31 July 2020 | By: Writing Buddha


1857th BLOG POST

The very first Blog post that I had written on this platform was way back on the same day in the year 2009. Today, as a Blogger, I have completed 11 years and with it, this platform is also celebrating its 11th Anniversary. Earlier, when people had started calling me “Blogger” in college as I had just started writing, many would say, what does this term even means and what will you achieve being called something like this. It is just a pass time, isn’t it? I didn’t have any answer to give to anyone because even I wasn’t aware what establishment do I have to be called something like “Blogger”. I didn’t have any plans or I didn’t know till when and up to what extent would I continue this platform. As technology has kept on getting better with each blink, I wasn’t even aware in what form Blogging shall be seen after few years or so.

Now, after 11 years, I can see many people calling themselves “Youtuber” and mind you, they are actually mini-celebrities. People are paying high amount of ticket price just to be in an event as them and get a selfie clicked. Unfortunately, I could not grow myself as a “Blogger” up to that extent because I never got much into the technical aspect of the field i.e. SEO management, PR, Collaborations, Guest Posts, Cross commenting, attending Blogger’s meet etc. I was content with writing whatever came in my heart or talk about whatever I read or saw on television or on big screen. I was happy that there are enough people who comment on my blog and email me. These days there are many people on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook too who provide their comments to me in the story I post after publishing my posts. I was always happier with this and never thought of becoming a Social media star as many people have become today. I regret it sometimes but still, I know, I can’t devote myself full-time to this.

The purpose of being an artist or anything that has even an iota of arts into it- is to describe yourself through your piece of work. When this would have become full-time, I would have lost the charm of this platform as this would have become sort of an advertisement website – the way my Instagram profile has turned into. I didn’t want to compromise with this platform at all. Today, whenever I feel, I write – whenever I don’t, I just don’t. There is no compulsion and no one can ever ask me as to why have I started portraying myself in so-and-so way as this might affect their brand. I am quite happy about this. Today, I have a full-time job which pays me for my bills whereas whatever little bit I earn through my Blogging goes into its maintenance. That is all I expect from this- to be an open diary reading which people can understand what I am from within and connect with me on spiritual and mental level.

Recently, I was quite free and thought of going through few of my earlier posts and found my mentality or thoughts regarding few sensitive topics quite on wrong side some 7-11 years ago when I had started posting. That was when I had just come to Mumbai from a small town. This blog, therefore, also shows how someone can go through mental shift and spiritual growth and personality development through the thoughts on the same topic changing year by year towards better or worst.

This portal has given me a lot of memories, hope, friends, acquaintances, opportunities, respect, happiness and a family kind of bond with people I have never met in my life. And I am sure if I continue writing even after other responsibilities of life comes in between, many more experiences shall get added to my life just because I am also called a “Blogger” – which is not my profession – not any identity – but it is something with which you are identified because you do something which connects with people on a public forum. Thanks a lot, to everyone who have supported me on this medium or Facebook, Instagram or our recently developed Youtube Channel. Just stay with me in this journey – walking on which is exciting only because I have people with me since long time. Love you all.



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