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International Women’s Day is being celebrated across the globe today. Since morning, I am reading so many posts which are from women talking about their struggles and inspirations and men who are sharing pictures with the most important and courageous women in their life. It looks so beautiful to see women being celebrated as all these years, because of several invasions in India, women were treated as someone who is meant for suffering only. I am glad that the times have changed so soon where all of us are aware about generating equal opportunities and providing gender equality. In the fight towards asking for rights, it happens sometimes where a person or group gets diverted and forget the basic purpose of the whole agenda. I believe last two decades have been very pacy in terms of progress women have made in our country specifically.


And when the change happens so quickly, maybe, you forget where you wanted to reach. This is something I believe has happened with women where their whole fight got termed as “Feminism” and few wrong-doers cashed upon it. These people made it about doing better than men. This is not something any woman in India wanted. They wanted the same rights and priviliges as they saw their brothers and other men getting around them. But now, the feminists started modifying the narrative gradually and made it about doing better than men and making men suffer for that. I don’t think this is why anyone started developing themselves for the future. It would be very sad on our part if we find men suffering the way our mothers and sisters suffered for generations. It’s time that women realize its about walking hand-in-hand rather than being in a race where we are fighting against each other. Feminism is not about getting better or pulling the other gender down but being equal.


If you ask me, I don’t think men can be completely satisfied without the support, love and positivity right women around them bring into their lives. Sometimes when I have been down, I have found a woman’s story or support and gathered courage from it and pulled myself up. The most powerful weapon which women or anyone needs in today’s world is Education. If you have education and literacy with you, it is quite natural that no one can oppress you just because you belong to a gender or you look weak. You can always stand or provide for yourself. The main reason why women have suffered in previous decades is due to lack of education. Parents didn’t have enough or didn’t feel the need to get the girls educated because they were always seen as someone who’ll leave the home at 16-18 years of age with lots of dowry. As times changed and parents realized what a girl can do with education in their life, they started sending them to school and getting them married after making them equivalent to the boys at home.


Everything changed since then. Every parent has started understanding that girls are as talented and capable as the boy in the family. They have realized that to fight with the toughness of life, education is prominent which gives confidence and freedom to the girl to take decisions for themselves rather than always depending on someone to look after them. I would request all the young girls to concentrate upon their careers more than all the distractions around them because this is what will get you wings to fly all your life. We should also acknowledge the fact today that start-up, freelancing, social media influencing etc. have also become a good opportunity which starts parallelly with education or if someone has a clear vision, they get involved in this quite early making it a priority. If this is what you are good at, you can go for it. But ensure that you have enough capability to be emotionally, financially and decisively free.


Don’t let this fake feminism take you towards the wrong road. Understand the root cause of all the problems and you’ll realize that every time you or the women around you suffered was because someone else took decisions for you. Take decisions for your present and bright future yourself. You can always ask for advice from your parents and siblings but the final move should be yours. And this realization will only happen when you’ll think of flying high for yourself rather than comparing yourself with the men around you or cutting their wings just because of short-term pleasures to be shared with your girlfriends. Your life is an achievement in itself. Concentrate upon it. Stop talking about others. Talk about yourself. There are already opportunities all around you. You have already grabbed most of them. Get the remaining ones too. My best wishes are with all the positive and constructive women out there.





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