23 March 2020 | By: Writing Buddha

Movie Review: Street Dancer 3D: Only for Hardcore Dancers! **½

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In this time of coronavirus pandemic, staying at home gives you many chance of doing things you generally don’t. I have never been a moviemaniac but right now, I am ensuring that I watch something in every two days and get done with all the new releases. I ended up watching Street Dancer 3D yesterday which released on Amazon Prime this week itself. The movie stars Varun Dhawan and Shraddha Kapoor in the main star cast with all the other dancers whom we have seen in the Dance Reality Shows featuring Remo D’Souza as a judge who is also the director of this movie.

Street Dancer 3D is a movie with passion for dancing. If you love dancing or have ever been into dancing or have rehearsed even for one dance performance, this movie shall somewhere be relatable to you. You shall understand the power that the human beings can get just by dancing with steps they have never tried before. In all those parameters, Street Dancer 3D shall make you feel excited as all your time shall be spent in observing the steps performed by all the artistes in the movie along with trying to rehearse for some of them. As I love dancing myself though I don’t have an in-born talent made me go through the movie in trying to find some step which I can recreate while dancing sometime in future in a public event. Haha!

Except this, if you talk about the movie, I accept that it belongs to the genre of a Dance Film but it really becomes irritating to watch a hard music being played after every 5-7 minutes with dance performance going in front of you of performers you are not able to connect to- as there are many western dance groups performing whom you are not aware of. I am a hardcore fan of the Dance reality show- Dance Plus which is hosted by the director of this movie himself and I must say, watching it for 2 hours gives more excitement and enthusiasm towards dancing than this movie. There the contestants tell their background which has better stories than what is tried to be told through this movie between the main plot.

Performance-wise, Varun Dhawan plays his part nicely and his efforts towards having the body language of a dancer can be seen in every scene. Shraddha Kapoor, in this movie, has been quite different and I must say, you just wait for her to be on screen every time she is not there- I don’t why but she has done something really new in this film. All the other dancers in the movie are okay-ish with their acting talent. Prabhu Deva is fine- his dance performance is still the best even after almost 500 people must have danced in this movie. The USP or the surprise package of the movie is Nora Fatehi who has been utilized very well and her dance moves and style really makes you fall for her. Aparshakti Khurana has also delivered a good emotional performance in his special appearance.

Overall, this movie is only meant for people who are looking for some new Jhama to incorporate in their next dance performance otherwise this movie is unable to make you dance or even cry with their actors in the emotional scenes. I give this movie 2.5 stars out of 5.



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