4 April 2022 | By: Writing Buddha

2000* BLOGS in 4631 Days with Lakhs of You!!!

2000th Blog Post

Well.. Well.. Well.. So, I am finally writing this – My 2000th Blog Post!!!

I remember once when I had almost made Blogging a habit, I would think if I would ever reach the numbers such as 2k, 3k, 4k post because I knew that 1k was almost near and I would get there easily. Today, when 2k is happening, I am just numb. I don’t know what to write – what to express- what to feel – it gives me absolute happiness and pleasure that there is something – SOMETHING for which I dedicated most of my life towards – without thinking about anything in return. I never worried about the engagements, likes, reactions, publicity, opportunities or even any kind of monetary gains. I just wanted to live with writing being a big part of it.


Many of you might think that someone who has written so much could have easily written 8-10 novels rather than blogging and could have immortalized his presence with books which shall have always floated somewhere in bookstores in the world for my lifetime and even beyond it. I can understand your doubt and concern behind why I dedicate such amount of writing towards blogs and not on something more powerful and impactful as books. It was always a goal to write a Book since I started blogging but I believe reading has made me feel inferior in terms of my writing skills. Every time, I think I am game for writing a book now, I end up reading a phenomenal one which makes me think if I can’t write the best book I have ever read, it means it still needs work. This has let more than a decade pass without me writing a single word for the book.


But no worries – until and unless my Blog is creating an impact – in either turning non-readers into readers, non-writers into writers, atheist into believer, non-spiritual into spiritual – I think this Blog is enough for me. Even the reactions and love I get from people or few messages which says that my personal posts inspire them in some way, the Blogger within me feels enlightened and content. For a private and introvert person like me, it takes a lot to speak on something related to me or my mindset or the insights I feel about life. The only thing that empowers me to keep going is the way people respond to it.


Some consider me as brother – some as friend – some as son just because they feel a very strong connection with what I express which makes me enough excited to keep talking about such subjects. Every time I write – I feel very nervous because there’s a stage fear within me and even though I have hosted or been part of many stage events, I have still not gathered the inner courage. Hence, every time, I am on my Blog writing space, I write with a mindset that I am talking to myself. And that’s how the genuine and legit expression that I feel within my heart comes out unfiltered. I hope it stays the same forever.


I have invested almost 13 years for 2000 Blog Posts to happen i.e. 4631 days where every blog has arrived at an average of 2.31 days. Though I am always humble about whatever this Blog has helped me in achieving or experiencing in life but there’s only one thing that I am proud of which is this Consistency of maintaining a Post in every 3 days for such a long enough time. 3 educational degrees and 7 years of work experience has happened during the period I have blogged but nothing has been able to come in way of letting it break the rhythm with which I continue this part of my beautiful life. I always feel calm and homely whenever I work on my Blog posts. Even if there’s some stress, worries or tensions going on personally or professionally, the general tendency is to move away from Blogging and everything which happens regularly – but eventually, when I get back to writing, I find my mind filled with this and nothing else. Hence, I have always considered and called Writing as a therapy for myself. I don’t need any Doctor till I have this space to talk with myself and with all of you.


This space has given me a platform to spread knowledge about Indian authors and I have helped more than 700 books reach as many new readers as possible. Later, this helped me understand that even though I continue here, it’s important to be expressive on Instagram too which is the new way of communication hence I entered the space with beautiful book pictures and captions extracted from my blog. After some time, people became little more expressive and now it demanded me to be on camera so I started reading book quotes in short videos as well as giving the same book reviews on Youtube in long-video format. I also translate my blogs into a video by speaking about its philosophy on camera. This has finally made few people recognize me by face as I generally don’t publish personal pictures here. Though, both my Instagram and Youtube aren’t doing very great because I couldn’t find the consistency there as I could manage here. Hence, my attraction and love always stay here but saying this, I will still try creating content for those Social media platforms too. Let’s see how far it takes us in this journey with my limited or say, no knowledge of social media algorithms.


I often see people replicating my blogging or bookstagramming style which makes me happy that maybe someone who didn’t know what to do with their free time have got a purpose. I also find them closing their space as soon as it had got started which as I said above, makes me proud of my journey where life and situations couldn’t deter my spirits to remain here and do what I love. Hence, it is said – Do what you like rather than copying someone. Like, I can’t do Instagram the way great Content Creators do there. At times, it’s good to be a Viewer than being a low-grade first copy of someone. The reason why I don’t jump & shake my legs in the videos. Haha! On the occasion of this 20th century, I promise myself that I’ll reach my 21st century blog post in 2022 itself. Let’s make this year more special. Also, very soon I would be having a new Logo for this space- Writing Buddha which shall reflect everywhere – in my posts, Instagram, Videos etc. It’ll help this platform have an identity in the form of a small icon/image and help me take my initiatives to better places which will help in impacting the subjects I speak about.


Finally, thanking everyone of you who read every blog post and wait for it like a true well-wisher. Also, the kind of comments and emails you send me after reading transforms my days whenever I am down. Similarly, few close people who have my contact number send WhatsApp or Instagram message letting me know what they feel about my latest blog. All of this is like accumulating a lot of wealth. I can’t imagine how I would have been without this Blog and all of you in this journey. Also thanking some aggressive people who abuse me whenever they end up finding a new book review when they anticipate a personal post. Haha! I will surely work upon the frequency of personal posts for sure. I know I write less about my thoughts but I think I’ll have to create ratio of 1:1 with respect to Personal Post and Book Review to satisfy all the diverse readers I have. Wish I am here for another decade too and write my 3000th Blog Post with the same zeal as I am writing this. All I need is your wishes and immense support the way it has been since all these 13 years. Love you, guys!





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