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Dil Bechara - Not a Movie Review - Just Observations...

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Well, I don’t know how to start writing about this- because this is definitely not going to be a movie review – the way I have been writing every time. “Dil Bechara” is not just a movie anymore as this is the last movie of Sushant Singh Rajput that has been released on Hotstar for everyone- it’s subscribers and non-subscribers as well. Right from the start of the movie when SSR is presented on the screen with one of his self-musing thoughts, there is lump in your throat knowing that this young dynamic boy of 34 years of age is no more and what we are seeing is just his image being projected on screen.

Co-incidentally, a person who died by suicide (if that is how he died as per my knowledge), would have enacted a character in his last movie which also speaks of Life and Death is hardly believable. It looks all planned by God. The movie stars SSR and debutante Sanjana Sanghi playing the role of Manny and Kizie respectively. Kizie is shown right from the first few minutes that she is suffering from thyroid cancer and can lose her life any moment. Manny comes in her life as an irritating boy but with his charms, makes her fall in love with him. She starts living a normal life knowing that she is mortal and going to die soon but now she wishes to fulfil her small dreams.

The first half of the movie is not very special as it is all about two characters coming closer but the 2nd half of the movie is what makes the movie memorable – the way both the characters start fighting for life and take-on death as if they were already and ever-prepared for the same. The pre-climax is just superb with the funeral scene. There are many scenes in which both the actors make you cry with tears in their eyes or the emotions they are going through or with the dialogues they are speaking. There are some definitely beautiful moments shot in Paris where both the character travel to meet their favorite writer/composer - AbhimanyuVeer – the character which is played by Saif Ali Khan.

The background music of the film is nice. The songs aren’t very great. One that stayed with me is “Taarein Ginn”. The film is shot like a Hollywood movie for which cinematographer should be applauded. The dialogues are very beautiful and many of them shall stay with us in the forms of Memes and Movie Quotes for a longer time because they really deserve to be. The supporting star cast in form of Kizie’s parents, Manny’s friends and their doctors have played their part beautifully. The director of the movie, Mukesh Chhabra, who has been a casting director since a very long time, has done a good job in his debut movie. I just felt if the screenplay was little more better as there are many scenes which move from one to another without any flow which makes the movie look like documentary often. Editing should have been concentrated upon. SSR has played his part very well – though, still Chhichhore shall stay to be his best performance for me. Sanjana Sanghi is a very good actor of course and I look forward to see her more.

Overall, there are many references in the movie which connects with what happened with Sushant Singh Rajput in reality because of which you shall really cry a lot in 2nd half and pre-climax. I had tears in my eyes when the movie ended and I saw SSR being given tribute by the makers. In MS Dhoni, I saw him as an actor where someone else was given tribute in the end whereas we never knew that the same actor shall be given tribute for such an unexpected reason so early in his life in a movie. Watching this movie has been very difficult as a movie because it felt like we are watching what was going with someone in his last moments. That’s all I can say while talking about Dil Bechara. Please do watch it for Sushant Singh Rajput- somewhere finding us watching and appreciating his work shall give his soul a relaxation it has been awaiting since his death.



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