11 April 2022 | By: Writing Buddha

Gearing Up for Hopefully Next Millennium Post...

 2001st BLOG POST

So, the euphoria of completing 2000 blog posts has finally subsided. I had announced a Book giveaway on Instagram for which three winners have been announced today. They’ll be getting Gunjan Porwal’s latest book- “Ashwatthama vs Parshurama” for being the best participant of the 2000th Blog Post giveaway. I just love hosting such beautiful attempts on social media which makes me meet new people as they join my space to win the prize. This is how my personal Book Club is increasing and I find it so surprising that due to blogging and such initiatives, I have so many people I know in different cities of India. If in case I ever decide that I need to meet everyone I know through this platform, it’ll take a lifetime to do just this. May God provide me the energy I need to keep writing so that blogging never stops and I continue getting connected with all great souls I didn’t meet yet.


Finally, it’s time to restart with the same passion and this particular piece is the beginning towards another century or another millennium post. I have the same butterflies in my stomach thinking about how this platform will slowly reach its 21st, 22nd, 23rd century and so on and we will finally be seeing the 3000th entry here. I know it is going to take long but it’s the journey that matters and not the final outcome. Because after the outcome - begins another journey. These are just landmarks where you have to install your flag and move ahead. There is no scope of getting satisfied with whatever has been done till now. There is no intention of getting slow. Though there’s always a concern that other things in life – personal and professional may impact the passionate fingers to move in this direction to write a blog post every 3rd day but I think when something is decided, it can fail only if you want. Nothing else can fail something which has become one of your primary habits in life.


I am often asked what motivates me to keep writing. Why is it that I haven’t stopped doing something I must have started out of curiosity at the age of 20. I have always believed that having a hobby or side income or anything with your primary motive – either studies or job keeps the balance in life almost perfect or ideal. Like for example, the day when I had posted my 2000th blog post, I had a very terrible day at office. I was being scolded for something which wasn’t even solely my responsibility. I wasn’t feeling great. But because I had an important day at Blog, I was receiving so many emails and personal messages and comments on Blog that it kept me occupied and happy as well. Next day when I punched for office, everything that happened a day before was out of my mind and I begun with a new spirit of giving my best. This is how having two affairs at the same time helps in this case. Haha!


As I had mentioned in the previous post, I am almost looking forward to writing 100 more posts in this calendar year itself. I hope so that I get enough content and ideas to share. I never write to impress but express and that is how I am going to continue further too. Though I always respect the views and feedback I keep getting from all of you but I adopt only those which I feel suits me and my style completely. Being a bibliophile, you can’t expect me to write about fashion. Hope I am making sense. Haha! The flavour and topic of my writing will remain to be the same because internally, the thoughts are almost and always the same because I lead my life in quite non-exploratory way. I like keeping things simple and similar. I don’t like clutter or too-many-experiments. I don’t know if this is right or wrong but this is the way it works for me and I am okay to continue like this. Hope all of you also remain to be the way you are otherwise you might run away finding the space boring. Hehe!


On this note, I would like to thank all of you once again and here starts another lap which is going to be a long and special one – my heart says so.



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