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It ends with a dream by Medha Nagur (Book Review: 3.75*/5) !!!

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I have shifted my reading interest towards non-fiction and spiritually related books but still, for nostalgia and knowing what kind of love or romantic stories are being written these days, I order a book or two and go through them. Mostly I get disappointed but some of them really surprises me even now. One such book which has made me very happy as a reader is Medha Nagur’s “It ends with a dream” which comes with a tagline that says “The Farther You Go, The Closer We Get”. Even though the book is available only in the Kindle edition currently, the whole aesthetics of it – right from the cover page to the synopsis of the book makes you enough convinced to pick it up for your next read.


The writing style of Medha is just too perfect for the genre she has chosen to write her first book in. Right from the 1st word, the way her story keeps you intrigued with its narration makes you aware about how well the author’s drafting skill is. It also shows the clarity with which the book has been written which is not for just telling a story, but to make you live with it and also think about it after finishing it. Initially, I had thought that it must be the same mushy-mushy tale of two lovers but while reading I realized, it is far more than that. Even when the romance between both of them is talked of, author ensures that you learn a philosophy or two from it and not just read an intimate moment and forget it like any other book.


Author plays with the timeline of the story initially which was confusing after a time but once you get to understand the characters and plot, it becomes entertaining to find the shift. Even though I was reading and had no other reference with which the story sounded similar with, I still kept feeling that I was watching some web-series due to the author’s command on her storyline. Once you understand the points at which author takes you back in both the character’s past, you start enjoying it more as you know something much unexpected or bigger is about to happen.


When it comes to romance novels, either authors keep it confined to only 2 characters and their 2 close friends or add so many college or office friends that reading a book with so many characters become painful. I am glad how Medha have characterized her personas in the book where they are neither less nor many but you remember them well the way their background is defined and introduced to you. Also, because of the genre and synopsis, I had only expected love-tale but the way book takes a shift in between and the whole plot becomes quite thrilling and adventurous shakes you off your seat as a reader. I was very glad to find how author played with the suspense and changed the whole scenario of the story.


To add few points further, the locale of South India and Coorg is so very well embedded in the story that you can feel you are visiting that part of the country. The conversations between all the characters are written very beautifully with right tone and context. The emotional and egoistic turmoil that goes between both the characters every time they meet is nicely portrayed. The intimate scenes are written with a very fine balance where author has not shied away from writing things yet didn’t make anything sound vulgar.


Author has added other social messages like how girls are often seen and treated in our country, the political environment, the taboo of having sex at the wrong time and bearing the consequences of it, the importance of organ donation, the philosophical, spiritual and religious part of what happens to a human being while living and death etc. Reading these concepts through a story makes you go into the mode of self-realization and self-introspection. You will learn so much about your thought process and personality that you’ll start changing things about yourself from next minute onwards.


Now talking about few drawbacks – I must say that the timeline-shifts initially sounded very confusing which could have been executed in a better way. The male character’s name sounds like a female name which keeps confusing you somewhere throughout the story. The pre-climax is not very well-handled as after a major event happens with one of the two main characters, story should not have been extended for so long. It kills the whole excitement you have of reading what happens in the end as you feel it’s not coming at all. I also felt that author could have added some extra-emotional scenes in the conversations of two main characters which could have made this story more memorable and touchy. Lastly, I believe that the book could have been edited well in the 2nd half and closed down by trimming at least 30 pages there.


Overall, this book will make you look at your love relationship in a better way here onwards so this is not only a love story but ends up giving you many lessons and advices. I give this book 3.75* out of 5.






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