6 October 2009 | By: Writing Buddha

Rains Turned Their Way !!!

           The way yesterday Rain drops and earth surface were brawling was remarkable....The month of October when theirs moisture in the atmosphere of Mumbai..and chipchip all over on the skin tone of Mumbaikars...Its raining heavily....Mumbai's land is getting flooded...many people are getting results of the rain - their house destructed...Andhra and Karnataka's death toll has reached upto 250...May the soul rest in peace...Of the humans who have lost their sweet life because of this rain which is just ready to retaliate...but to whom that we all dont know...News is flashing...Cost of Onions are doubling thier original ones...Its dangerous...The crops are getting rotten up in this rain...What can Farmer do...They can just cry...on their stars and in Hindi we call it Takdeer....And what we can do ..Just watch the news...and take a relief that T|hanx God...we arent the victim of this rain...But why should we have to behave so selfishly...It isnt good...We should try doing something...managing something...Its hard but its easy if we take the first step for this cause act...

          Today Zaheer Sir...Focused towards my name....at his not getting satisfaction...He wasnt satisfacted with the class because there was no one around to raise up the voice and ask the questions on the Sir's explanation which gives the proof that We all are attentive and we want to learn...Sir said...Formerly..Abhilash used to ask questions but I dont know what happened even to him...I felt like replying and uttering ...Sir, the day all of my classmates complained you about my blog..I feel like in your eyes...Theres no affection for me now..So I feel like remaining SHUT UP in the class...But I didn't speak anything...I dont know why now-a-days I feel like Im insulted ...only in the period of C Programming...The way Eyes of the Sir peeps me...Doesnt suits my comfortability...But whatever I have to attend...I may not top in the C.....the way I was walking on..But yaa..I can bring a satisfactory marks..Nobody knows How the Question paper will look like...At whose favour will it tilt??..Either Mines...Abhilash Ruhela's or Umera's Or Saquib's....Dont know who will be the final winner of the C Programming but I know that My stars are working great...And So Am I...Im not afraid of any pokes and chokes...My way is the one I'll create and not the ones my classmates are creating for me...

            Hope everything will go fine...In my life.....Yesterday night I had a chat with my former roommate Zaheer bhai...The talk went up till 120th Minute...and the time we were in conversation was 11.30 to 1.30.....The time India wassleeping both of us were sharing our experiences and our new journey....Many new things he got to know about me and I got many information from his side...It was nice chatting with him for such a long time..I never had such a longest conversation with any of my friend still....I had the lenghthy conversation with my cousin sister Swati many a times before ...but with friend..this was the first experience...

Thanx for reading..


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W!LSH!RE said...

owww... my legs are paining today..
i walked so much!!
but there wasn't much rain here in Pune..
But i'll always welcome the rains (and maybe the floods too!!)
The longest mobile conversation I had was for a whopping 5 hours 45 mins..!!! from 9:45pm to 3:30am..!!

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