest of the day her love is missing but today her love was seen to be something articulate..It was distinct..She loved me..hugged me..kissed me..played with me for a while like a small child..shared the talks of my childhood..Mimicced the expression and my activities which I used to do in my childhood..This lady has done a lot for me.For the two years I disrespected my mother a lot..but she was there just with the tears in her eyes..Her mind was just in the research and analysis that why my child is going far away from me..But what was happening with me , why I was disrespecting her .. I dont know..I was not conscious of the attitude i was trying to show her..I respect and love my mother a lot..There was a time when I always used to take the name of my mother infront of every friend..My talks always consisted the name of my mother...My mother always had been hard-working..a women without any gray shade in her mind for anybody who is kindful with her...Today I shared quality time with my mother..In the evening..following the traditions my mother saw the stars in the sky..on Karwachauth moons are awaited for..and on the hoyi ashtami..stars are awaited for..that means child is a twinkling star..equivalent to that..wow...Am I so sweet and lovely for my mother...Thank god for giving me such a mother..There's not many mother who keeps this fasting and thus theres no news of this festival on news channels..and my mother keeps it for me is the biggest happiness..You always feel aired when you come to know that theres some one on the earth whose life is just for you...who doesnt care about anything else much then you...and my mother has always showed this affection to me..and Im dedicating my whole life to her..it was always dedicated to her...but today is the first time I'm declaring on the blog's post so Im saying as I have started just right now..

          One more festival was celebrated today all over the nation...this festival is celebrated by the people of all the castes...you would be thinking how is this possible in this diversed culture of India...But yes ..this festival does it possible..The name of Festival -It was the birthday of Mr. Bachchan..Amitabh Bachchan ..Megastar of India...Star of the Millennium...theres a lot of name given to this great personality..He turned 67 years old today...Im waiting for his blog...what is he going to write today..will it be something special on his today's blog...Just waiting for it..But this festival was celebrated very passionately all over India..Every Media channels showed his famous dialogues on their special shows..every news papers had their section describing the success and definition of Amitabh Bachchan..I respect this man a lot...I love him...and I owe my personality developement in the recent years to him..I always try to be like him..I know that Im not even 1% of Mr. Bachchan but I want to be like him...Hahaha..laugh people laugh...Even Im laughing on this statement...

       Chalo thank for reading this blog and Im not writing more bcoz then you will avoid reading..


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W!LSH!RE said...

Its great to know that you love your mummy so much! But I really felt that you should not have posted such sensitive material here. Atleast you should have sugar-coated the topic!
Speaking of Mr. Bachchan, I think that the media has hyped the way he is. He, I feel, is a normal actor. Well that's MY point of view. But there's no hiding the fact that he has accomplished a lot!

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