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Wadiya Singh visits planet Sparkle by Annant Mittal (Book Review: 4.5*/5) !!!

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Well, it has been quite some time that I got chance to go through my childhood books which I have kept it very neatly like some important assets of my life – the ones like Chandamama, Champak, Wisdom etc. But I miss those innocent books and even the innocence in me which made me love those beautiful stories. Haha! I have a 5-years old kid whom I have seen and observed since she was just 6 months old and therefore, I keep on gifting her something or the else on her birthdays. She recently had her 5th birthday and I thought of finally starting to gift her books rather than dresses and games. I found this very interesting book named “Wadiya Singh visits planet Sparkle” written by an 8-years old kid named Annant Mittal.


It was such a surprise knowing that an 8-year old can imagine such a beautiful story and even write it so perfectly that you won’t find any childishness or immaturity throughout the 35-odd pages. It is a short story which talks about the character named Wadiya Singh who is one among us on our Planet Earth but ends up meeting Zazoo, an alien who landed upon Earth from his planet Sparkle. It talks about how they end up becoming friends and share their respective lifestyles with each other. I liked how Annant has designed the story where he talks about many fantasy-related stuffs and even ends up describing another planet which is bit different from planet Earth. The way he has converted his imagination and thoughts into words is applaudable.


Through the story, the author has also tried to give some knowledge to his readers where there are few good words which the target audience of this book might not be familiar with. For the same, he has provided a separate list in the end of the book where the words and their respective meanings are enlisted for reference which one can read and learn and further use in their daily life. Along with this, he has very beautifully explained what is meant by galaxy, planets, asteroids and the concepts such as revolution and the impact of distance between the Sun and the respective planets.


Author has tried giving several social messages through his short story too – such as:

  • -        How healthy food needs to be adopted for healthy lifestyle
  • -       Why plastic bags should be completely boycotted from our planet to ensure environment-friendly life.
  • -      The need to have compassion towards animal and feel empathy and sympathy with them.
  • -      Treating the whole planet as our home and not littering anywhere we want.
  • -      The importance of planting trees and being associated with the nature as it is the source of all the lives of the planet.


Along with the story, with each section of it, author has included very beautiful artwork which makes it more exciting to read as we get to visualize through the illustrations, drawings and paintings how the world of Wadiya Singh and Zazoo is. I really appreciate the efforts made behind these artworks on every page. Author has also added certain puzzles and riddles in the end of the book which will make it very exciting for anyone to enjoy it after completing the book. Along with the book, you get a very cute stuffed toy which is given form of Zazoo. I must also appreciate Sonalika Publications for giving such a good publishing quality to this book which does more justice to the story and motivation of the author.


This book is a very cool pick for your kids or neighbours where children are between the age range of 4 to 9 years. They will surely love the magic this book has for them. I give this effort considering all the factors a good 4.5 stars out of 5. It deserves more but I want Annant to write more and better than this hence I am not giving him 0.5 stars which he rightly deserves.






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