1 July 2020 | By: Writing Buddha

Doctors - Our Last Hope!

1851st BLOG POST

Doctor! A professional that we wish we don’t get involved with. Haha! But, a word that also gives us the only hope. I had never been so much involved with Doctors than I had been in last 1-2 years due to multiple health issues that I suffered and lately my parents. The importance of a doctor is only understood when we meet one otherwise we take it quite casually considering that we can go all our life by ourselves without anyone’s support. In 2017, I had started facing an issue in office where up till lunch I used to be all okay but post lunch, suddenly, I would start facing breathing issues as well as severe headache. And it would make me so dizzy that working after that meant awaiting to die. Finally, one day I became so unwell that unlike my personality, I took an abrupt half-day and left for home. Traveling by local train was an itself a journey towards hell that day.

Someone gave us reference of a doctor who was an ENT specialist and when I went to him, he told me that I am suffering from Sinusitis. He gave me tablets which healed my problem instantly and I believed all is well. But the same thing kept repeating throughout next 3 years until the end of 2019 in the intervals of 2-3 months. Finally, I was referred to another Homeopathic doctor and he gave me assurance that it was treatable within 3-6 months of dosage. And yes, since then, the breathing issue got completely treated and I am enjoying my yoga and meditation experiences again. Now I feel what can I give as gift to both these doctors – the ENT specialist who gave me instant relaxation for 3 years whenever the problem occurred and the Homeopathic doctor who treated its root cause altogether.

Similarly, there was a time when I didn’t feel mentally charged and motivated during my Junior college days post which we consulted a psychologist. It was my 1st experience to sit with a doctor who used to talk about my personal life and mindset. Whenever he talked with me, I would feel that something great is going to happen with me. He gave some tablets which turned out to be so effective that I was able to conquer my mind for some time and move ahead temporarily. Though the problem then got resolved with few gemstones etc. permanently. Or I believe so.

Recently, my father faced trouble with his blood pressure which really scared us as it happened during lockdown when no one among us wanted to go to any hospital in fear of Corona patients and the transmission of the virus. But finally, my father was admitted and I remember, how, hopefully, whenever the doctor came for rounds twice a day, I would stand out of the ICU awaiting to hear good and hopeful news from him. It is then that I realized again how important Doctors are to us. Finally, he improved many factors that caused my father visit hospital and get admitted and now things are back to normal – though my father is on dose.

And what should we say about dentists. Toothache is something which when happens makes us feel like killing anyone who irritates us during that period. Haha! It seems there is nothing that can be more troublesome than a toothache. And in my genes from mother I have received this as gift. Howsoever precautions and care I take, there will be some problem with these 32 guys once in 4-5 months. And though we feel so scared visiting a dentist, but once, you are out of their clinic, even when the tooth and jaw pains after immediate treatment, we still feel satisfied knowing that all shall be fine after few hours and we shall be able to chew and eat whatever we want without pain.

This Doctor Day, I ensured I message all my doctors and wish them the day when we appreciate their work and can let them know how important they are to us. Receiving a response from them feels so great. They are life saviours. In this wake of coronavirus, the only hope that this world have is with doctors. We are getting scared only because we know there are no beds available for corona patients which shall not allow us getting treated by them. Also, along with God, we are also praying and expecting some miracles from doctors in terms of getting vaccination for this at the earliest. Doctors are seen no less than God now and that is how important they are to us. The Last Hope!

I wish all the Doctors and nurses reading this a very Happy Doctor’s Day! Wish you keep spreading your positivity with us whenever we need you.



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