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In Pursuit of Ecstasy by Sujata Parashar (Book Review: 4.25*/5) !!!

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The fiction books based on college life is always a no-brainer pick-up for me. Whenever I don’t understand what to read, I try shuffling books in my shelf and find one with a college plot and start reading it without letting anyone disturb me. I am done reading another book from the same genre named “In Pursuit of Ecstasy” written by Sujata Parashar. This is the 2nd book in her Pursuit series – 1st one being In Pursuit of Infidelity. This 230-pages book is published by Rupa Publications in October 2022. The story talks about a group of college friends who are leading a wonderful life until one day they find themselves in the world of drugs. How their life changes after that and what message it gives to both- students and parents is what the story is all about.


Sujata’s writing style is apt for writing a novel of this genre. Her command over the English language is solid. Usage of good vocabulary is reader-friendly but at the same time, author ensures that readers get to learn few new words if they have picked up her book. To start with, as the book involves 4-5 main characters where their parents as well as siblings also play an important part, author has given a good description of the family tree at the beginning of the book which is very helpful. I don’t know why all the authors don’t follow it.


As I mentioned that the story has many main characters, Sujata has dedicated a good long chapter to each one of them which helps you understand their background and personality very deeply. This helps you form a connection with almost all of them. This is not an easy task for an author to achieve because rarely do you feel anything for any other character except the main protagonists. After the introductory chapters, all the characters merge together in all the future chapters and their chemistry and changing relationships with each other keeps you interested and intrigued in the story. Even though the book is not a default thriller but it still manages to be a good page-turner which keeps you waiting happily to know what’ll happen next.


The story gave me the vibes of the MX Player series – Campus Diaries. The premise is set-up so intelligently that you enjoy even that section as you are enjoying the love-hate, romantic, hatred, friendship and different kind of relationships between the characters. Finally, when the real part comes in the picture which is given a highlight in the prologue, you just want your favorite characters safe and that makes the author successful then and there. There could have been no alternate way to narrate this story. I liked how author describes the traits of both- boys and girls throughout the story without demeaning or being judgmental about any of them and their decisions during their teen age. I am glad that the same gets imbibed in your reflection while reading it and you don’t judge any of them but empathize with them in every twist and turn that takes place in their life.


Author talks about every element of college life such as – lying to parents for doing something they don’t approve of – getting a crush on your best friend but unable to express – seeing your crush getting into relationship with a friend of yours – how between two girls, one of them is self-centered who doesn’t care about feelings of other friend at all – how a boy who might look harmful turns out to be helpful in tough situation – how a course of college trip changes relationship between everyone and brings everyone closer etc. Sujata has also given a strong message about how children and parents get far away from each other during this phase which leads to some very wrong decisions on part of children whereas parents also add extra burden upon children without wanting to know what they actually want in life.


Overall, the book is entertaining and can be finished within two sittings. I will give it 4.25* out of 5. You should definitely give it a try. And I am a Sujata Parashar’s fan now.






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