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Your Best Day Is Today by Anupam Kher (Book Review: 4*/5) !!!

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When I was learning spirituality, just before all of us in the meditation hall were about to perform the 21-minutes session taught to us, we were told that each one of us will have different kind of experiences hence we need not fear if how we are experiencing the silence is quite darker or lighter than others around us. And it happened exactly, where few of us were crying, others were laughing, some were just silent whereas few others started talking to themselves like a maniac. I sensed something similar when we were in complete lockdown during the initial days of the Coronavirus pandemic. I felt as if all of us were experiencing the same thing but were having different feelings about it. Everyone I talked to told me something that I hadn’t thought or considered before.


Anupam Kher’s latest book named “Your best day is today!” published by Hay House publisher speaks about the same. Kher has based the whole book of 270 pages on his experiences of pandemic and talks about what he went through physically, experientially and internally. He tells how he had to go through some extreme emotional situations whereas simultaneously, he met few people who made him realize the wonders of life and how we can be happy and excited during such tough times too. The concept of the book is great as people who are really feeling low due to self-isolation or fear of death can find some great tips to go through the phase. Many people who stay alone or share room with people in another city due to work or studies also find themselves in a cocoon of loneliness and silent pain. Even such people would find a way as in how to look within themselves and internalize their emotions to create something good out of this situation.


Anupam’s writing style is very simple which will make it easy to read even for the people who are not very good with the language. As far as my belief goes, the book is going to be released in other languages too so that is not going to be a challenge any which ways. The flow of the book is maintained very properly where you are first introduced to the situation and what consequences it brought to the whole world. Then, author talks about how he started getting personally affected by it due to which he finally came back to his home. He then talks about how the whole humanity got together in fighting this invisible enemy which was causing havoc everywhere. Even though we know all the details but the narration by the author keeps you interested as if you are reading it for the 1st time.


Author then talks about how his mother and brother’s family virus infection and the challenges he faced in admitting them and keeping all of them emotionally strong along with keeping his own senses in place. He has conveyed the difficulties of everyone who saw their closed one’s going to hospital all alone making us feel helpless and lost. In the 2nd section, author talks about how everyone started adapting to this change of being at home and how “change is the law of life” started making sense to many of us. In the 3rd section, author goes ahead and talks with several people belonging to different fields and let us know how they fought against this situation in their respective fields or situations. It was a good insight knowing how challenging this has been in a different way to the people serving different ground of work.


Later in the last two sections, author finally starts opening his heart about how he internalized and went within to find answers of fighting with negative thoughts and bettering himself each and every day. He tells how he started doing things he otherwise could have never done in his daily routine. This comes as an answer to many people who have completely stopped themselves due to the virus. Author talks about the benefit of pranayama, meditation and yoga and how it is keeping him calm and happy in these difficult times.


He makes us understand how only relationships and people close to us matter when we fall in a situation like this and that is what we should concentrate towards. He mentions Sushant Singh Rajput and make us aware about the mental health issues too. Author also talks about how he started growing his beard to try something different which he usually can’t due to his job as an actor. In the end, author explains that death is a reality and once we realize that we are a mortal being, we become little more aware and alert about living in present and enjoying every day as if it’s our best day and also the last.


Overall, this is a very feel-good and positive book. If you have been reading many self-help and spiritual books recently, you might not find anything new, but you will still feel as if someone close to you is telling you about life. I got a grandfather feeling while reading this as my grandfather used to tell such facts while I sat with him during my school days. This is a must-read for people who are feeling low due to the pandemic and an umbrella of negative thoughts have covered them completely. I give this book 4 stars out of 5. I think I need to read all books by Anupam Kher now.






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