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Trigger Point by Douglas Misquita (Book Review: 4*/5) !!!

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There are instances when I have got a book due to its wonderful synopsis but later due to the same, I have resisted in picking it up thinking that the book is meant to be read in an environment which shall bring more effect to it. I think this is just Reader’s thing and not everyone will relate to this feeling. Haha! The same happened with Douglas Misquita’s latest book named “Trigger Point”. The synopsis is so Hollywood-ish that I felt I would read it when I would be in a mindset where I would like to live a life of a Hollywood Hero. I don’t know why I got the similar vibes this week and I completed this book in 4 days by reading 100 pages daily. Yes, the book is written in around 400 pages and published by Pencil publication.


Douglas’s writing style is just crazy- simply crazy. I remember watching Special Ops – a web series last year on Hotstar – it had several different things going on in different parts of the world with multiple characters playing their respective parts in their region – but all tied to one man. I got the same vibes while reading “Trigger Point” as it has sub-plots based in so many countries and continents that you will feel you are on a travel trip right after 50-60 pages of the book. While you will keep waiting for the main character - Luc Fortesque - to be introduced, you will be made to meet many characters of different country and cultures, that you will just start enjoying their plot and get lost in it.


The characterization is very strong in the book because the way the main character is given a heroic charm makes you fight along with him with all the opponent characters. Similarly, the other characters in the book are managed very well. It is not easy to involve multiple characters in your book and giving equal justice to all of them. Author has really managed to make a strong built-up for each one of them – let them be belonging to any country or background. You get to understand their mindset, agenda and approach very well. Unfortunately, you also end up supporting many of the negative characters in the book the way they get on their rivals intellectually. Haha! Another USP of these characters are that they are not only written from the point of view of above three factors only, but their background has been played very nicely which tells us why they are doing what they are doing or why they think the way they are thinking.


Another good pointer I would like to focus is author’s research on the topics he mentioned. Earlier, I thought that may be author visited all these places hence he has such kind of accuracy in whatever he is speaking. But once I completed reading the story, I found a list of references author has gone through to help himself write about so many topics without facing it personally. There are so many countries mentioned in the book – some of them I am mentioning here such as Iraq, Israel, Mexico, Switzerland, Iran, Columbia, UK, US etc. – that you can expect only a traveling book to have information about. But author’s profound knowledge has made it very easy for the readers to imagine those places, the culture around there and the political, religious and governmental view of the location.


I liked how along with the story, author has managed to let us know about so many informative pieces which are true and matter of facts such as the operation of Swiss bank, Mayan culture and its beliefs, take on terrorism etc. Author has also not shied away from writing about religions and how it can be twisted – in fact all of them – in such a way that it can make anyone believe that it’s in favour of War. Also, author discusses how religious demographic twists the mindset of the people living in the particular region and can lead to devastation of the people living there. The way author goes into a descriptive way to let us know about how Muslims and Christians view their religions in respective region is such a bravo thing to do which author manages to do pleasingly. I hope no one finds any problem with it.


The pre-climax and climax of the book becomes little slow but yet keeps on getting exciting with each page. The last page makes you want to read more in this series. This is the 3rd book in the Luc Fortesque Adventure series – even though I haven’t read the previous two books – I didn’t feel that I missed anything. Though I believe that I could have got some help about knowing few characters mentioned in this book from the previous two books. Overall, this is a very fast and action-packed book. Anyone who likes watching Hollywood action thrillers and reading something on the same lines will love reading this book.


Now talking about the drawbacks – even though the book has very good vocabulary and editing, I don’t know why the editors didn’t justify the texts in the book as it looks so bad while reading. It becomes tough for reader to move from one sentence to another. Secondly, I feel that this book could have been edited well – currently the book is of 400 pages which I feel could have been easily managed in 300 pages itself. Author goes into describing action scenes in too much of details and description which is definitely not needed. It starts sounding like a movie script after some point of time and not like a book where some things need to left for reader’s imagination. You will start skipping sentences in between.


Thirdly, I felt that too many characters sometimes become a burden for the story to carry. I feel it is really hard for readers to remember all of them throughout the book and it also becomes irritating when you find characters getting introduced even in the latter part of the 2nd half of the book too. Author should manage an action-thriller story even with less characters from his next book onwards otherwise it might become a reason why people might not pick his books in future out of fear. The list of characters can be mentioned before the story starts so that readers can always refer to it while reading the book.


Overall, this is a good book which should be read in as less sitting as possible due to its complex plot and multiple characters. I give this book 4 stars out of 5.






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