7 April 2023 | By: Writing Buddha

Do you realize you aren't HEALTHY?

2055th BLOG POST

I remember in 2019, when I got a satisfactory appraisal, I thought of starting scheduled appointment of complete body checkup for myself and my parents every half-yearly. When I did for the 1st time, I was surprised to find high cholesterol in my reports. I went to my doctor who scolded me enough for me to take a firm decision that whatever might be – I will ensure that I get into some healthy routine. Now, because this has never been a part in my family i.e. I never saw my parents exercising, this becomes really hard to initiate. If you have someone around you doing something and making you a part of it, it becomes habit. Anyway, this report served as a big wake-up call and I didn’t need any motivation or companion to get into the regime.


I changed my diet plan and started with running and later when lockdown started, I worked-out at home with dumbbells and resistance band. The result showed up and my cholesterol levels had come down significantly in the normal range. It was also supported with some tablets given by doctor and other ayurvedic supplements I started with my own research. You know the art of Googling, right? Haha! I even lost 13-odd kgs and started feeling healthy and light enough to do any task that comes my way. I remember my sinus issue which troubled me for 4 years until a homeopathic treatment finally gave me relief in the start of 2021 and its occurrence has reduced significantly since then.


I am talking about all these experiences because we are celebrating World Health Day. Earlier, I would have just smiled cunningly after knowing about any such day but now after working upon my health in last few years, the change that it has brought to me in terms of both- physical and mental, I understand the importance of it. When we speak of health, it’s not only about doing cardio or strength training but to work from 360-degree. We need to be better in terms of physical, mental, spiritual aspect. Any one of them not in place can dismantle the other factors too. Like, I remember, in the end of 2021, I was hit with a difficult phase in life which made me mentally weak that I wasn’t able to concentrate even upon my physical health. And when both these sectors got weak, I wasn’t able to get spiritually aligned too. This is how all these three aspects work hand-in-hand.


Health is not only about our internal self. It magically transforms everything in our external life too. When we feel healthy from within, we start radiating the same energy whenever we meet people and talk with them. A person can sense our positivity even while talking with us on phone. Leave that – even on WhatsApp. They’ll sometimes respond back asking “Kya baat hai.. Aajkal bahut khush-khush lag rahe ho”. We can keep people around us happy and interested only if we have been able to do that with ourself. If we are someone who is weak inside, we can never help others. We will not have courage to stand up for others because our system will push us down. We will not be able to concentrate better or perform well in our career. We will find everything falling apart. But the moment we are sorted, we will be able to grasp any opportunity, take any challenge and accept the result positively irrespective of its outcome.


I am still in progress. The cholesterol and triglyceride levels keep on fluctuating. Vitamin D and B12 also keeps on disappointing me. I am still not regular at working on my health every day. But as and when I get time, I try to do something rather than completely ignoring it. Sometimes, I will just go on a walk. Some days, I will just do basic breathing exercises and meditation. On good days, I am able to do a rigorous cardio and running sessions. But all of the above happens 4-5 days in a week which I believe is a good progress for someone like me who did nothing until 2019. I am now conscious of the fact that I have did nothing for my health as the sun starts setting down. And it’s then that I move myself if I have not done anything in the morning. I have completely stopped eating packaged foods, cold-drinks and ordering frequently from Zomato/Swiggy.


4 days back, I got to know about demise of a good friend of mine who was just 32. Without any symptoms, he had a cardiac arrest and he left his wife, a year-old daughter, parents, sister and all of us behind with his memories. Now, we can definitely not control such events but we shouldn’t even keep our body prone to such events knowing that we aren’t healthy. Even after being in routine, if we are going through some physical issues – it’s fine. Our regimes them help us in faster recovery. So, it’s still beneficial to be putting some efforts. Isn’t it? I wish that everyone around me and I are always healthy and happy so that we can enjoy some great moments and share joy with each other. Please promise yourself to start today. Don’t wait for 2024 to make such resolutions. These are urgent issues which can’t be kept on hold for tomorrow. Hope you understand. 😊





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