30 March 2022 | By: Writing Buddha

Finally received Amazon Kindle I aspired since years...

1999th BLOG POST

I remember when Amazon had launched its Kindle device in India for the very first time. I was so excited about it and had thought of asking my parents if I can get one as I was just a student and didn’t earn much except few bucks here and there through content writing and blogging. But somehow, I was brainwashed by friends and I went for purchasing something multipurpose like Samsung tablet. The tablet couldn’t survive for long as someone pushed me with great force in Mumbai local and its display got damaged. I used that Tab to read few e-books during my affair with it. The Kindle was still in mind but when I went back to check it, it had started becoming costly with its new versions launched every few months. I somehow got a calling that I can get it through some other means and I don’t need to spend money on purchasing it. I can still not fathom how I got such a strong calling.


Some years later, one of my author friends said that Amazon has gifted him a Kindle and if I would love to have it. At that point of time, I had started receiving lots of paperback books for reviewing. I thought I may never have time to read e-books and I don’t know which demon had possessed my mind that I said a clear “No”. I regretted this refusal just after two months of the event and somehow managed to ask the author again if it’s still there so I can have it. He abused me friendly and conveyed that it has been given to his sister on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan and he can’t ask her to give it back to him. I understood the situation and felt really bad for disappointing my inner instinct which had told me years back that I could get it without having to spend money on it.


Later, I started earning and thought I can get it now. While window shopping at a mall, I found a whole section which had all new versions of Kindle devices displayed in style. I checked each of them and tried the devices for the first time. I was mesmerized with its look and how even after being digital and having lights behind its screen, it still gave an impression that you are reading from a real page and not a digital device. While I was thinking of finally getting it, once again I got a calling that I don’t need to spend money on this yet. I respect my intuition a lot because it is right 99% of times. Again, years later, I saw an author announce a Kindle Giveaway recently where he asked to share the best advice one has ever got in life. I shared something thinking if this post can get the Kindle for me but I was also skeptic because many Indian participants would participate in this. I am always very low in confidence so I thought maybe this is just another turn on the road for finally taking me to the destination sometimes later in life.


Luckily, I was announced the Winner and after submitting the details, on the very next day, I received the latest version of Kindle. I could just not believe what happened here. The amount at which this particular 11th generation is sold is almost double the amount of the device I had thought of purchasing initially. I got an expensive one by just being patient and believing in my intuition. The purpose of telling this whole thing is not to boast because the thing is not very expensive that one can’t afford it or I couldn’t afford it now. But what I mean to share is how you can make your manifestations and visualizations work for you. If I would have just thought of getting Kindle, I would not have got it ever. My intuition with it would have also become weak with time.


For years, I kept reading regularly and let the Universe feel my commitment and dedication towards reading automatically without doing it just for this purpose. I read more than 50 books every year since more than a decade without failing even once. When Universe could see my efforts towards the love of reading for which I sacrifice so many social elements of this society just to be with my books, it put me in the merits to get what I dreamed of possessing since years. It put this giveaway competition from an author I follow on Instagram. I don’t participate in giveaways but I did this time even when I wasn’t really high on confidence.


But when you put in your efforts every day for a long period of time towards something, anything you manifest towards this goal gets accomplished for sure. It may not get delivered completely but you get something for sure. Though in this case, I got exactly what I had thought of. And this makes my Belief and Trust in God and Universe grow more and more. Even before this, I kept getting books for free just because my love for reading couldn’t be ignored by Universe at all. I would request all of you to trust your intuitions towards whatever you are dreaming for a goal on which you are really working from the bottom of your heart – even when no one is watching you. It will surely come true. It may take years but you’ll get it eventually. Before ending the post, THANKING UNIVERSE AND GOD for always loving me more than anyone else. 😊





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