30 March 2022 | By: Writing Buddha

1st experience of watching Cricket in Stadium...

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I had manifested a lot about watching Sachin Tendulkar play live but it couldn't happen and I always regretted it. Though the manifestation got accomplished when he came at a nearby mall for an endorsement and I got to see him very closely.


Similarly, Virat Kohli has been an inspiration since almost a decade now and I didn’t wish to lose the opportunity of watching him play Live. On 27th March, 2022, I was watching the IPL Match scheduled in afternoon at home when I read someone was giving the Tickets for RCB vs PBKS for the evening match in a Facebook group. Somehow, I trusted the guy and got the ticket and immediately rushed towards D Y Patil Stadium with a big hope that the ticket is genuine. Thankfully, it was genuine & I got my 1st ever experience of enjoying the match from stadium. It felt as if I was sitting inside my LED television on which I saw the match before this moment. Haha!


The experience of watching your hero play in front of you and score more than 40 with 4s and 6s on display can’t be described in words. Every time, Kohli fielded near our stands, the kind of pleasure it gave summarized the meaning of Cricket for me. What makes it more special is the same kind of energetic vibes being felt in the stadium with almost everyone adoring one Legend of the ground and screaming the name in chorus and feeling One-to-one connect with the Player who when plays for the nation wins our heart every time. The whole stadium looks like one big family where the purpose and intent are the same.


Watching a Cricket Match has been in my Bucket List since a decade and the way my manifestations have come true is very surprising and it seems that God has been keeping a special attention upon me. All the matches for this season got scheduled in my city which increased the probability of getting the tickets. On top of that, I scrolled Facebook 2 minutes after the person put an offer to get the tickets & I got it from him on time. All of this happens only when you work towards it otherwise it’s just day-dreaming & nothing else. I am glad the Law of Attraction works and Universe provides you what you deserve. Can’t express more. Thanks!




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