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Zoravar by Maharsh Shah (Book Review: 4.5*/5) !!!

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As I had shared in my previous book review, I am just quite excited about reading fiction these days. Basically, those which I have in my shelf since months and I haven’t been able to pick up them due to other books in pipeline. Last weekend, I picked “Zoravar” written by Maharsh Shah. The story is part of the series called “Bollywood Saga” wherein this is just the first book. I am quite curious now as the book was released in 2020 and there’s no Part 2 yet. As I am done reading this exciting 330-pages book, I really want to know what happens further in the story of the incredible protagonist – Zoravar. The book is written in third voice which talks about the journey of a boy named Zoravar who comes to Mumbai running away from a dark past to become an actor. From here onwards, book talks about Zoravar’s whole journey from being a teenager to becoming a Superstar in the world of Bollywood.


Talking about the writing style, Maharsh Shah is an artist. It has been written in such a unique style that despite it being a fictional story, you get the vibes of reading a biographical account of a Superstar’s journey. All of us are infatuated with Bollywood and Hindi film industry hence this book covers all the aspects so stylishly that you feel as if you are in the same world as those Superstars walking around in the era of 1950 to 1980. The way author has been able to present story of those times making every detailing sound realistic is applaudable. Talking about the characters – book starts describing a lot of them which made me scared of remembering so many names but eventually, it boils down to only 3-4 specific characters which makes the reading experience easier.


You also get to read a lot of real names from Bollywood such as Dilip Kumar, Dev Anand, Suraiyya, Nutan, Sanjay Dutt, Guru Dutt, Yash Chopra etc. and it is very exciting to imagine how author must have taken out real incidents from past and made his fictional superstar fit into the scenes and timeline. I have read something of this kind for the very first time. The treatment given to the character of Zoravar is commendable as he has so many shades and layer to him – times when he is vulnerable – times when he is dangerous himself – ambitious – daring – competitive – selfish – egoistic-  family man – connection with wrong people etc.


Author also tries to cover city’s smuggling and mafia background which is so intelligently paralleled with this story. How the hawala’s money gets rolled into Bollywood is indirectly thrown a light upon. Several other aspects on how getting into the industry as an actor is a challenge since 1950 is conveyed very intelligently. How the nepotism has taken its root right since then is exposed. The behind-the-scenes, references, casting couch, shooting etc. has been covered very well.


Even though the book is 340-pages, it keeps you interested and captivated throughout. Not even once do you feel bored. The best thing would be to read it in breaks. I read 60 pages daily which gave me the feeling of watching a web-series. There is so much that keeps on happening in the journey of Zoravar that there’s a twist after every few pages. Author’s love for cinema is evident with the fact that he has been able to quote every studio and their creation date correctly. His research on the topic before beginning to write this book is visible in every page.


Talking about the few drawbacks – as the protagonist has a dark past, I was expecting it to return back post his success in a very outstanding setup which would make the reader in me jump off the bed but there’s nothing like that. Something sort of it happens in pre-climax but it’s written in such a rush that you don’t feel any emotion for it. Maybe, author must have planned it for future parts. Secondly, the other characters could have been given a good inclusion in the story but all of them are not even in supporting role but just small multiple cameos. Lastly, a lot could have been done if there were conversations mentioned whenever characters met with each other but author has used it very minimally. It is written more in narration-form than conversational format.


Except few points mentioned above, the book is a wonderful rollercoaster ride and you will enjoy reading it. It is a perfect page-turner and nostalgic for all the movie lovers. I give this book 4.5 stars out of 5 – undoubtedly. Awaiting Part 2 now!



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