9 March 2020 | By: Writing Buddha

Movie Review: Chhapaak: Makes you feel the pain! ****

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Thanks to the OTT platforms that we are able to watch movies which we miss in the theatre within two months of its release on our television screens. I had chosen Tanhaji in the same weekend for my watch in theatre due to its 3D version and therefore had to miss out Chhapaak. I, finally, got chance to watch it today on Hotstar and must I say, I am left speechless. I am unable to comprehend anything and feel so weak about the whole situation of acid attack survivors. I can’t relate with those boys who even think of doing this to a girl and ruining their whole life.

The film is very beautifully made by Meghna Gulzar and is full of emotions, love and courage and keeps you glued throughout. There is nothing called thriller or suspense in the movie but has a simple narration as to how difficult it is for a girl to go through the treatment after the attacks then multiple surgeries to get their face back as much as possible which recovers only 5% of it whereas the face always looks burnt which makes it difficult for them to face the society post that. They don’t get job. They don’t get acceptance. People look them with scared looks. Post that, they have to keep visiting court to fight their cases and in the interrogation sessions, they are treated guilty themselves.

The film runs slowly for you to capture each and every expression of the protagonist, feel her pain, live her courage which is displayed through her smile and fight for her recovery along with her. I am glad that the makers haven’t done anything over-the-top to prove their point but kept things subtle. The songs in between of the storyline plays a very great part- and after a very long time- I could find myself listening to songs and relating to the pain of the character. The movie, the lyrics of the songs and the voice of Arijit Singh made me cry so many times during its 2 hours of run time that by the time it was climax, I had already added the movie in the list of movies made with heart without any useless commercialization factor involved.

All the actors have played their parts wonderfully. Vikrant Massey is powerful with Deepika Padukone. He shall be nicely acknowledged with this movie. Madhurjeet Sargi has also played her part as Deepika’s lawyer very competitively. Talking about Deepika Padukone, even with make-over of an acid attack victim, the way she carried expression on her face made you understand all the pain and misery of the character she played. Also, when she is happy, the way she portrays-  even that makes you feel excited about her fightback. Similarly, in the scene when she screams when a Sardarji pours water on her face after the attack made me cry like anything. She makes you feel as if acid has been thrown upon you. Only few actresses can do this powerful act.

I give this movie- Chhapaak 4* out of 5. It shall remain with me forever.



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