5 July 2020 | By: Writing Buddha

Guru Purnima: Why not to consider your academic teachers as Guru..

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Guru Purnima was generally seen by me as another Teacher’s day but this year utilizing the lockdown period, I started getting little bit into my religion and I understood the importance of this day and how it is not just Teacher’s Day but something very big and spiritual. I am seeing people on social media thanking their teachers, friends etc. and taking it quite lightly but it is not meant to be taken so casually. If you’ll see, all the religious gurus and major temples in India associate this day as a very important day and schedule big events to pray and honour the Guru who initiated them into meditation and spirituality.

“Gu” means “darkness” or “ignorance” and “Ru” means “removing it” or “moving away from it”. This means that a Guru is someone who takes us away from darkness and towards lightness. Now, the role of a teacher is about giving you lessons about the subjects and it is quite limited. After the scope of that subject, the relationship between a teacher-student is generally restricted. Similarly, it is with relatives and friends too. They only help you with some aspect of life but not more than that. Hence, we can always say that the first proper Guru that we get in our life are our parents. As they help us understand what religion we have taken birth in and gives us an identity. They start helping us understand what God is and who is the God we should pray to. They make us understand the importance of festivals – make us aware about the rituals, good habits, sanskaar and what not.

Parents shall always remain to be our first Gurus in life no matter what- but again- before being our Guru, they are our parents and that remains to be their primary responsibilities in our life. To have a Guru, we can’t just go to anyone who sounds to be more aged or learned and ask him/her to be our Guru. A Guru is someone who helps us understand the meaning of life and what the purpose of Life is. Similarly, they help us understand how the rituals can be transformed into spiritual powers and give us the depth and understanding of life which can help us determine how to take proper decisions and make less mistakes in our journey.

They also go ahead and make us aware about Yoga and Meditation specifically as per our requirement which helps us keep ourselves aligned with our body, mind, soul and energies. They help us in giving Mantras and Shlokas reciting and chanting which we can see positive changes happening in our life. Whenever we get stuck, we go to them and pour everything what has happened with us or where we are stuck. They then rather than giving the results to us in the platter, make us understand the concept of life related with our situations along with religious insights etc. which then help us take the decision wisely by ourselves.

If you and I haven’t been able to find such a Guru yet in our life, we should start making an effort towards that. In case you don’t believe in any human being telling you how to lead life, you can make your religious text or the book that transformed your life as your Guru and revisit it on this day. Or in case we are unable to find such Guru or personality around us, we can also end up having a Guru whom we have never met but someone from their institution is guiding us on their behalf- the way it happens in Isha or Art of Living foundation. But having a Guru in front of whom we are what we are and we take everything from them without any questions or judgments and make it a philosophy of our life is must. The way we have done with our parents- never questioned them why we are named so, why our religion is so or why the puja is done in a certain way at our home. Just accept the person the way he is!

On this Guru Purnima, I bow to my Guru wherever he/she is – hope I find you soon. Till then, Bhagwad Geeta is what I have accepted as my Guru as many teachings in my life has come from it. Also, many other books which have transformed my life.

Happy Guru Purnima for all the selfless and ideal Gurus in this world. Hope you always stay with us to keep spreading positivity and knowledge.



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