21 March 2020 | By: Writing Buddha

Movie Review: Panga: A story of Motherhood & Unfulfilled Dreams! ***½

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When Kangana Ranaut had come into the industry and I got the chance to watch her movie- Gangster, I became her fan. After Priyanka Chopra, I just wanted to see every movie of Kangana until she and her sister, Rangoli, started talking nonsense about the industry people on Twitter. This is the reason why I have not been able to watch Manikarnika due to the hatred towards her but the Coronavirus self-isolation has made me watch her latest movie- Panga which released on Hotstar just yesterday. The movie has been directed by Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari who is already famous for her recent two movies- Nil Battey Sannata and Bareily Ki Barfi.

Talking about the movie, right from the start, there is a middle-class feeling to it and that ambience keeps on growing over you with each scene. You can relate with each and every scene as that is how every family is living these days- where the man is doing an average job which is able to just run the kitchen of the family, wife is taking care of the family and still managing to get to the job and children trying to do everything else than studying. In this settling, we are made to know that the character of Kangana Ranaut had been Captain of Kabaddi’s National Team 7 years back which was left to take care of her son. And now her son gets to know this and wants to see his mother making a comeback in the team at the age of 32.

This could have been made as a movie high on power where the protagonist could have achieved things like a Superheroine but director and writer keep the things as realistic as possible where the character is struggling till the last day. Also, how even after getting selected she doesn’t get to play and is kept sitting in Extras is justified properly along with the upsetting reaction from her family members. The movie keeps you emotional throughout and you can feel for the characters with heart and that makes you feel lump in your throat throughout. Similarly, Jassi Gill’s character of Kangana’s husband makes you feel pity for him as he has to manage things somehow in the absence of Kangana from home.

The best take-away of the movie is the role played by a small boy who plays son of Kangana-Jassi. He makes you laugh time and again. Similarly, Neena Gupta is charming. Richa Chaddha as Kangana’s friend and coach is okay. Megha Burman also looks beautiful and becomes your favorite immediately. All the actors have done their job wonderfully which made the movie viewable. The dialogues are great and makes you go deeper into the characters.

Talking about the drawbacks- The movie gets bit slow in the second half. There are few scenes which are predictable. The background scores sometimes are so high in volume that you can’t hear the dialogues. All the songs are great while in the movie but none of them shall remain with you after the movie. Except these few points- Panga is unmissable. I give the movie 3.5 stars out of 5.



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