8 March 2020 | By: Writing Buddha

Why do we still talk about Women and Women's Day?

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Every boy has a childhood pic dressed a girl
- All thanks to our creative mothers. Haha!

I am writing this post while watching Women’s T20 Finale match between India and Australia. What better time to write on Women’s Day than this, isn’t it? 😊 To start with, a very Happy Women’s Day to all the women reading this. Personally, I respect women a lot and never felt or feel that they can do any less than Men. Since childhood, I have seen strong girls and women who kept defining path for us as much as boys and Men did/do. Starting with my mother, whom I experienced very closely, I got so inspired with the way she worked to prosper her home, family, husband and son that it helps even today with the way I approach my life, work and habits.

The question is why we keep talking about Women when we feel that they are doing equally good. It is only because talking about our country specifically, there are still majority of men and boys and families who are treating girls and women as 2nd class and dominating them very badly. I am seeing girls still pleading at their home for studying further to ensure they have bright career. I am seeing girls with wonderful skillsets and mind-boggling Graduation and Past-graduation marksheets sitting at home because their families or in-laws don’t feel like sending the girl to job. I am seeing married women who are doing wonderfully at their workplace or even if they are great homemaker, being subjected to domestic violence day-in and day-out. And all this is happening in the educated class families who are very well aware about what’s right and what’s wrong.

The kind of rape cases, domestic violence, physical assaults and molestation cases we hear every day in the newspapers and in the families staying around us, makes me so angry and stressed out that I feel there should be stringent laws which should be applied on such men on fast-track basis to ensure the awareness is spread as soon as possible. And the problem with all of this is that women have accepted this life for themselves. Some of them are not even fighting. They are okay with all of this and pass this on to their daughters and make them another victim of male-dominated society. Being a male, I just don’t understand why our domination is needed on another gender in any which ways. There are all the tasks that both the genders can perform when it comes to physical and mental possibilities. It is only for reproduction where God has again equally divided the power to both the genders where it is not possible for reproducing without any of the two genders.

Women should understand that they can survive the whole life of 70-90 years all by themselves without any male’s support for that matter. There is no means to suffer unbearably. You just can’t live the whole life taking permissions for each and every activity of yours from a man in your life. You should be free of choosing the way men does. For that, you need to make yourself independent, skilful and decision-maker. I still find some young educated working girls around me talking of job as an option for them and lead the rest of their life after few years chilling at home as their husband earns well. If this shall remain to be the mindset, the male shall always find reason to dominate. For equal rights, you shall need to make equal efforts. Just by adding Whatsapp statuses and sharing Facebook Memes on how women are always right and equal and using keywords such as Feminism is not going to serve the purpose.

These days women are running trains, auto-rickshaws, running organizations, heading MNCs, managing teams, writing books, playing Cricket and what not. Be like these women- be a free bird based on the skillsets and power that you have generated by learning and educating yourself rather than just sitting on social media and condemning men for rape. The man shall stop even thinking of looking at you- leave giving you permissions or say, touching you without consent. There shall always some dangerous men around because there is always some weak links in society but overall as an impact, women shall be considered equally. Just stop getting treated as 2nd class yourself. My mother and her society friends went for 10 days trip to Vaishnodevi and North India all by themselves. They didn’t wait for the men of their family to plan and take them. They did it by themselves post 50 years of age. All of them have taken birth in 1950s and 1960s when there was no chance of girls doing anything by themselves and those girls are today traveling so far from their home in 2020. Just imagine what can the girls between the age group of 10 to 50 years can do.

I am all for women. Every man has a woman in himself otherwise how then does men’s sperm or chromosomes- whatever it is – is the reason behind how the woman’s body decides if the baby shall be a male or female. Hence, everything I have said above to women is by considering myself as a woman in the post and not as a man. I know women can do. I have seen them do. It is just about every girl and woman believing themselves as mentally and physically stronger as men. Don’t think of dominating men but prepare of walking shoulder to shoulder with your independence of thoughts and decisions. That shall be enough for men who don’t consider women stronger to take note of it and change their thought processes. Only you can change your world. Like some of you have already done and are still doing.

My love to all the women – specifically to Indian women as most of them are yet to discover their strength. A very Happy Women’s Day to all of you. Special mention to Indian Women Cricket team who are on verge of losing the World Cup Finale but kudos to them for reaching the Finale. Last year, we, men, couldn’t. Haha!



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Tomichan Matheikal said...

Women have achieved equality in India theoretically. In practice, they are yet to achieve many freedoms. For example, travel alone at night anywhere in the country. I wish we learnt to treat women really as our equals (man's I mean). It's still a man's world in other words.

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