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Lies Look Like Love by Bijaya Kumar Mishra (Book Review: 4.25*/5) !!!

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It is always fun to read a book from a new author or publisher. It was time to read Bijaya Kumar Mishra’s Lies Look Like Love which is published by Invincible publication in around 222 pages. It is a short story which can be completed within a single sitting. I must tell you that not only because of its length but the way story is narrated keeping the suspense intact, you want to just keep turning the pages. I was surprised that I didn’t hear about Bijaya before picking this book as he deserves more accolades for the kind of storytelling prowess he has. The book’s title sounds like a tongue twister initially but after reading the story, I understood why it has been named so. The story justifies the name of the book very perfectly.


The story is about how a widower named Maya is living with her sisters in a big villa when one man named Ravi appears asking to stay there on rent. He is denied initially by her but then he is allowed to stay in the outhouse. Gradually, he starts getting close to Maya, her caretakers as well as her sisters who look almost similar. Suddenly, he realizes some unusual activities happening in the villa which makes him learn about many facts about this family. He is now confused if he should continue staying there because of his new blossomed love for Maya or leave it. At the same time, Maya is also hiding things from him but doesn’t want him to go away. This whole psycho-analysis part makes the story very interesting.


I liked how author was able to develop chemistry between both the main characters – Maya and Ravi within few chapters itself. The treatment of both these individuals is done very seamlessly which has helped this book get its purpose fulfilled. I liked how author was able to execute different transitions in their relationship as they went through whole ups and downs of being together – initial awkwardness, closeness, distrust, coming together, revelation of secret and lot more. Along with this, Bijaya also assures that Maya’s sisters are introduced at the right time and the kind of word author has done to ensure that their psychology of mind reaches us is commendable. Handling a topic which is still a taboo in our society has been dealt with maturity.


I liked how the chapters are cleverly planned where each of them holds you so firmly that you get excited about the next one. Author manages to keep twists and turns come around at the right time which doubles your excitement to know what happens next. Writing a thriller is not very easy and when there are certain secrets post revelation of which it becomes more difficult to keep the interest of the readers alive, Mishra has managed to keep his narration enough strong to not let the story go down.


Overall, this is a light thriller with deep characters. Author’s words will make you imagine the whole villa and every scene in your own way and make you feel that the whole thing is happening in front of you. I would give this book 4.25 stars out of 5. I am really excited to read more work from Bijaya now and already waiting to read his next.






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